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Best DJ Headphones – We Review The Best Wireless DJ Headphones And Professional DJ Headphones

best DJ headphones

Finding the best DJ headphones is a complicated job.

You require a pair which could take  a beating and still be prepared for a performance the following day. This is because among the frequent problems that DJs ecounter, there headset breaking is one of the biggest problems. But do not worry. As a result of this, we have decided to create a list of the best DJ headphones of the year!

Within this list, we made sure they are all types of headphones to be sure you find the best headphones for you.

Quick Answer: The Top​ 10 DJ Headphones

Here are the Top 10 Best DJ Headphones!

1. Best DJ Headphones: Sennheiser HD 25 Review

Sennheiser has been famous for quality and durability.

These headphones don't only seem incredible, but they are the ideal pick for a DJ. These headphones are our favorite ones from Seinnheiser, and they are highly recommended by us.

They are very powerful earphones and allow you to DJ to your maximum potential.

Since there's nothing worse than your headset breaking mid-set, this is a huge deal. It's great that these Headphones are very durable. Trust us, it is a nightmare. Another thing about these headphones is they include a cartridge, allowing to listen easier.

Occasionally, since it can get confusing DJ's do not like to have tracks cued into the headphones hence that the flexibility is beneficial. And in case your aux cable breaks, it is no problem! These provide a removable cable which it is possible to replace at any moment if you wish to change out it for a shorter or longer cable.

This one of the best DJ headphones and one of the best budget DJ headphones!

2. Best Budget DJ Headphones: V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Review

V-MODA has made quite a splash - so much so that they were obtained by gear powerhouse Roland. We were extremely impressed. It is no wonder that these headphones can be seen with some of the most popular DJs. V-MODA has carved their niche by providing a mix of substance and style whereas Sennheiser's HD 25 headphones would be the workhorse pragmatic DJ headphone - and we would say this triumphs at this junction. The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 has appeal as it's an excellent headset. Whether plugged in your way to operate into your iPhone or right into a DJM-900 mixer in Electric Daisy Carnival, these get the job done. Because they provide the exact recognizable punchiness of the Sennheiser HD 25, using warmth and 27, their popularity has skyrocketed within the DJ world.

Let us talk a little about how they are made before focusing on their audio. Their build quality is superb, while they do not feel as indestructible as the HD 25. They use a mixture of substances, which lands them between alloy Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2 and the Sennheisers. The Kevlar reinforced cable must make these resist the rigors of DJ lifetime, and we value the addition of a case that was tough to keep them secure. As good as the added cable is, among those DJs on our inspection team proposed buying the V-MODA CoilPro cable individually, which can be more and will make it possible for you to roam around the DJ booth with no stress. Like every fantastic item, the ear cushions have a luxurious sense when worn for extended periods. And these are over-headphones, so your ears are surrounded by that the earpiece. Because of this, these have isolation. Sets it:

They have excellent isolation. In a club environment, I don't have any trouble hearing my signal without needing to crank the headset volume upward. I have needed to make a habit of turning down the volume whenever I am following someone about the decks. It too high.

A V-MODA inspection isn't complete without talking about just how great they look. We had the chance of talking to the organization's founder in the NAMM show, and afterward conversing it is clear he's passionate about developing a headset which looks like it seems. As a part of the assignment, the Crossfade M-100 heavily customizable has been made by V-MODA. A range of the world's most renowned DJs have the ear discs customized using their name and emblem. You are in a position to perform the same, which isn't just enjoyable but may assist as you build your brand new. The available colors are great also, whether you are into the Matte Black Metal or even the stand-out White Silver.

Concerning audio quality, the V-MODA M-100 headphones are incredibly well-suited to DJing. The frequency response isn't flat, meaning we wouldn't suggest these as the best selection for mastering and mixing from the studio. The bass response is profound, punchy, and powerful. In our evaluations, we were amazed at how we could differentiate all of a monitor's components while DJing, even though mimicking quite loud external ailments. That is no doubt supported by the fact that they isolate due to being an over-ear headset.

