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Best Trombone Mouthpiece of 2020 – Trombone Mouthpiece Reviews

best trombone mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is a vital part to every trombone. You can not play the instrument without one. However, if you choose to look for a mouthpiece as you'll learn, there are lot's on the market. Thus, you ask yourself what the difference between those mouthpieces and how you are going to know which one suits you best is.

To begin with, you want to understand that trombones can differ because there are alto trombone, tenor trombones, or jazz trombone, and there are certain mouthpieces that match these trombones.

It's a hard task to find a trombone mouthpiece, so here we have listed the top trombone mouthpieces, so you can find the best mouthpiece for you!

Quick Answer: Top Trombone Mouthpieces

1.  Best Trombone Mouthpiece: Vincent Bach Trombone Mouthpiece Review

If quality is what you search, the Vincent Bach 3415G will be the best trombone mouthpiece for you!

The Vincent mouthpiece is silver plated, and overall looks amazing. It features slightly shallower cup dimensions of 5, a profound thickness and a diameter of 25.50 mm. The appearances will provide you the extra assurance, along with the handmade construct, this will guarantee a good quality mouthpiece.

This mouthpiece allows your trombone to sound amazing, it creates a tone that is matched by no other mouthpiece on this list, it creates a atmosphere when your playing. If your looking for a top quality trombone mouthpiece, this is the one for you!

2. Best Trombone Mouthpiece For Jazz: UMI Christian Trombone Mouthpiece 2Cl Silver Review

The UMI Christian Lindberg Trombone mouthpiece is by far the best trombone mouthpiece for jazz. When it comes to mouthpieces for trombones, this really stands out. This mouthpiece is also returnable in 30 days, which means you can test and return if you don't like it.

Christian Lindberg is one of the best trombonist ever, and this mouthpiece has been designed with his aid, so you know it's going to be an amazing mouthpiece. This mouthpiece does come at a higher price, but if you're looking for a top quality mouthpiece it really is worth it. This mouthpiece is also very durable and provides strength to your trombone.

These mouthpieces come in a silver or gold finish, and since the rims of the mouthpieces are sized in close relation to each other, it's very easy to swap them out. This is overall an amazing mouthpiece designed by one of the best trombonists alive today!

3. Best Trombone Mouthpiece For High Notes: Denis Wick Trombone Mouthpiece Review

Denis Wick is one of the most reptuable sources of trombone mouthpieces around today. They provide a good trombone mouthpiece with model DW5880. 

This trombone is perfect for high notes, and provides a sound like no other, due to the material used it sounds amazing. 

Even when you were not conscious of the fantastic features this choice provides, all you may need to do is take a glance at it to understand that you're handling a superior product. TThis mouthpiece is top quality and worth the look at.

4. Best Beginner Trombone Mouthpiece: Andoer Alto Trombone Mouthpiece Review

The Andoer Trombone Mouthpiece is a top quality trombone mouthpiece and is the best beginner trombone mouthpiece on the market. This trombone is perfect for beginners as it isn't a big investment, actually it's a very cheap trombone mouthpiece.

In saying that, this trombone mouthpiece allows you to get a loud sound with a soothing smooth tone. The trombone mouthpiece is also made of high quality brass, it is durable and sturdy material. 

This mouthpiece is cheap, but also is a high quality mouthpiece, so it's a perfect mouthpiece to start with.

5. Best Bass Trombone Mouthpiece: Cecilio Trombone Mouthpiece Review

This silver plated trombone mouthpiece is by far the best trombone mouthpiece. Its size is 12C and looks amazing, while sounding amazing at the same time.

This mouthpiece is quite cheap and has a strong bass sound too it, the mouthpiece is durable and won't break with ease. It's a smooth cup and provides a top quality experience for all users.

Trombone Mouthpiece Buying Guide

If you or your child are just beginning to use a trombone, it is helpful to understand what to anticipate. You desire the mouthpiece to generate a tone that's compact and firm with great projection. Also, you need to your mouthpiece to become comfy. When you are taking recommendations, it is important to realize what is comfortable for someone else might not be comfortable for you. People generally gravitate to medium-sized mouthpieces, before continuing to bigger or smaller mouthpieces since they gain experience and develop their play fashion.


The materials change the noise of the trombone, allowing players to carefully choose the audio they want to create. Silver mouthpieces are utilized to make a darker, thicker sound. Stainless steel mouthpieces can create a brilliant sound suitable for a direct performance. Titanium is known to generate a strong and glowing tone, despite being lighter in audio than other substances. The gap in substance may create, as you can see.

Parts of this Mouthpiece

Each one of the various pieces of a trombone's mouthpiece may impact the general noise the device generates. In the end, mouthpieces are a great deal more complicated than they may seem initially. Most significant will be the cup and rim, even though the throat and backbore still affect your audio. Should you have to correct the size of this backbore or throat, then you can do this by consulting a seasoned repair technician. Since every one of those pieces has a significant part in the device's noise, it is helpful to comprehend each separately.


The advantage is the region of the mouthpiece, which truly touches your mouth. Since the rim is your purpose of contact between the tool and the participant, it is important to explain the way the rim affects the way an individual plays. Mouthpiece rims have a curved or flat contour. A set shape allows even lip strain that helps to give a fantastic air seal. Mouthpiece rims using a level shape are comfier, but sadly, they are also less elastic. For more versatility, a participant would decide on a curved mouthpiece rim. Whenever your mouthpiece includes around the rim, your lips will proceed openly, letting you create a larger assortment of colors. The disadvantage to curved rimmed mouthpieces is they demand stronger lips and much more lip strain, which may be embarrassing for many muscians.

