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Best Cello Cases of 2020 – Cello Hard Case & Lightweight Cello Case Reviews

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Cellos are extremely delicate instruments that could get scratched or broken quite easily because of their size. Regardless of how careful you are, one day your cello may get scratched or broken without a case. ​A cello case is so important in protecting your instrument.

When choosing on a cello case, there are many things to consider, so below we have listed the best cello cases and added a buying guide to help you find out what the best cello case for you is! 

Quick Answer: Top Cello Cases of 2020

1. Best Cello Case: Crossrock Cello Case Review

​Crossrock is one of the most famous cello case makers in the world, and they constantly provide high quality cello cases, and this case is by far the best cello case for sale today. This case is a very lightweight case, and also very durable meaning you can easily transport your cello and know it will be protected.

 The velvet lining further enhances the protection your cello gets, it also comes with padded backpack straps and multiple pockets for all cello accessories such as bows. It has a durable anti-scratch 1680D polyester exterior.

Overall, Crossrock proves themselve as a amazing cello case brand and if you're looking for an amazing cello case, this is the case for you!

2. Best Cello Hard Case: Woodnote Foamed Cello Case Review

The Woodnote Cello Case is by far the best cello hard case for sale! This case fits a 4/4 size cello, and is one of the hardest cases we've ever seen. The case outside is firm and durable, so you can be sure this case will protect your cello.

This case comes with extra hard handles making it simple to haul around, and comes with extra storage for accessories such as bows and more. This cello case also comes with wheels, making transport easy. It has a nice dark blue interior.

Overall, if you're looking for the best protection at a good price, this cello case is the one for you!

3. Best Lightweight Cello Case: Crossrock Carbon Fibreglass  Cello Case Review

Again, we due to the high quality of this cello case, we have to add another Crossrock fibreglass cello case. This cello case is super lightweight and weighs only 5.6LB (2.5kg) It also comes with 2 deluxe padded backpack straps, and 2 ultra soft leather handles making transport a breeze.

This cello case also comes with an accessory pocket, for all your extras. This cello case also comes in a variety of colours and styles, allowing you to pick the one that best suites you! 

Overall, this case is the best lightweight cello case and looks amazing!

4. Best Full Size Cello Hard Case: Bam France 200XL 4/4 Cello Case Review

Bam Cello cases are some of the most prestigious in the world. Bam Cello cases are some of the best in the world, but come at a steep price. If you own a expensive cello, then it needs a good case, and this is that case. This is by far the most protective case for sale, 

Your cello is shielded by the interior and the cushions that were molded. Its design gives a chance to the users. You get two straps for shoulder or backpack choices and two handles. The Anti-slip and anti-wear rubber patches protect the case, and the interior of the case is padded well to protect your cello.

If you own a high quality cello and are willing to fork out a little more, this is the cello case for you!

5. Best Cello Case With Wheels: D Z Strad Cello Case with Wheels Review

While we do not advise using this particular case for specialist tier cellos (use the BAM Flight Case mentioned previously ), it functions as a fantastic alternative for many other cellos. The case has excellent protection considering it merely weighs 9.8pounds.

The cello case is full of foam that was lightweight and coated in nylon. The inside is lined with rich velour and has space for two bows. This is the best cello case for sale today!

5. Best Cool Cello Case: Bobelock Cello Case Review

The Bobelock cello case is one of the coolest cello cases in the market. The inside of the case is just beautiful, and protects your cello with beautiful patting. The case can fit a 4/4 cello, and provides top quality protection.

The cello case comes from fiberglass construction with wheels and a convenient handle, so you can easily transport your cello. It is also quite easy to close this case, and the rubber seal keeps things such as water out of the case. The case is light and easily rolls. It is very sturdy and will last a while.

Overall, if you're looking for a cheap and stylish cello case, this is the case for you!

This Bam France cello case is one of the most premium cello cases you can purchase. This case is quite expensive, but worth it if you want to protect your cello. The case has a super tough ABS shell, and a beautifully designed exterior and interior. This case is super easy to close with only 5 latches and it is also very lightweight.

This cello case is also returnable within 30 days, meaning if you don't like it you can return it! The cello case comes with 2 handles and 2 padded straps. The molded interior cushions will protect your cello from any environment.

This is the best soft cello case, and overall a top quality cello case!

Cello Case Buying Guide

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Things to look for in a cello case

Assessing each of the cello cases on the marketplace can be hard if you do not understand what to search for. So it's crucial that you first understand the characteristics of these cello cases have so you know how to choose the best one. Below are some of the features which you ought to look for when choosing the very best cello cases.

Level of Protection

Among the most crucial characteristics which you ought to think about when picking out cello cases is the protection they provide. Usually, cello cases with a suitable substance supply a high degree of protection than the ones that are cloth-based. Most challenging cello cases are made of wood, fiberglass, or thermoplastic polyurethane. If you travel a whole lot, you are going to want a more powerful cello case to guard against harm.

Amount of Suspension

The suspension is just another feature that you ought to take note of. Cello cases with a degree of suspension tend to lift the cello. With a degree of suspension, the cello might pop out the case.

Size And Materials Used

Some of the essential features to use as a manual would be the dimensions of your cello along with the materials used for your cello case. Additionally, selecting the proper size will further boost the cello's protection when hauling from point a to b

Then pay proper attention to the sort of materials used for the exterior and interior of any case. The cello case business has developed so much that now you can find versions that sport all kinds of materials.