Bottom Line: When we needed to dock points in the V-MODA M-100 in almost any category, it'd function as hefty price tag. They cost a fantastic bit more than the Sennheiser HD 25, we consider due in big part to V-MODA's focus on aesthetics and construct. As time passes, the V-MODA M-100 have gathered nearly as many cites as the HD 25 in talks over what DJ headphones to purchase. It is a difficult call to make, but we provide the advantage to the HD 25 with regard to becoming the higher value. On the other hand, the M-100 are a close second. If the customization choices interest you, you favor over-ear headphones rather than on-ear and can save the money, and we say go for them.

These headphones are the best professional DJ headphones and are overall one of the top djing headphones.

3. Best Pionner DJ Headphones: Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2 Review


It is not surprising that Pioneer - a name synonymous with DJ equipment - would earn a top-5 worthy DJ headset. That is the way we (and 100s of different reviewers around the net ) consider the Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2. The HDJ-2000MK2 would be the newer version of this hugely popular Pioneer HDJ-2000, plus they have improved over the initial version in just about any way. The HDJ-2000MK2 could be understood on festival stages worldwide; therefore, Pioneer is undoubtedly doing something right using these. You'll observe the specs are remarkably like those of the Pioneer's closest competition, the V-MODA M-100. 10.5 oz is approximately double the weight of this Sennheiser HD 25, but there is a fantastic reason behind it. The HDJ-2000MK2 are created out of more metal than the HD 25 and M-100. After all, 10.5 ounces makes for a comparatively light headset, and we've got only beautiful things to say about the texture. They have got an incredibly slick minimal appearance; they are both lavish and hefty, and it is a combo we all could get on board.

They include a great zippered shell case for security, a straight cable, along with a coiled cable. Props to Pioneer for adding two kinds of cables. These headphones have an ergonomic shape, and after wearing them for many hours, nobody on the review staff reported any distress. The earcups can swivel that's a wonderful feature for DJs, and also the earpads are soft and comfy (and easily replaceable if they begin to flake).

With regards to how they seem, we say these Pioneer headphones sound great - that the soundstage is broad and nice, they are pretty loudly, and the bass is full and punchy. They are definitely purpose-built for DJing, and you're going to discover their frequency response is quite tailored to accentuate both the mid and low frequencies (300Hz to the 1,600Hz range). If it comes to the more dance-floor oriented genres of music such as digital dance music, pop, or hip hop, these headphones do their job exceptionally well.

Bottom Line: Becoming one of Pioneer's flagship DJ headset, the HDJ-2000MK2 aren't the lowest priced ones on this listing by anyway; they will put you back a comparable amount into the V-MODA M-100. It is worth noting that you're spending for the Pioneer title and reliability when it comes to the world of DJ gear. The Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2 really is an excellent option, and make an excellent choice to the Sennheiser HD-25, particularly in the event that you want the higher isolation of an over-ear headset and also need more superior texture.

These DJ headphones are good DJ headphones and are one of the best headphones for djing. These are also the best pioneer headphones!

4. Best Professional DJ Headphones: Shure SRH-70DJ Review

These headphones were specifically designed for DJ's.

Shure knew precisely what they were doing when they created them. They are suited to meet the requirements of a DJ and are cheap.

The impedance of those headphones was raising. Doing this enabled without damaging the headphone, to encourage DJ mixers.

And needless to say, such as other headset, they also made sure to add closed rear cups to isolate the majority of the sound out of what you are listening to. If you do not make a decision to utilize the 90 ° swivel they supply which permits for use, That's.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that these headsets don't have a flat response, they have been correctly EQ'd to get DJ's by improving the low end and enlarging the highs to provide you a definite answer whilst blending live.

