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Best Electric Cello Brands of 2020 – Best Electric Cellos Reviewed

best electric cello

Most instruments these days have a electric equivalent, and the cello is no exception. The electric cello is the newest tech advancement within the cello industry, so that's why many people are looking to get there hands on one of these.

If you're looking for the best electric cello that will provide you with a outstanding experience, you have come to the right place. Within this article, we will be listing the best electric cellos of the year.

Quick Answer: Top 5 Electric Cellos

The Leeche Handmade Electric Cello is one of the best electric cellos on the market today. This cello is made in Germany, and provides on of the best cello experiences you can buy.

This cello has high fidelity, high sensitivity and advanced tuners that allow you to control the volume and tone of your cello. This cello comes with 2.4 inches of quality plywood for it's body, a maple neck, a ebony fingerboard and fittings and a ebony endpin to finish it off. These materials are honestly the top of the line, and you shouldn't look past them.

Another bonus is that this cello comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturers defects, and also comes with a few accessories such as a lightweight oxford bag, a bow, a 4m aux cable and a set of strings.

Overall, this cello will provide you with an amazing experience and allow you to enter a level of cello playing.

2. Best Cheap Electric Cello:  Harmonia 4/4 Electric Cello Review

This a perfect electric cello if you're looking for a cheap but still high quality cello. It has all the features that a high-quality electric cello would have, for much cheaper.

This cello has  a gloss black finish, and a maple bridge and looks stunning. When playing it flows really well and looks amazing. This cello comes with a black gig bag, cables, batteries, a bow and even some rosin to top it all off.

This electric cello sounds amazing, and can change tones with ease. It's a very flexible cello meaning it can change sound easily depending on how you play it. With 4 fine tuners, a beautiful ebony tuning pegs it has never been easier to change the tone.

A negative is that due to the price, the materials aren't the strongest, meaning the cello may not last a long as others on the market. But overall this cello is a really amazing electric cello and comes at a wonderful cheap price!

3. Best Electric Cello Brands: Yinfente Electric Cello Review

Now, this electric cello is one of the most interesting. Yinfente is one of the best electric cello brands, and are continue to make some of the best electric cellos for an amazing price. 

This 4/4 electric cello comes with hand-carved wood, and a black metallic varnish which just looks amazing. The design of this cello is just so unique and will get all eyes on you. This cello is powered by a 9V alkaline battery.

The Yinfente Electric cello comes with a soft-case, headphones, a aux cable, a rosin and a bow. This electric is also quite cheap compared to many others on the market. The ebony fingerboard and pegs all support this wonderful cello. It also has 4 detachable fine tuners that allow you to control your sound however you want. This cello sounds amazing and when we were looking for negatives of this cello, there really isn't anything to say, it's all round amazing!

So in conclusion, this cello comes at a cheap price, and Yinfente once again provides a revolutionary electric cello, we definitely recommend this cello.

4. Best Yamaha Electric Cello: Yamaha Electric Cello ReviewSilent Cello

Oh Yamaha, the premium brand of basically any instrument is back it again dipping there toes in the electric cello industry. They have created a premium electric cello, and this one is by far the best quality and sounding electric cello on the market.

You really do get what you pay for. This electric cello is quite expensive, but if you are professional cello player looking for the best on the market, this is cello for you! This electric cello uses the best quality materials and has 3 built-in reverb presets, is also has a inner resonance chamber which gives it an acoustic instrument feel.

This cello includes headphones, 2 AA batteries and a high quality gig bag. The electric cello can be attached to a CD and MP3 player for recorded music accompaniment, which is honestly just amazing. This is also a a silent cello, so you can play and no one will hear you. The cello is very well-designed and is compact.

Overall, if you are willing to pay the premium, the Yamaha elctric cello sis the cello for professionals.

5. Best Rated Electric Cello: Glasser Acoustic-Electric Cello Reviewed

Glasser composite electric cello are revolutionary instruments. Glasser has been a leader in creating advanced products, and this is no different.

You see, wooden cellos take a beating and are often beaten by there surroundings, this cello is built to last. They are built to last, and also look and sound great. There are custom colors for this cello, so do not overlook the wonderful design of these cellos.

Overall this cello is a average cello, and if you're looking for a durable cello you should look into this cello.

