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Best Beginner Drum Set Of 2020 – Best Starter Drum Set & Best Cheap Drum Sets For Beginners

Best Beginner Drum Sets

Everybody wishes they could play drums. It is hard to find drums as a beginner, and you have to be sure what drums to get. Drums are so lively and exciting!

 So we've committed this post to help you find the best beginner drum set. The advice here will help your daydreams turn. We know that there are problems with purchasing your very first set. There is the dilemma of the sound, and then there is the dilemma of space. The problem is the study. We have that part covered within our purchasing guide for you.

 So here are your best beginner drum sets!

Quick Answer: Best Drum Sets For Beginners & Best Electronic Drum Sets


1. Best Beginner Drum Set: Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Place

Pearl Drums

The Pearl Roadshow has all you want to start playing with the drums. This drum kit comes from also a metallic finish that makes it appealing plus the New Fusion style. Also, it will come with significant hardware such as two tom holders, cymbal stand, bass drum pedal, and a throne.

Finding the drum may be somewhat intimidating, particularly. The set comes in bits, and you are expected to put it together. There are directions, and there are always videos if you do not know. This kit consists of 9-plywood shells.

 Poplar is a wood option for drums at this budget. It is certainly not the best in the marketplace. The difference in end wood options like walnut and sound between poplar is subtle. A beginner or even intermediate participant may not even notice it.

The quality of the hardware? Well, normally, taking into consideration the price tag, the equipment includes all right quality. A intermediate player would also have a good time on this starter drum kit, and it can resist lot's of damage.

Regarding the individual drum bits: the trap is great having an impressive dynamic selection and a consistent audio quality. Just make certain you maintain them. Cymbals, on the other hand, aren't the best but they get the job done.

The Pearl Roadshow is a bargain for any newcomer!

2. Best Toddler Drum Set - Mendini Junior Drum Set



There is absolutely nothing wrong with learning to play drums on a younger drum kit. There is also nothing wrong with obtaining a junior drum set for children. The young ones are going to have an easier time picking up proper habits and muscle memory because the more compact kit parts are easier to attain.

 Mendini generally does an excellent job of producing beginner drum kits with amazing audio quality. Their Junior Drum collection is, in fact, a 5-piece set, so there is no limitation to what your child could learn concerning music theory as well as grooves.

Additionally, it is probably best if children under the age of 3 do not use it because it will have lots of little parts that may present choking hazards.

 Unlike the Pearl beginner drum kit, Mendini's Junior Drum collection isn't staged prepared. The quality is not there for over exercise and rehearsals. It is not loud enough or clear enough to make that occur.

 That having been said, here is what the 5-piece collection comprises: bass drum, snare drum, three toms, hi-hat, crash cymbal, adjustable seat, pedal, drumsticks, along with also an instruction guide for your setup. It is worth mentioning the cymbals, and front toms include a mounting platform.

 This helps provide the set more firmness than many starter kits that prefer stands. The durability is somewhat suspicious as the producer simply supplies a 1-year guarantee.

Overall, if you have a toddler or kid looking to play the drums, this is by far the best toddler drum set and best kid drum set.


3. Best Beginner Drum Set For Adults - Gammon 5-Piece Mature Drum Set

 As I've mentioned, you could begin learning how to play the drums at pretty much any age. It is an issue of certainly will and coordination. The conditioning grows across the way.

 This Gammon grownup drum kit is also a starter collection. It's a floor tom, two mounted toms, bass drum, snare, hi-hat, along with a crash cymbal. Just both leading toms are mounted, whatever else is on the ground or onto a stand.

 So would this qualify as a beginner kit? Despite the size, the quality is not there for recording or live performances. The grade of the timber is also not the best, presumably to decrease the purchase price.

 It is a beginner drum kit since so don't feel to bad if you break something or whether you scratch the timber. At precisely the same time, the conventional size permits adults to begin learning a much more appropriate platform. The muscle memory may form faster as everything could be adjusted to be inside optimal reach.

 The sticks are not anything special so that you might swap out those as you advance. Different weight kinds are better suited to particular genres. However, that might not be true. It appears that self-taught drummers do not always comply with the standard in regards to choosing equipment.

Overall this is the best beginner drum set for adults and will allow you to learn the drums easily!


