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Best Bongos For Beginners – Review Of The Top Vintage Bongos

best bongos

The bongos are easy to pick up, cheap, and enjoyable to perform with. They are a fantastic option if you are a beginner musician searching for a instrument. 

Bongos sound amazing and are really fun to play, so if your looking for the best bongos, look no further than this in-depth article!

Quick Answer: Top 10 Bongos of 2020

1. Best Bongos for beginners: Rockjam Bongos Review

The Rockjam bongo is an amazing bongo, and is perfect for all beginner bongo users!

The bongos resonate as a single piece.  The drums sound and feel right. Everyone wants a bongo that feels like that this, but these are fresh and seem fantastic to use.

The other thing, which was a big deciding factor for me personally is that Rockjam is always answering the phone and have great customer service.

This is by far the best bongo for beginners and best bongos for kids! If you are looking for the best beginner bongos, look no further than this bongo, it is small and easy to play making it the best bongo for beginners by far!

2) Best Bongos for the money: Meinl Percussion HB50BK Standard Size ABS Plastic Bongos

Meinl Percussion provides value for any musician. It's 6.5" and 7.5" bongo drums are some of the best on the market. The heads are produced from buffalo and natural leather which offers amazing tones. In addition to this, it gives the bongo a unique sound. The bongo's casing is handmade, which makes it powerful and durable 

The bongo drum is more lightweight than any other as it weighs only 6.6 lbs. The rims aren't sharp, making it effortless to hold and easy to play with maximum comfort level.

The rubber feet are fantastic for keeping it secure and also makes playing with it much easier. The Meinl Bongo is very good for all levels of bongo player. This is an amazing choice due to its appearance, durability, and quality.

This is by far one of the best cheap bongos and the best bongo for the money! If you're looking for a cheap and easy to play bongo, this is the bongo for you!

3) Best Bongo Drums: Latin Percussion M201 LP Matador Wood Bongos

The Latin Bongo drums are some of the best on the market. For this bongo's creation, oak is utilized. This makes certain it will last longer than other bongos. 

The dimensions of these rawhide heads are 7-1/4" and 8-5/5," and if struck properly, it generates crisp and rich sounds. The LP Matador bongo drum includes a 5/16" diameter of tuning lugs with steel backing plate. Additionally, it offers an aluminum plated cast bottoms. You may tune the drum using all the tuning ring to generate a full sound.

The LP Matador is durable and powerful  and is also very light, making it easy to carry around. You can take the bongo around easily because it weighs 13.2 lbs.

If you're looking for a pair of bongos that are going to last you a long time and provide you with a crisp sound, this is the bongo for you!

This is by far the best bongo drums and one of the best handmade bongos.

4. Best Professional Bongos: Meinl Percussion FWB190LB

All these bongos, which are a part of Meinl's Series, are perfect for the beginners looking to upgrade their bongo, and this is by far the best professional bongo. This is an inexpensive choice for the more experienced musicians since the standard of the audio is good enough for skilled play.

 The simple fact that their shells have not been drilled contributes to a much better noise, optimizing the durability of their bongos which supplies a warmer tone. The bongo sound is also boosted by a rubber wood, which is the material of the bongo.

The bongos may be tunable, and together, you'll be given a tuning key too. An accessory pouch is contained in the bundle, in addition to tune-up oil. It is possible to pair these bongos along with other Meinl products also, such as the Meinl Professional Bongo Stand which enables seated musicians to love playing with them.

If you are a skilled and need to record yourself playing, then you will likely require some fantastic studio recording  also. Or, if you are playing more than one percussion instrument, you may pick the option of having some overhead drum mics. This is the perfect bongo for players looking to take there bongo playing passion to the next level.

This Bongo Drum is one of the best Professional Bongos and in your looking for pro bongos, this is for you!

5. Best Vintage Bongo: Latin Percussion Lp M301

The Latin percussion bongo is the best vintage bongo on the market today! The shells of these bongos are produced from kiln-dried Siam oak; also as a result of the process they undergo, they create a solid foundation for those bongos.

The heads are 1/4 inches and 8 inches ⅝ inches and they're manufactured from hand-selected rawhide. Their aspect and how the cubes are painted at a classic sunburst design, provide the bongos a timeless vibe.

But do not be tricked by their traditional appearance, the bongos continue to be long lasting, particularly  the metal bottoms. The cubes have a ribbed design, so that raises the bongo's durability also.

Utilizing the tuning screw contained in the bundle, you'll have the ability to adjust the bongos if required. Should you want to increase your set of percussion instruments, the producers also supply a fitting pair of ​congos.

This is one of the best vintage bongos and is one of the best old bongo drums if your looking for vintage bongo drums this is the one for you!

6) Cheap Bongo Drum: Tycoon Percussion 6 Inch Bongo

Another famous bongo drum is the Tycoon Percussion Ritmo bongo. It's created from Siam walnut wood that is excellent quality. The bongo contains 6 inches and 7 inches drums using water buffalo skin heads. They're fantastic for creating the very best most original and sound audio.