But, hard-shell cases are advised. They've come to be quite light and straightforward to handle thanks to the newest technological achievements. The liner used for your case interior can also be of fantastic significance since it will supply the protection that your cello should avoid getting ruined.

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You will observe there are several case versions, such as the wrought, oblong, and dart-style cases. Shaped and dart-style cases are extremely popular as a result of their little weight.

Moreover, such cases arrive in fractional sizes, which makes them a very cost-effective alternative, too. If you'd like more room for the various accessories, however, you may want to look at an oblong or rectangular case. Even if they're more costly, they generally include more space than advanced players may demand accessories.

Think about your comfort when taking your cello from 1 spot to another and also how many times you'll need to do that since the answers to these questions will even help you get a comfy case. The marketplace provides a variety of versions. A number of them include cushioned straps for backpack and shoulder choices in addition to handles.

Then you will find the wheeled cases, highly favored by many innovative musicians who travel often. Such cases will make it simpler for you to take your cello and accessories, regardless of their size.

But you may want to go for a case that provides each alternatives mentioned above to accommodate your transport style based on your requirements.

How about suspension In cases

You'll most probably encounter models which are referred to as suspension cases and goods, which are recorded as non-suspension cases. Everything you get using a suspension case would be just one or two elevated shelves, which will suspend the rear of your cello an inch or so over the base of the case. This translates into improved protection, and this feature makes them very popular with players.

In case you choose to go to get a non-suspended circumstance, select one which matches a foam pillow that's molded into the contour of your device.

One crucial aspect a lot of men and women are inclined to overlook in regards to a cello case is the caliber of their springs and locks. These sections of a case are of high significance, since if the latches are flimsy and don't close all of the ways, you may wind up getting the cello getting from this case if that one opens. Additionally, a case with an integrated lock is perfect should you be worried that your device could be stolen.

If you have discovered this buying guide useful, we've got other articles you may be considering. Assess them to find out more about quality clarinets, acoustic guitar sequences to update your sonic expertise, and versions of electrical cellos.

Is Just One Shape Much Better Than Others?

One of the first components to think about is what sort of circumstance silhouette will work best for you. Because shaped and dart-style cases usually are quite lightweight, these kinds of cases would be the ideal selection for novices and smaller kids who might have trouble carrying a milder case. Oblong cases occasionally known as rectangular scenarios, are a bit more expensive but have more space for accessories. Since more advanced pupils will need to take around more accessories, oblong cases are often favored by more advanced musicians.

If it comes to cello cases, you've got two real choices: cases and gig bags. Due to their supreme durability, hard-shell cases are the most popular selection for musicians trying to safeguard their cello. In earlier times, hard-shell cases were bulky and hard to handle; however, as technology improved, hard-shell cases are becoming lighter and simpler to manage than previously. If a child is small and you are worried that they will have trouble carrying their case from location to place, many different hard-shell cello cases arrive with wheels. Together with wheels, your kid has the choice to carry their case from the handle or roll it across the floor like a rolling back.

Just how Many Compartments Can I Want?

Broadly, cases come together between four and one built-in compartments for accessories. Some have pockets around the exterior that run the duration of the circumstance, but some have smaller pockets around. From that point, locate a case with a proper number of compartments.

As you search for cello cases, you might observe that many are described as being suspension cases, while some are recorded as being non-suspension cases. If you are interested in what that means, let's clarify. Suspension cases have an increased shelf (or shelves), which suspend the rear of the device about an inch across the base of the case. Since these kinds of cases given an extra layer of security, they are inclined to be the most popular option. If you would rather non-suspended scenarios, make certain to buy one, which includes a foam pillow that is molded into the contour of your cello. Irrespective of your preference or choice, be certain that the cello is kept securely in position during storage and transportation.

In regards to playing the cello, shielding it from moisture is vital, particularly if you reside in a place of the United States with an intense climate. Sometimes, hygrometers and humidifiers are built into the cases, though other cases require that you buy them individually. If you're not certain what the distinction is, hygrometers are devices that measure humidity levels and alert you in case your cello is wet or dry, even though a humidifier corrects the dryness by releasing small quantities of water in your case at a controlled way.

The Dampit humidifier offers long term humidity protection and protects from the cello warping and breaking. Find Out More

Lastly, the hardware of a cello case may mean the difference between a nicely shielded cello and one that needs costly repairs. When the latches appear flimsy or do not close all of the ways, the case will not make it very much before breaking sending and open your cello tumbling into the floor. If you are worried that your child's cello could be stolen, buying a cello case with an integrated lock can reassure you. Many locks are TSA-approved to make travel with your cello simpler. Irrespective of your selection, be certain that the cello case has plenty of padding, and the cello does not move around during transportation.

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Whichever hard cello case you find yourself picking, be sure to examine it before you anticipate it with your precious tool. Do not just trust the case for flights until you have analyzed the cello in your home. Cello cases are extremely similar, with the differences being pressure and weight evaluation. Both these traits finally help determine the purchase price of this cello case; that's the reason why cases with greater pressure evaluations and less weight are inclined to be expensive.

How your cello transfer will affect which case you purchase. Get the BAM Flight Cover above if you'd like a case that could withstand flights. The Accord case is your very best option if you're trying to find a lightweight case. Determine what your primary priority at a case is before you get your case. Check out our guides on the Best Electric Cello, the Best Cello Strings and the Best Cello Brands!