4. Best Junior Drum Set - Tama New Imperialstar 5 Piece Complete Drum Kit

Few of the best sounding drum sets are as good as Tama's. The Tama New Imperialstar 5 Piece Complete Drum Kit is just one of these amazing sounding drum kits. It is more costly than the peal Export Series. It's among the cheapest kits of Tama.

 Now, let us see if this kit is well worth the cost. 

Tama uses poplar here with precision-crafted bearing borders. All these precision-crafted bearing borders make your drum resistant to heavy beatings. Now quality is great although this is not walnut or walnut and popular. However, this is class. The same tone gives suits gamers.

The Tom's are great and the drum comes with lot's of extra accessories. 

 If your looking for a simple drumkit and a good beginner drumset, look no further!

 5.  Best Cheap Drum Sets For Beginners - Mendini by Cecilio Total Full Size 5-Piece Mature Drum Set

The Mendini by Cecilio Total Full Size Mature Drum Set Isn't just for adults. Additionally, it is a good set for teenagers. It functions as a set with 5 bits. It's also affordable for an adult drum kit.

 This kit sounds great with its poplar shells. The cubes come laminated to provide a degree of durability to the set. Additionally, the sound is hot and very good, as soon as you hear that something which will captivate your audience.

 This drum set includes all you want to start practicing and playing the drums straight from the box. It may not be great enough to get a professional jam. However, for messing around or practice, this set is great.

 The hardware is fairly good quality.  You can be certain the hardware will survive as long as you can. It will have a degree of beating, yet this is used by that you.

 The best aspect of the collection is its own budget cost. It is inside the reach of almost any newcomer. However, remember however it will not give the degree of quality you will be given by a number of the high priced drum sets to you.

6. Best Drum Set For Teenager - Ludwig Junior

This newcomer drum kit is well-suited for children from the beginner to intermediate ability scope. However, the kicker is that not only is that the Ludwig Junior a great drum kit to practice, I but it also sounds pretty good in addition to seems excellent for live gigs like art shows, school group performances, etc..

This drum kit is offered in three colors, black, blue, and wine red. The end of the wooden parts makes the kit look and is reflective nevertheless very fashionable. The red and black wine versions, particularly, seem stage-ready every day of the week.

This is a 5-piece drum collection that's among the reasons why it makes a nice pick for children who would like to showcase their abilities in a live atmosphere. The 5 bits are two toms, snare, floor tom, and bass drum, finish with a cymbal, a hi-hat, and a pedal.

This ought to permit any aspiring young drummers to perform with a fantastic selection of fashions as much as hard rock and heavy metal. The shortage of raid cymbal and double-pedal makes it viable as a kit to get genres.

Though this can be a pint-sized drum kit, so you should not underestimate the build quality. The hardware features mounts that allow for assembly and kit setup and is steel. The cubes are made from timber that makes the kit sound a good deal better and lasting over time.

Unfortunately the same cannot truly be mentioned for the bass drum. Build quality, and the noise seems a bit punchy. Adjustments in this way are a part of the design program, although you may try adjusting the tightness.

The cymbals aren't high-end; however, considering the limited quantity of electricity a child could hit them with they are not likely to break for quite a while. What is also interesting is that the heads can be tuned by you so you will have the ability to squeeze out clarity compared using the default installation.

7. Best Basic Drum Kit - Ddrum D120B D Collection

Visually the Ddrum D120B D Series rookie drum set seems quite okay. Whether you select the red or the version, the standard of the end is satisfactory and might pass as a kit, of course speaking.

There is one minor part which could be thought of as a disadvantage, and that is the way the decoration appearance. They seem as though they're made through the kit comes with hardware. This might be the one thing that cheapens a little the appearance of the kit.

Concerning parts, the D120B drum kit includes everything a teenager or an adult newcomer requirements. The drum set includes a 20"x16" kick drum, a 14" snare, a 12" floor tom, and two large toms (12"x9" and 14"x14").

So far as power and tone, you can become quite a good deal in the D120B though it's somewhat scaled down by a conventional full-sized adult drum kit. However this drum set is not intended for gigs as long as you will need something to practice on to use in a jam session at the studio or garage, then you won't be drowned out by the tools.

The cymbals, on the other hand, aren't that high end concerning sound. Though they're rather durable, neither the 14" hi-hat nor the 16" crash has a sound that is distinctive or a great deal of electricity for this issue. But if you are seeking to maintain the rhythm and learn the fundamentals of blues, then the sound might be a blessing in disguise.