Another bonus feature of the SRH-70DJ's is they permit you to substitute the earcup. You won't need to take care of it or elect for a set. This way if they begin to eliminate relaxation or tear up with time.

As we mentioned, these headphones are one of the best headphones for DJs and are the best DJ headphones available on the market for beginners.

5. Best Headphones for Djing: Sennheiser DJ Headphones Review

If you enjoy the Sennheiser HD25 but maybe are not so keen in an on-ear style headset, then maybe think about the Sennheiser HD 8 DJ Headphones. The big design signifies that the ear pads fit over the ears, offering comfort and sound isolation that is exceptional.

The Sennheiser HD 8 is built entirely providing a sense of quality in the palms to the headphone. Although the ear cups are constructed of a plastic that has a superior complete and feels. The ear pads feature soft memory foam. The headband is constructed from a soft rubber which permits you to twist, bend, and control the headphones in almost any direction without needing to be concerned about damaging or breaking your HD 8. Directly speaking, the building is more durable with a stylish finish. Just what you need from a set of DJ headphones.

The very first thing is the unique design of your headphone. The headband and the ear cups at a style that permits the headband to break on the mind connect. Each ear cup may independently rotate somewhat bit more than 90° forward and backward, with an adequate quantity of swivel to fit your mind; however, you decide to use them. For sporting the HD 8 whilst referencing or beat mixing this layout works well. Together with the headband, there is a strain on the crown, which makes the HD 8 a headphone.

The Sennheiser HD 8 is really on a different level, In regards to audio. The HD 8 generates close"audiophile" sound quality with exceptional equilibrium throughout the frequency range. The end is punchy and dense with no bass increase to overpower the rest of the frequency array. The mids and highs are transparent, allowing detail -- that is important if blending in loud environments to be heard by you. In both environments, HD 8 may be utilized with excellent quality. I really versatile headset for professionals and DJs.

These headphones are the best cheap DJ headphones and the best noise canceling DJ headphones.

6. Best Wireless DJ Headphones: Beats Mixr Review

Beats by Dr. Dre headphones frequently get a bad rep from DJs and sound professionals. The criticism is that the headphones have a bass that muddies the sound quality. David Guetta appealed to make a headphone. The end result -- that the Beats Mixr. A headset designed to mostly to accommodate to the demands of both electronic artists and DJs.

The Beats Mixr is created of an alloy. This lightweight headset is well-suited for life on the street with a DJ. The headband is coated at a rubberized cloth that could be twisted and flexed. This Is a layer of memory foam that sits against your mind.

The ear cups can rotate roughly 270° forwards and backward which makes the Mixr easy to put on in almost any respect and even on a single ear for beat mixing. The ear pads include a memory foam coated in pleather that sits on the ear. There's a reasonable amount of clamping pressure on the headphones that allow for inactive noise-canceling and retains the Mixr setup; however, you decide to use them.

The Beats Mixr includes two wires. It's a 5.2feet right cable for DJing along with the other attributes an inline remote and mic for use with mobile devices and travel. Bear in mind that audio is owned by Apple so that the remote on the cable is fully compatible with Apple apparatus but may not have exactly the exact same performance on non-Apple apparatus. The Mixr permits you to plug in the headset to the left or right ear cup that's suitable according to which side your gear or apparatus is on. Beats incorporate an adapter for travel so that you can use the Mixr.

It's fantastic for DJs, while the noise on the Beats Mixr is level or audiophile quality. As to be expected, the Mixr is heavy but with a substantial quantity of definition and punch, instead of some bass response that is wooly. The midrange and treble are clear with a surprising quantity of detail -- more than some other Beats headset I've heard. For dance songs and urban, a DJ headphone will be made by the Beats Mixr. For other and stone genres, then you may find a bit more bass than you want.

