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Best Jazz Trombone Of 2020 Reviewed – Best Jazz Trombone For Sale & Best Jazz Trombonist Guide

best jazz trombone

The Trombone is one of the most important parts of modern jazz music. It brings a certain sound and atmosphere that cannot be recreated, and that's why it's so important. 

If you're looking for a high-quality and amazing jazz trombone, we are here to help you find the best trombone for you, no matter you skill level or prior experience!

Quick Answer: Top Jazz Trombones

Among the best Jazz Trombones on the market is the Jiggs PBone Plastic Trombone, it is an top quality trombone, and comes at cheap price so if you're on a budget, this may be the perfect trombone for you!

The pBone is made of ABS plastic that makes it durable and light. It has a medium bore (.500) and also an 7-inch bell that creates amazing sound. It has a lockable slide and is pitched in Eb. It also includes a bag which will allow you to easily transport this trombone.

The horn is very light and sounds amazing. But not everything can be perfect. The horn is plastic so it will break quicker than the other trombones on this list, also the blue color is the only variation of color in the horn, so there isn't a lot of customization available.

Overall, this is a good trombone for beginner players looking to play some jazz, it is easy for kids to carry around. But it isn't the most durable trombone and may not be suitable for more experienced players.

Selmer has been one of the most prominent Trombone manufacturers around today. This Trombone continues it's reputation of creating high quality trombones continues on here with this top quality jazz trombone. This Trombone also comes with the best trombone mouthpiece for jazz!

The TB711 has a moderate bore horn (.509) having an 8-inch bell which is clean and creates nice and outgoing sound. This trombone is also very durable and will last a long time. The Trombone is perfect for bands and has an amazing jazz sound that comes with it. 

The Trombone also comes with a very hard case which will protect the trombone from scratches. This Jazz Trombone comes at a reasonable price for the name and the company, and is perfect for that has a tight budget.

Overall this a perfect jazz trombone with not many flaws, so if you are looking for a high quality jazz trombone this is a perfect trombone for you!

3. Best Jazz Trombone For Professionals: Eastar Bb Tenor Slide Trombone Brass Review

The Easter Jazz Trombone is one of the best looking trombones on the market today, and is an amazing trombone for all beginner jazz trombone players.

This trombone has a very bright sound, which means the sound is clear and very crisp. This trombone is made with a thickened lacquering process, which makes it very reflective and allows it to look very clean. The tone of the trombone is even and bright, and the paint will last a long time. 

This trombone also comes with a few important accessories such as white gloves, a cleaning rod, shoulder pad, mouthpiece, oil and a top of the mill case. This Trombone is in the key of Bb/F, which means you can produce a wide range of sounds and make it sound amazing. 

Overall, this trombone is an amazing look instrument, and by far the best jazz trombone available. Even the best jazz trombone players use this jazz trombone!

4. Best Jazz Trombone For Sale: Mendini Jazz Trombone Review

If you are looking around for a jazz trombone but you are on a strict budge and you don't want a plastic horn, then the Mendini from Cecilio Bb Tenor trombone is most likely your best choice.

It's a .500 medium bore trombone with a lacquer plus a bell. This horn doesn't have an F-attachment, which may be a problem for some.

It's a Chinese-made tool, and while they're fantastic value for the cost, remember that the price is rather low for a brass tool. You do get some nice extras (a chromatic tuner, oil, white gloves), but this trombone isn't the best when it comes to sound, it doesn't have the range like the rest of these trombones due to having no F attachment.

Overall it's a cheap trombone that will help you if you a beginner looking to play some jazz casually. But due to having no F attachment it's not good if you have band practice.

5. Best Jazz Trombones For Beginners: EASTROCK Bb Tenor Slide Trombone Review

 Eastrock uses thickened brass for amazing stability, vibration and because of this high quality this trombone is not easy to fade and is very durable. The best thing about this trombone is that if you buy this trombone, and you don't like it, as long as it's with 10 YEARS of your purchase, you can get a full refund which is a amazing bonus to this trombone.

​This Jazz Trombone has a strong and powerful sound, and is the perfect trombone to create that mind-bending jazz sound. The trombone has bright color and amazing wear resistance.

​Overall, this Eastrock is one of the best jazz trombones available today, and is the perfect trombone for any budget and skill level. Try this trombone out, it's amazing!

6. Best Trombone For The Best Jazz Trombonist: King 2103 3B Tenor Trombone Review

Now, this trombone comes a hefty price, but if you are a committed professional trombone player and looking to take your trombone experience to the next level, this is the trombone for you!

The King brand has made some of the most premium and high quality trombones on the market, and this is one of those trombones. This trombone is made for jazz, and some of the best jazz trombonist use this trombone for professional bands and performances. It sounds amazing, looks amazing and could do anything you could wish for.

This trombone is the best when it comes to quality, but realistically you should only fork out this much for a trombone if you're looking to do something professionally.

Jazz Trombone Buying Guide

Kinds of Jazz Trombone

There are tons of different varieties of trombone, and while jazz musicians typically tend to use one type of trombone, there are many more on the market.

