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Best Violin Shoulder Rests Reviewed – Top 5 Best Violin Shoulder Rests

best violin shoulder rest

Shoulder rests are among the practical and most needed violin accessories. They assist players in helping improve position while playing, consequently minimizing stress on neck and shoulder muscles, as well as the backbone. Here is our review of the top violin shoulder rests!

Quick Answer: Best Shoulder Rest For Violin Reviewed

1. Best Violin Shoulder Rest: Kun Shoulder Rest Review

A shoulder rest needs to be comfortable to use. It's goal is to grant the player much more flexibility instead of impeding it. The Kun Original is among the comfortable and popular most options these days, utilized by several amateur and expert violinists alike.

The Original 4/4 is created for full-sized violins and cannot be utilized with smaller models. It's an inexpensive rest according to the initial Kun rest that has been the industry standard for many years.

The remaining includes three directions adjustability and also end members with patented locks. The exclusive end participants can be found to reduce communication between the remaining as well as the instrument's body, and so the amount of sound muffling.

2. Best Violin Shoulder Pad - Bonmusica Violin Shoulder Rest 4/4 For Sale

Next-up something a bit pricier, and that is really worth investing in. This particular design from Bonmusica offers amazing versatility. It's a subtle, mechanically manipulated base, which is in 2 parts and also could be modified to alter the curvature.

It's once again a contoured, traditional, footed design that rests perfectly over the shoulder. It's a great level of padding over a sturdy frame. On the underside are two individual wheels to manage the articulated bones of the mainframe, meaning the person can dial in a more tailored fit. It's a more durable option that is incredibly well manufactured.

The frame gives it good structural integrity, as well as the padding, which is a high-density sweat-resistant composite that is less prone to break down than several cheaper alternatives.

The thighs and legs have strong metallic insides, which are generously covered in a non-slip, rubberized tubing, which ensures no instrument damage plus it does not muffle the organic, acoustic resonance of the violin of yours.

It's simple to set up and offers a great selection of adjustment capabilities, which enable the user to search for the perfect fit.

3.  Best Violin Neck Rest - YMC Deluxe Violin Shoulder Rest Review

Right now, for a lovely wood frame shoulder majority with a very polished surface. It's constructed from maple wood with a beautiful, purely natural wood-grain that is going to compliment the instrument of yours.

It's an efficiently worked curve which provides the instrument lift and follows the contour of the shoulder of yours. It's a whole conventional rest that is equipped with a small layer of high-density foam on its backside to offer adequate comfort.

The foot is nonslip, and screw in and out that provides you with a bit more wiggle room over tweaking just how tall you would like every side. They're fabricated from a sturdy composite and also produce excellent height adjustment to place a bunch of users. It's peg holes to let it widen as well, offering a safe fit for a? size or maybe a full-sized violin.

Adjustable tall from 1 1/4 to a complete three, the Wolf Forte Secondo is a shoulder rest, which has been a favorite of expert violinists and both novice and also violists for a long time. There is not surprising why once you check out the style that this alternative uses.

By utilizing curved bar associates, the Wolf Forte Secondo is going to be ready to handle additional body location for a protected hold. It means that the mass of the violin is dispersed uniformly across the body of yours, making zero areas exposed to more stress than is required. This increases the convenience that this alternative has.

With a height and also pitch, which are completely adjustable, you will not need to worry this alternative will not work for you. The sliding width feature allows for virtually unlimited placing across the instrument body so which you are able to discover the ideal location, which won't just make you think much more comfortable, but which will also improve the overall performance of yours.

5. Best Electric Violin Shoulder Rest - Viva La Musica Artist Violin Shoulder Rest 4 4

Have you been searching for a shoulder rest that is going to go perfectly in your antique violin, or perhaps you just need a solution that can do every bit as good as it appears? And then you've arrived at the right place since the Viva La Musica 1044 G is prepared to meet the needs of yours.

This ergonomically designed option, which is made of solid wood, is completely adjustable for width and height. For a better fit, it also includes a distinctive lateral adjustment process that enables you to personalize the match for the shoulder of yours. For top projection & resonance, the ribbed rubber feet secure the remaining with just the least exposure to the instrument.

While we do not normally think that looks ought to be the primary target, it's absolutely impossible not to take a little while as well as talk about just how gorgeous this answer is. The lavish walnut wood, as well as the gold plated metal fittings, help create a style that is just breathtaking.

Violin Shoulder Rest Buying Guide

violin shoulder rest types

Though there's considerable controversy around the usage of a violin shoulder rest, lots of beginner violinists make use of the shoulder rest when they're first beginning to understand the violin. The shoulder rest can be as the title suggests: it's an addition that's connected to the body of the violin to help support the instrument over the player's shoulder.