The Beats Mixr was developed to function as more than simply a DJ headset. It is a headset which looks great, sounds great, is durable, and is appropriate to both DJing and travel. Often people like to decide on Beats from wearing a set of these headphones due to the plan and standing you receive — a good deal of the time that you need to opt for this design over quality. In the instance of the Beats Mixr, I believe you get a fantastic balance of design and sound quality. If you aren't to a bass sound that is huge, the Beats Mixr will not be for you. Then you will love the Beats Mixr if you really do like bass.

These headphones are the best beats headphones for djing and the best radio DJ headphones.

7. Best One Ear DJ Headphones: Sony MDR-7506 Stereo Professional Headphones Review

The Sony MDR-7506 is among the oldest and headphones in the marketplace. The MDR-7506's existed for a couple of decades and is employed for DJing and at the studio. The reason why the MDR-7506 is so popular is that they provide exceptional audio quality, sit well over the ears for relaxation and passive attenuation and, most of all, the headphones are cheap.

The MDR-7506 was released in 1985. The 1985 design remained the same although the 7506 premiered in 1991. This usually means the comes with nothing like the stylish a headset layout and headphones on the market nowadays. Having said this, the 7506 is lightweight and stays comfortably on the ears and head. The headband consists. The headphones sit with no fatigue although There's hardly any cushioning on the headband. The ear pads haven't altered much since 1985, meaning that the foam is tender, but not a superior memory foam along with the leather cover isn't too good. Because there's a wide selection of ear pad replacements readily available on 19, this is not a significant problem.

Sony is good when it comes to audio quality. One critic of this MDR-7506 is the headset is a bit too flat. The bass response is not as punchy as the Sennheiser HD 8 or HD25, but the clarity and detail you get on the MDR-7506 are outstanding. The midrange and treble exist with no harsh to deliver superb clarity and decent separation. If it comes to appearances, the MDR-7506 ain't seem -- on a different degree, although far!

These are sony pro dj headphones and are the best sony headphone dj!

Sony MDR-7506 Stereo Professional Headphones Conclusion
In case you're looking for the DJ headset for gigs and studio usage the Sony MDR-7506 will be your best option. While they may seem a little 80's (they are really in the '80s) that the MDR-7506 is among the best sounding DJ headphones on the market. For under $100, the Sony MDR-7506 is your best DJ headset far. In terms of quality with headphones the cost, the MDR-7506 competes in reality.

The important to the disadvantage MDR-7506 is the wishbone that joins the ear cup, and the headband is susceptible to breaking and plastic. You are able to buy replacements or around Amazon, and they're not hard to replace yourself. So note of.

8. Best Cheap DJ Headphones:  AIAIAI TMA-2 Review

Rounding out our top listings is a DJ headset with a unique idea. The AIAIAI TMA-2 headset is modular, which means you may essentially construct a headset tailored to your requirements with their online configurator. You get to select the speaker components, the headband, the earpads, along with also the cable, and each the parts snap together as soon as it arrives at your door. The"choose your own adventure" course is very good but also daunting, because you may not truly understand what elements are best for your requirements. Fortunately, presets that are preconfigured for distinct functions have been made by AIAIAI. In our instance is your DJ Preset. Let us take a peek at the specs. Each one the elements arrive in their envelope, and it is fun (and easy) to put the headset collectively. The DJ Preset includes the headband which provides better traction and is allegedly rocky. The speaker components that are S02 are the largest thing differentiating this preset from more presets. In accordance with AIAIAI, they create the bass "clear and punchy." The earpads that are E02 sit along with the ear 25. And ultimately, that the DJ Preset cable would be your C02 version, a coiled cable which extends to 3.2 meters (approximately 10.5 feet ).

The TMA-2 has a style which appears slick. The build quality feels strong while they are constructed with vinyl. Reviewers across the Internet have not had problems, although we did not abuse ourselves to comment on their ruggedness. They are without even feeling like a vice-tight. The earcups don't swivel; therefore, these may not be for you personally if tracking is the thing. The cable is excellent, it has got a touch coating that is soft, and it is smart of AIAIAI to incorporate. And keep in mind, all these are headphones, so the isolation is not as fantastic as over-ear. The great thing about those modular is as you've got some money to spare, you can purchase some replacement earpads that are over-ear.