The bongo drums are  easy to carry around and manage. The bongo drum weighs 7.5 lbs allowing you to hold it for a long time. The bongo is offered in many different  natural colours, and even comes with a tuning wrench so you can easily tune the bongo to your liking. This bongo drum is excellent for both beginners and professionals.

This is cheap bongo drum and if your looking to buy bongos, and were wondering how much are bongos, this one is very cheap and still is a top bongo drum!

7) Best Conga Drums: Toca Synergy Series Bongo

The Toca Synergy Collection is one of the most highly talked about bongo sets worldwide, and for good reason. These are professional congo drums and bongos used worldwide by professionals.

The rawhide provides a sound like no other. It uses the timber and timber shells are sourced naturally. The body's width is 28 inches This drum has EasyPlay hoops that enhance this drum's sound.

The bongo has rings that permit you to correct the ranges of the drum.. The Toca bongo drum collection is highly regarded by professional musicians, and will provide you with a professional sounding experience.

This is the best lp bongo drum and if you're looking for the best metal bongo drums, this is a good bongo drum for you.

8) Best Bongos Under 100: Tycoon 6 Inch & 7 Inch Bongos

The Tycoon Bongos is a favorite selection for all musicians. This bongo includes a wood shell structure with a tobacco color complete that is warm and rich.  The Tycoon materials used to create the bongo are environmentally-friendly. The wood that's used in the bongo's creation is harvest out of a plantation in Thailand.

Additionally timber is used for its shell and rawhide is used for the head of the bongo, creating a amazing sound. This allows for a durable bongo and a high quality sounding bongo. The bongo is 6-3/4 inches and 6 inches.

The round rims ensure that your hands are protected and you may hold it.

This bongo drum is ultra-light because it weighs approximately 7.2 lbs. This permits it to transfer to places with ease. You're able to play with this bongo for a long period of time without any pain. ​

This is by far one of the Bets Bongos under 100 and is also one of the large bongos on the list!

9) Best Large Bongo: Latin Percussion LP201A-3 Bongo Drum

Another bongo drum is your LP201A-3 bongo. This Bongo includes a Siam oak shell. The heads dimensions are 9 inches and 7-1/4 inches. The bongo drum is beautiful and attractive.

The rims are round enabling you to hold it and perform with it with ease. The drum has 5/16 inches diameter together with tuning foundation and a steel backing plate.

The rawhide creates a mellow and sharp sound with a transparent tone. The bongo is strong and sturdy that can endure for longer travels. This is due to the materials of the bongo.

This Latin Percussion bongo drum is excellent for professionals and amateurs.

This is one of the best large bongos and is one of the best conga drums on this list.

10) Best Used Bongos: GP Percussion B2 Pro-Series Tunable Bongos

Wrapping up our bongo reviews with The GP Pro-Series Tunable Bongo. This bongo is created for timberwood which allows for a sound like no other, a unique sound. If you are looking for a inexpensive and quality bongo this is the bongo for you!

 The bongo has hardware and chrome decoration. Also, throw base grinders, and the rims are nickel plated, making them long-lasting and more durable. It has rubber feet, which makes it slide less or protect against harm.

The weight of the bongo is 6.4 pounds, which makes it a lot easier to endure for a longer time. It can move around. This is a perfect selection for both novices and experts. It supplies a significance for musicians.

This isn't a used bongo, but if you looking to sell it off after this will still sell, making it one of the best used bongo drums for sale!

Bongo Buying Guide

red and white percussion drum

Bongos or bongo drums are a musical instrument that originated in Cuba from 1900 and has been utilized for Latin American dance music. They are a set of little Afro-Cuban drums which use two "heads" which are 5x7 inches round and attached or rod-tensioned into a spring-loaded wooden drum of comparable height. It's played with palms and hands. It is a tool to play and has been a staple of Caribbean songs.

Bongos seem like the conga drums since it generates a sound. Anybody with a sense of rhythm could pick up, and it is a straightforward tool to play with. It is advisable to get yourself an excellent bongo if you're serious and curious in learning how to play the bongo.

Here are some burning questions about the bongo.

how much do bongos cost?

Depends on what type you want really, some will cost $50, some will cost $200, some will cost $20. All depends on what you want.

Different Kinds of Bongo Drums

Wooden Bongos

The most well known bongo type, the wooden bongo is a staple for bongos. Oakwood, that was a substance in Cuba, was used by Cosmetic bongos. One feature of this type of bongo is the way it can generate sounds in contrast to other kinds of bongos. But bongos that use wood types that are harder and more durable.

Ceramic Bongos

This bongo type includes shape and design, distinct from wooden bongos. Bongos have a form and come with unique benefits. The benefits of utilizing a bongo comprise its capacity not to be impacted by changes in humidity and temperatures. If damaged, It's unbelievably easy to fix. The noise created by ceramic bongos has a"thud" and deep tone.