It is able to help make positioning the violin much easier by propping the violin up much higher from the body to facilitate technical specifications as shifts. The utilization of a shoulder rest is, nonetheless, not needed to enjoy the violin. It's really a fairly recent creation from the twentieth century.

Many violinists who play by a professional don't use shoulder rests. Furthermore, the vast majority of violists plus violinists people who play Early Music won't employ shoulder rests at all to keep an old model of playing. That said, many folks discover that utilizing a shoulder rest is much cozier, so it's essential to explore this method while mastering the violin.

You will find numerous kinds of shoulder sleep, so it often takes plenty of experimentation to search for the shoulder sleep, which is most suitable for your violin ready to go.

Materials of a shoulder rest

Shoulder rests are typically made from a blend of wood, leather, aluminum, foam, plastic, carbon fiber, and/or sponge.

A favorite design has rubber-tipped feet that connect the shoulder rest on the body of the violin. Foam or sponge rests can easily either stick directly on the violin or might be attached with elastics.

Shape Of A Violin Shoulder Rest

Most shoulder rests are available in the same form of the shoulder, though the form can vary substantially. Some come with even more padding and some less.

Bar-style shoulder rests that connect on the body on the violin are believed to mute the sounds of the instrument significantly less, although this time continues to be contested.
Foam or even sponge rests that have a big surface area that contacts the violin is believed to mute the sound much more than bar rests. This will be because of the more interruption of the vibrations of the rear on the violin.

You are able to think of a violin as a drum; the wood acts like a membrane of the guitar that vibrates in resonance with the strings, as transmitted through the audio article. If a shoulder rest interrupts these vibrations, there'll be reduced amplitude, and hence the violin will appear softer.

violin shoulder rests

Size Of A Violin Shoulder Rest

Naturally, various models of shoulder rest are various sizes. Many shoulders rests can also be adjustable for the height of theirs. This may be extremely beneficial in case you have an extended neck and also end up with lots of stress at your neck, attempting to keep the violin steady.

As a common mention, many shoulders rests are offered in sizes to suit a viola, and function in a lot of the exact same fashion as violin shoulder rests. Additionally, do not hesitate to combine and match parts of a shoulder rest.

Do you like the form of one but the foot of another? Do not worry; you are able to typically transfer the foot over to some other shoulder rest to produce the ideal match for you.
Furthermore, in case you're discovering that lots of shoulder rests don't work for you, try out various types of chin rest. Usually, the issue lies not with the way the violin rests on the shoulder of yours, but the way it hooks under the chin of yours.

A final bit of advice: in case you're experiencing some pain with your present set up, now something is not correct. Look at the hardware of yours, your chin rest and shoulder rest, of course.

But also check the posture of yours and just how you hold the instrument of yours. You'll be amazed just how little modifications in your playing is able to generate a big impact to both your playing and the entire body of yours!

Precisely why so many Sizes and Shapes?

Most players want essentially two items from their shoulder rest; help to have the violin properly under the face and comfort while playing. You likely already have a concept of whether you would like bigger shoulder rest, or in case you would like something smaller. Maybe you're not certain, so there are additional things to think about also. Do you want something more soft with lots of padding as a foam or maybe air cushion rest? Perhaps you want much more structured support as well as assistance holding the instrument. In which situation, an ergonomically shaped clip-on shoulder rest that's contoured to the body of yours might be greatest.

violin shoulder rest

How about shoulder rest height?

The appropriate height is crucial to consider too. In general, if you have got an extended neck, you are going to need something a little taller. Our tallest choices are the Wolf Forte and also the tall Comfort Cradle.

If you have a shorter neck, usually only a slim pad is going to suffice, like the favorite red sponge shoulder pads or maybe the little Xeros Shoulder Cushion. Clip-on shoulder rests often been famous since they're normally height adaptable by screwing the foot in and out. Additionally, they may be discovered in an assortment of styles, or even in extremely appealing wooden models, and are usually quite simple to connect on the instrument.

Choosing the best position (often together of the proper chinrest) is really important for just about any professional to lessen stress due to lifting of the shoulder, or maybe craning of the neck. Placement and shoulder rest design are crucial, along with that's exactly where numerous clip-on shoulder rests much less adaptable than a stick-on rest, including the Xeros Shoulder Cushion, or maybe rubber band attached foam shoulder pad.

Still, some bar or clip-on shoulder rests could be bent to shape by hand (like the Pirastro Korfker Rest and Bonmusica) or perhaps can be angled, such as the Viva La Musica shoulder rests.

Does a Shoulder Rest change my sound?

This's a contentious argument between different shoulder rest designers along with players! Some sense which a shoulder rest that's flush against the rear of an instrument, such as a sponge, can easily trigger a muting of the instrument's tone by digesting vibrations.