Sound-wise, we've got no complaints. We can listen to mids and the more punchy bass the speaker components that are S02 provide. We analyzed genres of music and that which came through clear and loud.

Bottom Line: AIAIAI provides up something unique with the modular idea of all the TMA-2. Getting to"build" your headset is enjoyable, and they make it super simple, and the neat thing is that in the event you do not like anything about these, you can change out it (provided you've got the money to purchase more parts ). AIAIAI supplies if you purchase from them, so you've got loads of time to check whether these headphones are up to your street. There are A couple of drawbacks that the TMA-2 is expensive, and they do not come with all types of case that is hard or bag. With the goal of DJing, we pleased with the TMA-2 DJ Preset, and they've got style, they have stuff and can recommend it.

These headphones are good DJ Bluetooth headphones and an amazing DJ headset.

9. Best DJ Headset: V-MODA M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphone Review

V-MODA is known for craftsmanship, and these headphones are different. They feature durability. The headband that can be among the most breakage factors is un - a definite advantage for an excursion. It's a distinctively brilliant sound that's been tuned by over 200 audiophiles, and then factor in the separation of bass from different sounds and you get this gorgeous, trendy pair of over-ear headphones for under $100 (click for much more in our inspection ).

Nothing was left out from the design, which comprises CLIQFOLD also to make a case and also it space effectively in order to add protection. Twenty awards are awarded to the M-100, and we could see if we look at how much technology they have packed into such a slick and sophisticated bundle. Headphones with a fair value for money and quality appeared to be a fantasy, but the M-100 brings it with memory foam pads to add to the item. The durability is unreal with this item, and it has been analyzed too.

These are pro DJ headphones and are the best DJ headphones for radio DJs and are DJ quality headphones!

10. DJ Khaled Headphones Best Buy:  Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Headphones Review

Those headphones' version had drawbacks which dealt a setback to the reputation of Audio-Technica for having the ability to supply a pair of headphones. That issue was fixed by the version that was new by offering velvet replacements but also not implementing a new substance for the ear pads as standard.

This usually means. Though not as great as others in regards to electricity and bass, the M50x concentrates on clarity and quality, and it is implemented. Unlike a number of those headphones that are better and larger, you do not need on the chip to operate, and there is not a gap.​
We Liked It Although a starter set if you understand exactly what you would like from a set of headphones, and you also have sufficient cash to spring for a pair, you might want to splurge on this headset!

The Best DJ Headphones Buying Guide

two men using DJ controllers

FAQ About DJ Headphones

Q: Do the best DJ headphones change annually (2018 vs. 2019)?

The solution is that it depends! New versions aren't generally released by manufacturers too frequently. Most producers have a"When it ai not broke, do not fix it" mindset with DJ headphones. For a while, Sennheiser's HD 25 headphones are dominating the DJ market, for example, but the business continues to innovate. They published the Sennheiser HD8 DJ Headphones that are far more specifically promoted to DJs. And while they are great headphones (we analyzed them), it is very tough to dethrone the HD 25s that have been on the top for so long.

As new goods are accessible, we upgrade our purchasing guides, and we get the opportunity to examine them out. If you're asking what are the best DJ headphones on the market or what are the best DJ headphones, well the best headphones for DJ are always changing so it's hard to pin down the best DJ headphones!

Q: What is the best DJ headset to Purchase?

That is a difficult question to answer and depends on a lot of things! It is also the reason why we wrote this manual, to enable you to make a choice that requirements and meets your budget and navigate the world of DJ headphones. If funding is an issue, the best bang for your dollar choose in our eyes would be your Audio-Technica ATH-M50x.