Another slight annoyance could be the drum. It downscaled to rival the remainder of the kit, meaning that it leaves adjustment selections for drummers. But a replacement may be bought for practice sessions that were much more comfortable.

8. Best Afforable & Inexpensive Drum Set - Pearl Drum Set


Here we go! Probably and my favorite your drum set the one manufacturer and Pearl. This Pearl 5 piece drum set version EXX725S/C is my favorite. Believe whether that new as the Yamaha or even Fender for dolls. Somewhat pricey others but definitely among the best here.

If you're able to shell out a couple of, this is a fantastic beginner drum set. The quality is unmatched, and pupils endorse this version and drum teachers. Unlike the drum sets that come in 1 box, this one comes from 3. Pearl is top notch in regards to sending their merchandise. The only disadvantage is that it does not include cymbals, throne (Drum stool) or drumsticks.

You should be OK with having an entry level cymbals. Brand name wise I am completely down with this one, but so far as the overall package goes (Notably for the budget conscious), there are other better options on this listing.

All these are even more intermediate than entry level.

Anyways, love the lifetime guarantee on those also. A feature on Pearl drum sets. Best for metal and stone songs.

9. Best Junior Drum Set - Ludwig Accent LC175


The Accent-series of drum kits from Ludwig comprises a number of the very common starter sets sold globally. There is a reason for this. These kits offer you a fantastic balance between noise, hardware quality, as well as cost. They include the elements required to construct a base that is good and also have room leftover for advancement with investment.

The LC175 supplies a wonderful 5-piece setup complete with a high-hat, collision, drum, drum sticks, and also pedal. The floor tom has an impressive size of 16"x16" that should permit you to receive quite an effective output even though it's a little echo.

The bass drum is 16"x22" that is a proper size for teenagers and adults alike. The build quality is amazing, and so is the outside end. To find a tone, you might choose to utilize the pillow or pillow technique. That punch from your teammates and should look after some dryness.

Both high toms sound fairly ok from this box, so there is no actual need to tune them. The sound is complete, and the heads' caliber is superior to everything you find in this budget. However, I guess that is why it pays to go for beginner kits, even with a brand of the times.

The snare drum, which includes all the LC175 is neither here nor there. It's possible to make some alterations to match your play style, but do not feel by doing this you could attain. The fantastic thing is it does not have that bucket noise that many drum kit snares have, and it is quite loud. This is a fantastic place if you would like to exercise accents.

The comparison between the cymbals isn't wonderful. While the hi-hat provides decent clarity and sufficient electricity, the 16" crash simply does not appear to possess enough grip. This might restrict the usage of the kit.

Since you can tell, the LC175 isn't meant for a specific type of music. Fortunately, these drums' high quality and size permit distinct and accents grooves to be exercised by you without needing to make any significant alterations. Other than putting a pillow on your bass of course.

10. Best Electronic Drum Set For Beginners - Lagrima Drum Set

If there is one thing that makes this Lagrima beginner drum set for adults stand out, it's the general quality of this construct. Everything in your PVC and steel hardware into the skin is.

The 5-piece drum kit also includes a hi-hat, pedal, collision, throne, and sticks that are amazingly mild and easy to find out with. There is A end applied to the cubes and provides a look to the place. However, that is not sufficient if you would like to produce a fantastic opinion live to search for in a kit, so let us talk audio for a little.

On account of this excess elasticity in the double-layer acrylic skins, these drums can play loudly, make no mistake about that. The 22.5" bass drum has a rich sound and astonishingly small punch without any alterations. You do not see that each day.

The floor tom is 16" while the large toms are 14" each. This permits you to make distinctive and interesting grooves wherever your accents throughout fills do not get lost in the background. To further enhance the noise, you receive the 14"x5.5" trap which has a powerful eloquent sound that is just ideal for exercising solos, fills, and quick transitions.

But although the quality of the audio is exceptional to novice and a few standard drum kits, do not expect to wow a massive venue in spite of the best microphones in the marketplace attached to your equipment.

The audio is clear that is essential whether you are seriously interested in practicing different practices. Equally significant is that the durability of this kit which extends into the cymbals. This set is reasonably priced because of audio its durability, and complete, which explains why it.