There are four Kinds of trombones. You'll see played:

Alto trombone:
more extensive than a typical tenor trombone, these tools generally play more significant roles in Baroque and Classical period orchestral music. But they are not typically utilized in jazz; therefore, we will not discuss them any further.

Tenor trombone with no F attachment:
The standard trombone utilized by the majority of the most well-known jazz trombone soloists. There are several different choices for this particular instrument; however, this what many individuals are speaking to when they state"jazz trombone."

Tenor trombone (F attachment): This is a remarkably common tool for orchestral players due to its high bore and considerable sound output signal. It's usually only used by gamers of lesser parts in the majority of jazz classes.

Bass trombone: A bore trombone with mouthpiece and a bell. It usually includes one or (more commonly) two-valve slides. Having two slides enables it to perform notes situated in the extreme low end of the trombone's range. Bass trombones are comparatively prevalent in orchestras and concert bands, but maybe not so commonplace in jazz bands. Nevertheless, the tool is gaining popularity in certain huge groups.

Lead Trombones

In large circles, and in smaller combos that contain trombones, there'll usually be one solo or player. Lead trombones, such as lead crystal, generally play with the most significant parts and frequently represent solo segments over the remainder of the group.

Trombonists that perform with these parts start looking for well-balanced and mild trombones using a bore. The bigger bore and lighter weight of those jazz trombones create playing more significant roles (such as solos) comfier.

Even though the specifics may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, these tools have a bigger bore size (generally around .480 inches), a more compact bell (6.5-7 inches) without an F-attachment. These features make the tool very supple and light, flexible and can work on a large ring end section when required.

Section Trombones

When these tools are somewhat bigger than the direct trombones mentioned previously, they're still slightly smaller in a bell and bore size compared to many ordinary orchestral instruments. These are usually played by reduced members of this large group trombone segment, which can be needed to have complete and reliable audio on lesser parts.

These tools usually have a slightly bigger bore than the direct trombones (.500-.510 inches) plus a bell between 7-8 inches in diameter. ) These tools might or might not have an F expansion -- usually based on player preference and should the part takes it.

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Classical Trombones

Though we won't be talking this manner of trombone, this segment might be a helpful reference for anybody wondering how the jazz trombones compare into larger symphonic versions.

The bore dimensions to get a tenor trombone is .547 inches, and also .562 inches. These bigger symphonic tenor trombones always have an F-attachment and even an 8.5-inch bell, while bass trombones usually include two attachments (D and F ) and a bell of about 10 inches.

Classical trombonists also utilize mouthpieces with a larger bore, along with a bass trombonist's mouthpiece is favorably huge when compared with this smaller mouthpiece used by jazz players.

Let's clarify the various kinds of jazz trombones offered in the marketplace. There are groups or six Distinct types of jazz trombones:

Alto Trombone:
All these sorts of trombones are used for solo performances. Those trombones' pitch is higher than the pitch of tenor trombones. All these trombones are not popular as the kids, and they're not utilized for jazz songs.

Valve Trombone:
Majorly Utilized in Europe, South America, and India. The valve enables enjoying with tempos with accuracy and ease.

Tenor Trombone (Without an F attachment):
This is the most normal jazz trombone people refer to. It's the jazz trombone.

Tenor Trombone (Having an F attachment): This is a standard trombone and can be utilized by orchestra players. It's a bore dimension because of which the noise is high.

Bass Trombone: All these trombones have a large bore dimension so that they generally require more atmosphere than another sort of trombone. These sorts of trombones are utilized in orchestras, concert bands, groups, or performances. They are not common in jazz classes.

Marching Trombone: They are somewhat compact in layout and create accurate trombone sounds. The title indicates they are for marching activities because of their style, great.

man playing trombone

Which Trombone Is Your Best For You?

Well, in regards to deciding on the best trombone that you want to consider precisely how much you may spend on purchasing the instrument.

There's no need to devote a great deal of cash or purchase a jazz trombone if you're a beginner. Just start with a smooth and funding friendly trombone, and as soon as you become a specialist, simply switch to some more expensive version, which has more features and provides better quality.

Lead Trombones

You will find bands or concerts that contain players. There is at least one trombonist that performs with the parts.

For playing these types of components, trombonists require a lightweight and balanced trombone using a small dimension. In enjoying the parts more 13, this attribute helps the trombonist.

There'll be particularities for the trombones made by businesses. The dimensions could differ. It is approximately .480 inches, along with the bell dimensions would be little and about 6 to 2 inches. There will be no F attachment. These properties would produce trombone balanced and light.

Section Trombones

The instrument's size is a little bigger than that of the guide trombones we've talked about. All these trombones are performed the trombonists who attempt to attain noise on the parts or with the group members.

Those trombones' bore size is of .500 to .510 inches, and the bell is of about 7 to 8 inches in diameter.

The F attachment Isn't compulsory, and it depends whether he/she's comfortable with using the F attachment

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​We hope this article has helped you to pick a jazz trombone that will help you create the sound you are looking for!

​All the trombones on this list and top-quality and they wouldn't be on the list if they really weren't!

​Thank you for reading, check out our guide on the Best Trombone​ and the Best Trombone Mouthpiece!