Q: What headphones do the best DJs utilize?

The answer is that - that the headphones from the best DJs on the planet would be V-MODA M-100 and the Sennheiser HD 25. You are in luck if you would like more info! It's our mission here in Equipboard to record the equipment employed by the best musicians on the planet, and DJs aren't any exception. Curious what headphones Tiesto utilizes? Head to his Equipboard to Discover. Listed below are Some of the world's best DJs (origin: DJMag Top 100 Djs listing ) and exactly what headset they have been seen wearing most frequently:

It's a great idea when you intend to invest your hard earned cash to sit down and find out more about the item or thing you're likely to buy. Doing this will help you determine if a purchase is being made by you based on desire, desire, or urge. These are a few things to think about when buying a pair of DJ headphones.

man controlling DJ controller beside man with microphone

Factors To Consider When Buying DJ Headphones

Want vs. Need.

Consumers make purchases based on impulse because they wish to get something that their buddy has. Occasionally people buy a product just because it's a new popular fashion of they've heard an excellent deal about the thing through a fantastic advertising effort. Quite often the person doesn't absolutely want the merchandise and creates a purchase to discover they use the product a couple of times, and then it belongs to the wayside. When choosing to obtain a considerable set of headphones, it's necessary to ask yourself whether it's a desire or a need. If you would like the thing for your personal enjoyment, maybe evaluate whether you can afford the cost and in the event that you'll use it enough to get your monies worth. If you're in need of a brand new item of gear for your DJ company, another job, or college, the purchase could be justified and regarded as a requirement. In instances like this, it is important to think about the qualities that are of significance and attempt to remain within your means.

Price of DJ Headphones

Quite often, the more expensive a thing you've got in your group, the greater standing you've got amongst friends or relatives. Our society often dictates what you own or have will boost your social standing and give the impression that you're wealthy. Many times this needs to be trendy or even seem to be wealthy if in fact one isn't, can result in buying items on credit or with money which you need to be spending on the lease or something different. Even though the items listed within this manual are phenomenal, it's very important to take into account the expense of the product in addition to the vital characteristics that you will need. Though lots of the products we've listed can help you acquire great social standing, it's not our goal to promote your own to violate the bank or discuss your spending limitations. When choosing a set of headset think about that the cost associated with the product and in the event that you're able to afford it. If you can't afford the thing now, save some cash and buy the thing once you're able to afford it. The buying experience will be more gratifying when you are able to afford the thing that if you buy it when you ought to have paid lease. The headset won't take the strain away from being unable to cover other bills though it might assist you in distracting yourself from your"real world."

Durability of a Professional DJ Headphones

When making an investment, it's very important to take into account the quirks, reliability, and durability of a product. Each item in our listing will underline materials and the structure used to generate the item. It's a great idea to invest in something that can withstand the test of time or could be replaced if it becomes worn or faulty.

Could I Use Wireless Headphones for DJ'ing?

Wireless headphones aren't appropriate for DJ'ing for a few reasons. The first quality that is being. While headset sound quality isn't quite as significant to DJs as it's to some studio engineer, by way of instance, you still require the best sounding headset readily available so as to listen to every aspect of a monitor. The best wireless Dj headphones are listed above, and above we also have the DJ headphones best buy!

The next reason you do not need wireless headphones for DJ'ing is latency. With wireless headphones, you receive a little bit of latency or delay. This is just due to the sound needs to be converted into a digital signal so as to be transferred to your headphones. This is a really modest delay, and you likely would not pick this up in ordinary conditions, but to get a DJ, any delay signifies your beat mixing is going to be outside that is bad.

Do I Want a Case for DJ Headphones?

This may appear obvious, but many men and women assume it's possible to just through your headphones in a backpack and they will be OK. Either that or you become complacent with time and quit putting your headset away correctly. If your headphones do not come with headset instance, search for one on Amazon if you purchase your headphones. They are relatively cheap and can add a lot more years into the lifetime of your own headset. The best radio DJ headphones and world best DJ headphones all have to have a case!