Electric Cello Buying Guide

used electric cello

Attributes and Portability

Ordinarily, electrical cellos are somewhat more portable than classical ones as there's zero need to acquire a lean body. I will talk more about this in the planning department, but for now, the most essential part of the body is a simple fact that it affects how easy it's to maneuver this tool. Body types differ significantly from cello to cello, which affects the kind of situation that you need and how fragile the instrument is. Other people have headphone ports, which may be acceptable for practicing and quiet recording sessions. Each feature influences the cost of the cello; thus, it's essential to pay careful attention, and not buy features which you don't need.  It's an excellent idea to try and get your hands on the instrument before buying it so you can pick if you will use a predetermined feature. That is frequently not possible with electric cellos, therefore instead use your prior experience and get prepared to produce returns or exchanges.


Possibly unlike any other instrument, the cello touches and contacts the artist's entire body in a number of diverse points and utilizing another weight and feel at each point. It can be challenging to adapt to en electrical variant that lacks the specific same touch factors. Usually, from the audio perspective, they are unnecessary. That may feel very distinct in the acoustic cello; it can turn off potential muscians. In extreme cases, electric cellos feel and appear like acoustic ones and possess a limited hollow body. This not only alters how in which the cello feels but additionally, it changes the tone. In case you find it odd to perform no bodily responses of touch variables, consider a cello with these additional spells, at least initially.

Design and Appearance

The design of electric cellos dictates which type of wood the cello uses. Electrics may look very different for everybody in color to shape. Furthermore, electrical cellos are more widely used in genres outside classical-like rock and jazz, where the appearance of an instrument contributes more to the aesthetic of the performance. One area of this design that actually does perform a role is the frets. Some variations of electrical cellos arrive with others, and frets do not. Acoustic cellos, obviously, do not have frets. The most significant reason for the frets is on account of the intonation and performance of strings, unusually lengthy strings in accordance with a cello, which could change in the environment in which you will find an excellent deal of strong vibrations in the air. Frets help keep pruning in these types of circumstances.


Clearly, it is vital to take into account how much the electrical cello will cost. This adds up to state electric cellos are somewhat more pricy to assemble. Under $500 and also you risk getting a very flimsy instrument with insufficient design and other difficulties. Over $5000, and you likely aren't getting that much for the money and can do better by going cheaper. It's an excellent idea to try out some electrical cellos in person so you are able to locate a feeling for what characteristics that you would like to pay for and which ones are not rewarding for you. I will show five illustrations of cellos, but you will h

Reviews of Electric Cellos

"In case you're thinking about performing large volume, a solid-body electric cello surely receives the advantage," Brian supports, "since there's absolutely no significant amount [from the instrument itself], or hollow area, which makes a whole lot of tones.

"In case you're experiencing a fantastic deal of effects, or you're putting it into a pc where people will do a whole lot of different things," an electric cello performs far better. "You get a sign that's much more malleable, and something that you may really do much more with. So it's a favorite for live performances but additionally for recording situations."

You probably won't find a philharmonic with an electrical cellist. Actually, "You'd be hard-pressed to find an orchestra that will let you play one on stage," says Brian. "A Lot of classical gamers are now buying them, but they're purchasing them because they are playing with rock or jazz, or They're purchasing them as coaching tools."

On the flip side, the gap may not be as great as you may think, especially for certain versions. It is relatively inert, so it won't lead to any difficulties with remarks, but it is going to produce a tiny extra acoustic-such as' heat.

"The idea is to have a nice, acoustic-sounding tone because of the base. With this, you need then it's likely to get the job done. However, they want to be able to please the ones that are looking for this type of tone."

Hence the playability is very similar. It may actually just change in the specific same amount that someone cello varies from another."

How to decide on an Electric Cello Amp

In many situations, an electric cello user will run through the principal audio system at a functionality. However, for practicing at home, too, for live situations where a good system is not provided, an amplifier is necessary.

It doesn't have lots of these type of effects, just a very simple reverb," Brian says, "however it's very likely to provide you with a cleaner tone.

With just about any amplifier, the most vital problem is to test out its distinct environments, and find out that works best for you.

acoustic electric cello


Electric cellos, though comparatively new phenomena are accessible, and are readily available for purchase by facing a monitor display. They arrive in lots of shapes, colors, and measurements -- anyone with something particular in mind is very likely to have what they search for.

Instrument-crafting, since, maybe, it began, is now an art form; this caliber has developed and suffered, and cello-carvers provide no exception.

Many modern electric cellos are archetypal artwork things that their makers boast about. Buyers will be quite pleased to discover that, along with serving as exceptional functionality resources, the electrical cellos can survive as cosmetic items, providing pleasant eye-candy for anyone lucky enough to place eyes on those. Here is the Best Cello Strings, Best Cello Brands and the Best Cello Cases all reviewed!