Best Drum Sets for Beginners: Buyers Guide

best cheap drum set

Whether or not you're trying to find the best drum kit for novices or the best starter drum set for adults, this review has given you the advice to research exactly what snare is best for you and your lifestyle for a beginner.

Know that whatever beginner drum set you do choose to choose, ensure it matches your requirements and nobody elses.

You'll be the one playing with the drum set most of the time anyways.

Good luck and have fun rocking out.

Practice, practice, practice, and determine what you could turn into. Greatness might be on the horizon.

Here is some general information about Drums!

Types of Drums Sets For Beginners

Snare drum

The drum is this kit's middle. It functions as the backbone for matches and the most powerful accents. With the hand, it is played for men and women. For producing a smooth noise, wires are fitted.

Tom drum

These kinds of drums can also be known as Toms.. They're played with sticks, and a set may have up to 3 of these. They serve the majority of drum solos and fills. There are four origins of tom drums, including concert toms, floor toms, rack toms, and roto toms.

Bass drum

These kinds of drums can also be referred to as kick on drums. They're a pitch supply and drum time element or the beat with fundamental heartbeat patterns. Many people today are inclined to use more bass guitars whereas some utilize double bass drum sticks using one kick drum. You can record this using a mic for kick drums.

The double bass is much more prevalent in heavy metal tunes. By Employing double bass drum pedals, distance is provided and decrease transportation issues.

Additional Drum Kits For Beginners

By raising their thickness and diameter, were created to expand the pitch range.

Timbales are higher than toms of the diameter. They're played quite light non-tapered sticks. They have a tone compared to toms and have a thin head. The drummers who often expand the tom's variety upward just use them. They may be fitted with tuned just like concert toms and tom heads.

Gong drums are single-headed mountable drums which are very similar to kick drums (ranging from 20-24 in diameter). However, they possess the same function as ground toms.

The kit has been split into four components:

Breakables: throne cymbals, snare drum, Sticks, and bass drum pedal.

Shells: toms and Bass drum.

Extensions: Cowbell, chimes, and tambourine.

Hardware: Cymbal drum racks stands, and pedals.

A set's final section is a cymbal. Cymbals are the plates. We'll talk about what their intentions are and the three cymbals used in drums.

Ride Cymbal

These kinds of cymbals are utilized for maintaining a continuous pattern. Drummers use since it's used frequently, one ride, which can be situated in a range. The most frequent diameter of a ride cymbal is 20". It is a moderate cymbal which blows through sounds.

Hi-hats Cymbal

These kinds of cymbals are made of 2 components. 2 cymbals are mounted to confront each other. It has. The cymbals move After the foot is raised off the pedal. They may be performed by a couple of sticks or simply by pushing/pulling the foot pedal. Sounds are made by opening hi-hats versus hi-hats that were final.

Crashes Cymbal

Cymbals will be the accent markers which makes crescendos and climaxes, vocal entries and changes of mood impacts. They may be played ride cymbals or even hi-hats. Cymbals are intended to generate a crash.

person playing drums

What Age Groups Are Junior Drum Sets For?

As a newcomer, you want a hi-hat, a snare, a kick drum, cymbals, along with three toms. These bits ensure your kid will have the ability to have a greater grounding in drumming techniques. For kids, there are very basic drum sets and good starter drum kits, these are perfect for kids. 

The age category for junior sets is changeable. Junior set drums are somewhat smaller in proportion, so children may fix with no setbacks. Further variants can nevertheless occur as all children are distinct (i.e., Size, height, weight), and a few of the chief factors is how comfy your child is using a drum. There are. If your kids are less than five foot tall, then-then a drum set will probably be perfect. Junior Drum sets will be much cheaper than starter drum sets for adults, and normal drum set for beginners will be quite big.

How Big Are Junior Drum Sets?

A drum set may include as many as a snare, three toms, five bits, a kick drum, a cymbal, and a hi-hat. Be aware that hi-hats and cymbals aren't counted as a kick three toms, a snare, and bits drum make the five bits up. Using a younger set, you can get drumsticks, in which the noise can change. Some manufacturers do not include them. Most starter drum kits and starter drum set will come with drum sticks because that's what a drum set for beginners should provide. Some cheap beginner drum sets and cheap beginner drum sets will not, which means you'll have to buy drum sticks.