What is the Difference Between a Coiled and Straight Cable?

This is largely an issue of preference; nevertheless, I really do like a coiled cable since there's not any slack to get in the way, but it's still possible to go around freely with many coiled cables capable of expanding around 10ft. Some people do not like coiled wires since the coil adds weight to the headphones and so favor a straight cable that weighs nearly nothing. Personally, I do not find this to be a problem.

Over-Ear vs. On-Ear DJ Headphones

It boils down to taste although That is an age-old argument. There are advantages and also disadvantages to both, although there is no response for the most part. On-ear make the headphones much more cool DJ headphones, and in our DJ headphones reviews, we talked about how being cool as a DJ is important!

The necessity to have headphones supporting your set is crucial, and you wish to have. Should they enjoy, the merits of the two Many people today choose to have a single set of each. This is because, in the event that you have, you may enjoy the advantages of the two types based on the genre of music and what activity you are working on at the moment.

On-Ear Headphones

Headphones are far more lightweight and mobile, so then on-ear may be advantageous in the event that you want to produce and create by way of instance, a stream for your fan base on the road for your day job. Is the isolation of on-ear is not really helpful; they are not currently covering your ears to block out the world around you.

On-ears do tend to offer you a fantastic amount of relaxation which makes them a fantastic tool if you are on a journey in case you are at a location that is enough and would like to have some work. These are the sort of headphones if you are on the go you need. Another advantage is that on-ears are a bit more forgiving for individuals with ears, adding in contrast.

Over-Ear Headphones

Headphones have a very noticeable advantage when it comes to noise cancellation and isolation. This permits you to stay concentrated on the restricted music spaces such as trains on a sail. The boost in weight has an increase in quality, although they are a little heavier and bulkier than headphones. A few headphones are normally somewhat smaller than routine ears, which makes them uncomfortable for many, although the headset encounter will yield better quality and relaxation for all those who have standard ears.

These headphones have a tendency to match professionals that wish to sit and maintain their work and work as opposed to attempt to work on the go. It makes it somewhat more difficult to create when inspiration strikes. Most of the dj headphones best traits come from being over-ear.

man holding microphone with dj headphones

Could you utilize DJ Headphones for the Studio?

DJ headphones may be used for the studio and in addition, they come with a few benefits. The first is that headphones' quality may immerse you those narrative manners are provided in by games. In addition to that, the sound quality may be utilized to boost performance.

DJ headphones may be tuned to amplify sounds, based on the design and the hardware tuners that are tracking they include. Besides that, there are many advantages of getting DJ headphones. If you are a DJ and DJ headphones are needed by you, they are equally as easy as gambling headphones. If both are needed by you and you can pick one select DJ headphones. You will have a set. You want with friends and if you are into gambling, then ensure that you get yourself headphones with a microphone built or you will have problems. The Best DJ Lights are all apart of this new culture!

Best DJ Headphones Under 50: Shure SRH145

Best DJ Headphones Under 100: Pionner Pro DJ Black

Best DJ Headphones Under 150: Sennheiser HD 25

Best DJ Headphones Under 200:  Pioneer Pro DJ Silver (HDJ-X7-S Professional DJ Headphone)


This can be overpowering, and there are a huge array of headphones available to buy and push you. But do not allow differences' confusion frighten you. Many DJ requires a set of headphones which offer quality to operate with and last some time.

If you are a professional, it is best to spend your cash into a headset that will give you a professional experience!

To appeal to each of DJs, we have included both headphones that assist you with the fundamentals of' DJ'ing, and also a few others offering you other attributes. We have also guides about the Best DJ Controller​ and the Best DJ Lights for you!

Now it's your turn, pick a headset or check out our guides on other DJ Equipment!