Metal Bongos

Among the kinds of bongos are bongos that are constructed from metal. This sort of bongo generates a sound that's the reason it is played with sticks instead of your hands. Metal bongos seem different than ones as you would anticipate. The noise is similar to the timber. 

Fiberglass Bongos

This is the latest iteration of the bongo drum. Fiberglass has risen to the peak of this sort of bongo. While providing sound nearly equal to that of bongos, not merely does fiberglass bongos provide durability and resistance to rust, it doesn't warp over time, such as the kinds. Another benefit of ceramic bongo drums is its price.

How to play Bongos? / How to play the Bongos?

Here is a video of a man playing bongos, so you can learn how to play the bongos.

Where can I buy bongos? / Where to buy bongos?

Before choosing a bongo drum and going to the neighborhood music shop, there are numerous aspects which you will need to take into consideration. I have listed some elements down which you will need to take into account before purchasing anything. This ought to help you land on the best potential bongo drum since there are so many on the market. Ask yourself these questions before Purchasing a bongo drum:

1. What's your skill level?

There a bongo drums for skilled musicians and beginner musicians The lighter and smaller bongos are strongly recommended by me for novices as it is a lot more easy to manage and generates excellent sounds that are solid. For advanced players, you will find top-notch bongos which aren't just aesthetically pleasing to consider (with intricate design) but can also be professionally crafted and incredibly durable. But  quality and advanceded bongos are, of course, more expensive.

2. Wood or Fiberglass?

Aside from the simple fact that some bongos could not be more economical than fiberglass bongos, it may be a no-brainer to select fiberglass? Not precisely. There's another difference between the two, and it boils down. I understand I said that fiberglass and wooden bongos produce similar noise. Allow me to explain, wooden bongos provide a hollow and deeper noise while fiberglass glass creates a brighter pop-up. Before making a buy, Bear this in mind.

3. Would you rather have artificial or rawhide heads?

If You Would like know what type of head to get Here's a tip That Will Help You Discover the best one:

Hold it up and also check to find out whether it's evenly colored. Evenly rawhide signifies it's a depth that's important when you would like to generate the best possible noise. Bear in mind that rawhide is vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. You'll have to fine tune it frequently once seasons roll in since the mind tightens while it will loosen.

Heads are made and are unaffected by fluctuations in temperature. As heads are tuned and prepared to play against the get-go, It's also handy.

4. Flat or pre-fitted Style?

Pre-fitted, as its name implies, is a bongo drum you could play from the box since it is during fabrication, no tweaking needed. It's also made. As you replace it with a different 14, replacing it's likewise easy. Flatheads, on the other hand, will have to be tucked. A period is since you await the head that is to warm up until you can begin playing with it.

person thumping the round brown and beige drum

Is wood, metal, or something different?

Substances supply distinct encounters and a sound that is different durability. That's precisely why it's important that you understand that bongo cubes can be produced from several unique fabrics.

When creating bongos is timber Among the most used substances. Because this was the substance of choice at Cuba when bongos began being popular oakwood is used. Modern bongos may use different kinds of wood, such as mahogany or ash.

In comparison to other sorts of bongos, the ones are effective at creating noise, but the versions that use more heavy kinds of timber are more inclined to offering tones.

Bongo cubes are produced alternatively, and they supply contour and a sound. They also have benefits over their counterparts and also resemble a bowl. One of them is they respond to changes in the surroundings like temperature and humidity. They are simple to fix if damaged. Is just one which has a tone.

Bongos represent A brand new addition to the current market. The sound they create is identifying, somehow resembling that of a trap drum and that's the reason why they aren't utilized in parts of the music in which vintage bongos would do best. If you would like to acquire a metallic bongo, then you can even set it with a tambourine for additional effect.

Fiberglass bongos are the sort of bongos, as well as the kind which has been the hottest. That is because, unlike most bongos with shells, these are resistant to surroundings and do not warp over the years. Provide a close, and They're regarded as cheap bongos.

How to hold bongos?

The cubes aren't the essential areas of the bongo. Heads play an essential function. Rawhide heads are the standard for decades. To make certain, you buy a bongo with a fantastic rawhide mind, be certain that you check whether the skin is colored. Uniformity means the head does not have weak areas and is thick.

Heads can affect the sound's quality. After utilizing a bongo, pay attention. At a warm environment, a high pitch generates and tightens, so be cautious when trimming the bongos.

You ought to try getting a bongo if you do not wish to be concerned about the weather. The versions aren't influenced by fluctuations in humidity or heat and are produced from artificial fabrics. They're more convenient since they are mounted and stretched on a frame. They sound that some favor and don't offer you the feel.


The bongos are fun and simple to play with a musical instrument. You will have the ability to create some songs. Not only can it be an easy and favorite tool to play, but it also introduces the music's backbone that's rhythm and is a musical tool for children. This purchasing and listing guide should help you narrow down your collection of their best bongo drum on the market nowadays.