A typical drum size for novices is roughly 10" x 5" with a trap measuring about 10". A great drum thickness for novices is about 5" deep. As a few are 3 bits, junior drum sets may vary, and a few are five bits. Some comprise some or three toms comprise one tom.

Three piece drum sets are great for beginners since they take less hassle for handling toms. They're also compact. Enable us to present you to some drum if you are in the market for one of the collections. The Lil Kicker is acceptable for children. The bass guitars have a diameter of 16" x 12" that is excellent for producing bass.

10" x 4" snare guarantees a fantastic sharp staccato sound. It is outfitted with crash/ride cymbal and hi-hats. Of the racks, sticks, tuning keys, and hardware are included so that you do not need to purchase anything. Single hardware ensures security and sturdiness.

What about five-piece sets? The Gammon Percussion Y1049 is among our best selections. This collection is a monster for novices. It comprises two mounted toms, one-floor tom, a 16" bass drum, and a snare drum for your kid starts with the requirements. Together with the fundamentals, this item is excellent value for money and is highly suggested for children and younger. So that you do not need to compromise on quality, They're made out of real wood shells. So that you don't need to try to find a one, the bundle has a stool.

person playing drums

What Should My Budget Be For a Beginner Drum Set?

Your budget will always change, and it depends on what you're looking to achieve!

As you are trying to purchase this tool for a young child, it might be better to decide on a less costly version as there's always the risk your child might not need to keep on playing the drums because he or she gets old. Do your study decide what budget array will match your child's interest level and dedication to understanding the drums and is suitable for you.

We hope our efforts can allow you to pick out the best merchandise and maintain your artist occupied as they develop their abilities. Looking for a simple drum set and the best entry-level drum set is hard, and on top of that finding, an inexpensive drum set is even harder. Set a budget, and look for the best budget drum set for you. Drums such as the pearl beginner drum set are good drum sets that will fit under your budget. If you are looking for the best drum kit under 500, there are many starter drum sets that are cheap.

The Way to Purchase Your First Drum Set?

The spot to begin drum on shopping is contingent for.

Think about the player's era. If you are looking for sets to the adolescent, you might wish to consider purchasing an intermediate kit.

If you are purchasing a kit to your youthful (single-digits) kid that may or may not have an interest in it, then you might have the ability to get away with purchasing the cheapest all-inclusive kit. You will likely be shopping again in a year if your child gets into it, however. 

If you need quality, Update. The choices open up if you choose to devote also you're able to locate a kit that seems great, will persist for quite a while and get your child. Important note about drums: Drums want adjustments to sound good and be fun to perform with. This type of maintenance is simple as soon as you know how to accomplish.

Decide if you would like to purchase parts or different. You have the choice of purchasing all pieces of this drum set While searching for a drum set for your adolescent or child. You may wind up with better quality and also possibly save a bit of cash, although Here is the strategy that will take the time in your part.  Good starter drum kits and drum kit for beginners can be found all over the internet.

What To Search For When Purchasing A Beginner Drum Set?

You are looking around for a child, and if the price is your primary concern, it is possible to find something cheap to knock on. You will want to confirm what is contained in the bundle, although the alternative is the package.

A drum set requires cubes (the real drums), cymbal stands, cymbals, bass drum pedal, and a throne to become completely operational.

What To Search For When Looking For A Beginner Drum Kit?

Make certain to read the listing of what is contained if you are shopping online. A number of the sets have significantly more in the photo than in real life.

The least expensive include two or three warnings. The cymbals and hardware will be somewhat flimsy having to be replaced in the future in the event the kit becomes used, although the cubes will be usable. However, if everything you're searching for is a mixture of tool and toy, this is the ideal option. An affordable drum set is hard to find sometimes, but in this article, we have a few cheap drum kits for beginners.

You can gather a set your kid will have the ability to play for quite a while, which will stand up to your abuse and see if you are in a position to go to another level. Your first drum set will always be hard to pick, but on this article, we have good cheap drum sets and the best drum kit for beginners, so we help you make the choice.

Good Beginner Drum Set Options

Comprehensive kits' next grade will spare you need to build a pair and could be adequate. The same as the guitar brands have cheap sub-brands, the titles in drums possess.

A number of the kits which have hardware and shells do not include even a throne or cymbals, so make sure you check at that until you make a last choice.