Others believe that clamping a clip-on style shoulder rest on the instrument reduces vibration much more, or maybe claim that excess pounds are a much better factor than just how it's connected. Some feel that the substance the shoulder rest is created out of issues.

There's absolutely no definitive answer, but your sound is most impacted by your skill to have fun with proper posture and decreased stress, so locating a shoulder rest that provides adequate help and also the comfort must function as the goal!

And then, in case you still find there's a selection of choices that fit you, you are able to definitely evaluate the consequences the shoulder rest has with your instruments sound.
Often asked questions about violin shoulder rests.

violin shoulder rest

Q: Should I have a shoulder rest for violin?

The utilization of a shoulder rest for violin is a question of individual choice. While many musicians think that such an addition can in fact impact the performance, others cannot imagine playing the violin without it.

Shoulder rests are designed to assist the player in developing and always keep the appropriate violin posture. That's the reason they're frequently recommended for newbies as they are going to help them reduce painful habits like stretching the neck of theirs from the very beginning. A shoulder rest will even enable you to lessen the strain on the instrument on your collarbone.

The way in which you play and also the shape of yourself has a great deal to say when it involves the usage of a shoulder rest or maybe a chinrest. Such items have to be modified to every musician, however. This's the main reason why the market offers a multitude of shoulder rests.

You are going to find various sizes and shapes from different brands.

The most effective way to determine if you require such an accessory is trying one out. Give consideration to how you think when using it, but do not give up after a couple of seconds. Attempt playing the violin utilizing a shoulder rest for longer, and in case you still think it is uneasy after some treatments, and then it may not be for you.

best viola shoulder rest

Q: Where does the shoulder rest begin a violin?

Shoulder rests are accessories utilized not just for violins but additionally for violas. These accessories are typically placed on the edge of the rear of the instrument. To ensure that the product is firmly and properly placed on the musical instrument, the shoulder rest is with feet, which are both made from smooth plastic or perhaps are cushioned with rubber.

Different materials are being used to create shoulder rests, and they comprise wood, carbon fiber, plastic, and aluminum. Because they're accustomed to creating violin playing much more comfortable with the addition of position on the violin player as well as quit the instrument from slipping, shoulder rests are usually created to stay within the curve on the shoulder.

You are able to, therefore, see bendable shoulder rests on enabling the user to adjust it to personal needs or maybe products that boast a sponge-like material for a comfy fit. The market today has rests that are included with an extension which must be hooked over the shoulder to enhance balance.

The shoulder rest models with adjustable feet are common among players as they enable a personalized and much more comfortable fit. If the foot has a rubber surface area, they may dry out and therefore, must be replaced after some time.

Q: How can you repair a violin shoulder rest?

In case you have a shoulder rest when playing the violin and you do this very frequently, if not all of the time, you may end up by using a slipping shoulder rest at some time, but still, that's normal. Shoulder rests are produced of substances that may dry with time, and also those people who have adjustable feet need readjustment.

Just in case you are able to not play the violin without being disturbed by a slipping shoulder rest, you might like to check out several of these points to correct it. Many shoulders rest feature rubber feet which have dried out there after some time, and so check out if that is what happened and change the rubber if needed.

A shoulder rest may not do its work properly, slip, or even make you really feel uncomfortable in case the foot is bent to the exterior. In order to prevent the majority from slipping, be sure the foot is bent to the interior. Additionally, pick a rubber band nearby of the instrument of yours and also the feet on the shoulder rest to prevent the majority from slipping.

Assuming you have bought a shoulder rest, which simply does not fit as expected nevertheless you do not wish to send it back, you may like to get a pro to alter it to meet the needs of yours.

violin shoulder pads

Q: Is the violin bad for your neck?

In case you play the violin much and the posture of yours when doing this is incorrect, you may experience health problems. Pain may change the neck of yours, hands, arm, and back; thus, getting into the proper place on the very beginning and attempting to keep it each time you play will add a great deal to maintaining such pains at bay.

Ask the teacher of yours to help you adopt the appropriate posture and try to help keep it really almost as possible. You need to hold your head not and straight tilted to just one side. It's very hard not to bend your neck and head, although, so when that occurs, be sure you take a rest and stretch the neck muscles of yours.

Besides body posture, you have to focus on the method you use when playing the violin, the instrument set up, the quantity of time spent playing, and everything you are able to do to relax your muscle mass after the training sessions of yours. If the muscles and also joints aren't in an optimal or neutral position, you are able to feel stress injuries.

Long or intense practice sessions with no sleep will impact the muscles of yours even in case your posture is correct; thus, taking regular breaks is necessary in case you do not wish to have discomfort after your rehearsal is over.


We hope this article was able to help you find the best violin shoulder rest for you! Check out our other guides on the Best Violin Strings, The Best Electric Violin and the Best Violin Rosin.