Furthermore, if a participant does not possess the atmosphere volume and embouchure required, they'll press too hard, cut off the flow, which restricts flexibility and defeats the purpose of having a round rim mouthpiece. It has been recommended that novices use a medium-wide rim using a semi-rounded shape and also a slightly sharp inner edge, which offers an adequate surface for relaxation. This sort of mouthpiece allows for freedom.

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Inside the rim, there is the cup. The cup is the region which the player blows into. Larger and heavier cups provide darker tones. Cups, on the other hand, can brighten a tone up, enhance control, and do not need as much work. Usually, cups need endurance and control in the participant. The Selection of cup rides upon the pitch in addition to the requirements and tastes of the participant of the instrument. Another aspect to consider is the diameter of the cup. You will tire out quickly but provide more flexibility. Start looking at which you could play.


A mouthpiece's neck is your opening. There are not as broad variations in length or throat size, but ones allow you to blow harder and create more quantity. Throats are designed to match the backbore and cup layout to achieve a balance of projection and tone. You will rarely discover many variations While looking.


The backbore is your room, which transfers the participant's breath. You can generate a darker or brighter tone, increase or lower quantity, and increase or lower pitch based on dimensions and the form of the backbone. Beginners will be well-advised to start looking. In most cases, the backbore is also made to match the cup. Cups that are Moderate are going to have moderate backbore, which will be very likely to supply a balance.

Locate the size you need

You'll need to know the dimensions of your trombone before you get your merchandise. Since unless you select, you risk getting a mouthpiece that won't fit; this is a vital step. Be certain your buy works with your audio solutions.

You'll need to choose the size of their throat and backbore. As soon as you've made sure you understand what versions are compatible with your trombone. The trombone's throat is. There's very little variety concerning length and size, but a throat will make it possible for you to blow more difficult that in turn will result in more volume being produced by you.

The backbore is that the room that transports the participant's breath. Based upon the size of the room, you increase or lower quantity can create a darker or brighter tone and increase or lower the pitch. This backbore's form affects the sound your mouthpiece will create. You are going to need a backbone that may balance these qualities if you're a newcomer, and as soon as you've spent more time playing, then you are going to learn that one suits you the best.

It comes back to personal tastes. If it comes to dimensions, there's not any right or wrong answer. That is the reason why it's necessary to experiment with choices until you're able to get the one that works best for you personally. For novices and students, a 1/2 AL is among the best dimensions, followed by the 12C.

Do bear in mind that's not. You'll have to attempt to discover the item that makes you seem best, regardless of the size.


One is the material your choice is constructed from While searching for a new mouthpiece. Various substances have different attributes, meaning your Selection can influence the noise.

You may get a huge array of options that range from silver brass, all of the solution, and stainless steel. Many brass instruments are plated in a different substance to fight the allergies which brass may cause When choices are made from brass.

Models help create a lighter and darker sound that is total. All these are goals and superior products, more players that are ready to pay more to get a much better product. Steel creates a sound that's great for a trombone performance.

Titanium is well-known for creating a design that's bright and strong, even though it might seem lighter in audio than other substances. Options are not recommended because they do not offer you functionality.

The kind may have a fantastic effect on the audio your device generates Since now you can see. Understanding which material to select requires unique choices to attempt until you find it.

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Things to look for in a mouthpiece for jazz

A mouthpiece may come in several versions. The best approach to discover the match is to try unique styles, but that may be expensive.

Rim -- a rim using a shape lets you apply strain throughout the surface. Additionally, it tends to restrict flexibility, which may be bothersome for jazz players. Mouthpieces using a rim provide flexibility by permitting the artist's lips to move forth and back from the cup, leading to a variety of effects and tones. The drawback is that this necessitates lip strain that is increased, and starting artists that have developed their muscles and their embouchure and air quantity can struggle. It's usually best for novices, to begin with, a mouthpiece that has a rim using shape and also an edge that is inside.

Cup -- mouthpieces with cups that are deeper and bigger tend to make quantity and a tone. As they need a great deal of control, they could be exhausting. On the opposite side of this spectrum, mouthpieces using a bigger and more shallow cup is going to lead to enhanced control, a brighter tone and response, and play. As it could curb volume and tone, just take care to not go too shallow. To find your sweet spot, begin with a cup together with the diameter which you could play.

Throat -- this region of the mouthpiece does have many variations, but such as rim and the cup, it may have a considerable effect. Throats, which are too little, create a back strain, while throats will need air pressure and will permeate your tone. In case you've got the option, lean towards a neck, which creates more quantity and will permit you to blow harder, but you should be careful that it does not negatively affect your ability to play with passages.

Backbore -- such as the pieces of a mouthpiece, the backbore can affect projection, volume, tone, and pitch. This backbore's dimensions will correspond with the dimensions of the rim and this cup, so it is a safe bet to go for a mouthpiece for performance that is very good.

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What exactly are you expecting to reach?

We are asked to urge or one which plays. Like so many things in songs, it is that easy! The elements are relaxation and tone. It is no use in the event the tone good, playing loud and pleased!

You ought to be leaving a mouthpiece to the store that you are eager to find playing, and that seems excellent. You need to have the ability to sit a couple of hours without feeling as if your face is falling off enjoying! Lower or higher, and louder, include time and training as you fortify and grow your embouchure the contour shaped to control the buzz. And also to get there a bit easier, you will need to discover.

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