Ensure that there's a new name on them if cymbals are comprised you do not need cymbals. There are tons of choices information below if you wind up deciding to purchase cymbals individually.

Have a peek and be sure it seems solid. You can zoom in on the pictures of the equipment to get nearer if you are shopping on the internet. All the three legs on the stands must be made of 2 bits. If every leg is"one-ply," so to speak, or even the bits that tighten and loosen seem like regular hardware shop wingnuts, then you are likely going to need to substitute that stand sooner than later.

Shell Material

The shell material is another factor in a drum's noise. Birch will get a more punchy, darker sound while walnut provides a bright sound ideal for acoustic and jazz. Drums might have been made with other or timber hardwoods and can give a fantastic tone. A good shell is very important in beginner drum sets. A good beginner drum set and a drum set for teenager will have a good shell to produce good sounding music,

Birch and maple shells were found in drumsets for such decades. However, companies make high-quality places with these forests at rates that are sensible. Being sustainable is important, and most drum sets for beginners and beginner drum kits are sustainable with the wood they use, which is always something to look for while looking at your first drum set.

Hardware: Stands, Pedals, and Thrones

 Ensuring that you have strong hardware will enable you to rock out (or jazz outside ) for a long time to come with no fear. In most cases, investing in hardware that is great in the beginning is a choice; you could update the cubes when something higher-grade is called for by your demands. Cheap drum sets for beginners or a starter drumkit will have bad hardware which can make the difference. That's why when purchasing a starter drum kit/ a starter drumkit you have to make sure the hardware is good, because cheap drum sets for beginners may have bad hardware

Yamaha FP-7210A Single Pedal

To get the best beginner drum set, you'll need the best drum pedal. The areas of the hardware would be the bass and the throne. These can observe the wear and tear of your hardware. No matter what you do, put money into a throne from the beginning. Your ass will thank you. One of those thrones out of the Tama First Chair series, Roc N Soc, or Pork Pie will last a lifetime and will serve you well.

A bass pedal can adapt to match your playing and will wind up lasting a life fashion. Start looking for a pedal with alternatives and structure to customize. Favorites of the experts continue to be the Pearl Eliminator, the Mapex Falcon, The DW 5000 and 9000, along with the Tama Iron Cobra. Every drum and hardware maker has their particular pedal, so don't hesitate to test out as many as you can and find out what works for you.

The stands and the stands are the bits of the hardware mystery. Most entry-level and drum kits have hardware which means you could have to or need to update the throne and pedal. Start looking for hardware using memory guards and double braced legs contained in the characteristics if strength is your goal. If is your target braced legs may be best when picking your hardware. In the long run, you'll have to be certain you have the ideal quantity of hardware to maintain all your cymbals, snare, toms, gongs, and anything else your heart desires to create your kit your personal.

best cheap drum set

Drum Sizes and Why They Matter

Drum size is really important for the best beginner drum set and best beginner electornic drum set. Your initial question is how large you need them and how many drums you would like when starting. If jazz is your thing, you are not likely to require a kit using seven toms along with two bass drums. Conversely, if you mean to turn into a metal god, then you will need to have greater than the 18" bass drum and a couple of small toms. Drum size is important because if your looking for the best beginner drum set for adults or the best drum set for beginner.

Most sets come in packs of five or four drums, together with the choice of adding on drums. For jazz, a four-piece kit using either an 18" or 20" bass drum, 10" and 14" toms and a 14" trap would do the job flawlessly.  This setup does not restrict the participant to one or two styles of music and provides the maximum flexibility concerning audio.

Another installment that saw popularity during the past twenty years is that the"combination" kit. This sort of installment includes 10", 12", and 14" toms, a 14" snare, and a 22" kick drum. Fusion setups are made to provide a large bass using a tom noise that was controlled, making them well suited for funk, R&B, and hip-hop. A six-piece kit provides the maximum flexibility, including a 16" floor tom into the mixture.


In Conclusion, we have a full article here on drum set reviews, telling you the drum sets for beginners and and the best cheap drum set, so now it's up to you to pick which one is best for you! Rock On! Here is some guides on the Best Drum Tuner, The Best Drum Throne, The Best Hi-Hats and the Best Drum Practice Pad to help you out. If your looking for more guides, check out playthetunes.com/ for more!