Best Violin Cases Guide – Violin Cases Reviews In 2024

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Gone are the days when you had to carry a basic oblong black plywood violin case that aches your shoulders every time you put it on. Modern-day violin cases come with a wide array of colors features shapes and are constructed in ways to make it effortless for you to flaunt the cases while you’re off giving inspirational performances.

Nowadays, with a single click, you can find countless options of violins cases ranging from bows strings to rosin to help you find just the right one for your preference.

Where this can be a great thing, you can also find yourself in a dilemma to choose the right one. And we understand that. Therefore, we have created this guide with personally chosen violin cases to help you narrow down your research and find you the perfect prized possession.

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What is a Violin Case?

Violins never fail to entice people with their magical sound that can soothe any soul and are. Therefore, it deserved to be protected inside cases at all times. A violin case is an oblong-shaped case that helps to keep your violin safe from scratches, dirt, and overall damage to make sure with an investment, you achieve almost lifelong support from your violin.

Some of them usually come with music sheet pouches to aid convenience with your notes. Although these spacious cases carry out the same functions, there are a few things in weight size, shape, colors, and materials that give one an upper and over the other.

Top 5 Best Violin Cases

  1. Aileen 4/4 Full-Size Luxury Violin Case
  2. Vio Music Full Size Hightech Violin Case
  3. Protec Double Professional Violin Case 4/4 Violin PRO
  4. Crossrock 4/4 Full-Size Violin Case
  5. Tonarelli Violin Case

Here we have thoroughly researched and reviewed the top 5 best violin cases that you can find out there, if you want further information, you can always click on the link provided below to check the price and make a purchase.

1. Best Lightweight Violin Case – Aileen 4/4 Full-Size Luxury Violin Case

You are starting it off with this magnificent Aileen 4/4fiberglass violin case from the Aileen Music’s Air senes. The impressive design is built with an economic perspective in mind to save space and make it feather-like light to wear it while you’re traveling. The case features a built-in hydrometer that keeps your moisture level in check without compromising the sound quality of your violin.

This sturdy yet affordable luxury Aileen violin case comes in 4 different colors with an elegant velvet interior to elevate your aesthetics levels of a violin. It holds a compartment to store two bows and some of your other violin accessories as well.

What we liked the most:

• Budget-friendly

• Lightweight to carry

• Hydrometer to extend the durability of your violin.

2. Best Fiberglass Violin Case – Vio Music Full Size Hightech Violin Case

This incredible Vio Music Hightech violin case weighs 3 pounds and is beautifully constructed with high tech composed material, which gives it an upper hand in durability over fiberglass ones.

Two adjustable padded straps and a robust seal makes this violin case one of the most convenient options available out there. Just like the one we mentioned above, this violin case also features a compartment to store 2 of your bows along with a few essentials to carry around. You can wear this as your backpack, sling it across your shoulders or carry it with a handle; the case is sturdy enough to last you through thick and thin all while making it effortless to carry.

With this, you can also rest assured to keep your violin protected against the rain, and when it comes to the interior, it is made up of soft foam that is also rigid enough to endure the bumping and extensive wear and tear of the case.

What we liked the most:

• Affordable

• Sleek exterior design Highly durable

3. Best Hard Shell Violin Case – Protec Double Professional Violin Case 4/4 Violin PRO

Coming up next is this gorgeous Protec Double Professional 4/4 Violin PRO PAC Case that offers everything you expect an ideal violin case to be The exterior is made up of 1680D ballistic nylon exterior while the interior lays a soft velvet all over the insides. The best part?

This violin case is made to protect two violins at once. The built-in rain jacket makes sure to keep your violin protected against water, and thanks to its robust material, you can rest assured that it will keep your instrument safe from all sorts of bumps and scratches.

Along with its elegant and classy aesthetics, it also offers practical features like clips to hold everything safe, a compartment to store four bows, and a TSA-grade lock to yield maximum security for your instruments and their accessories.

What we liked the most:

• The case is raved by thousands of customers.

• Inner velvet lining adds to its professional look.

4. Best 4 4 Violin Case – Crossrock 4/4 Full-Size Violin Case

Crossrock 4/4 is one the most affordable yet convenient options you can find out there. Be it traveling or playing the violin in a crowded place, this case is specifically built with tough material to go through it all. You can either carry it like a backpack or with the handle to aid easiness. Not just that if you are someone passionate about the aesthetes. Crossrock comes in a wide array of colors like purple, green, black, silver, and yellow to meet your personality.

What differentiates this from the rest are its spacious compartments that come with its own lid and soft foam with plush lining to perfectly secure your violin in the case.

It also offers space for keeping two bows to make sure you have everything you need all in one place. Crossrock is one of the best violin case brands, along with the oblong violin case the tonareli violin case.

What we liked the most:

• It features a combination of lock systems.

• The unique robotic anti-scratch exterior

• Lightweight

5. Best Soft Violin Case – Tonarelli Violin Case

If you are fond of elegant style cases this one’s for you. Made with heavy-duty material and built-in straps, this incredible Oblong Violin Case by Tonareli aid high durability and lightweight to help you travel with it without breaking a sweat. The top-notch neoprene shoulder straps silk interior and the Cordura exterior cover give it an ever-needed ravishing look.

If that wasn’t already enough, to make sure your violin stays in excellent condition, this violin case comes with a digital hydrometer that automatically humidifies your violin every time the humidity drops a certain level. Besides that, the case comes with four bow holders and three spacious accessory compartments to add an extra layer of goodness to this already perfect violin case.

What we liked the most:

• Strong handles

• Highly recommended by customers,

• It has an exterior sheet music compartment.

Buyers Guide: How to Buy The Best Violin Case

Now that you’re fully aware of the best violins out there, it’s time you make some informed decisions that will help protect your violin and extend its lifespan. Here are some of the important and frequently asked questions that you need to consider before you make your first purchase.

What is the best violin case brand?

The definition of best’ here depends on your budget and your requirements for the violin case. If we look at it generally, the best violin case brands are Bam France 2002XL and Aileen Violin Cases. However, where these can be highly sturdy and convenient to use, brands like Crossrock offer different features like specious compartments with separate lids that can be compelling to some.

Therefore go through the brands mentioned above and carefully understand what each of them has to offer to you. Once you know your requirements and what each brand can yield, that’s when you find the ’best’ violin case on the market.

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Are Fiberglass violin cases good?

Fiberglass is one of the most durable materials for your instrument cases. It comes in different sizes, colors, and shapes, which make them quite versatile to use They are highly water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the rain ruining your precious violin.

This is because fiberglass material doesn’t soak in water like other fabrics and wooden violin cases do. Other than that, fiberglass cases are also cheaper and more flexible than ordinary metal cases Some well-known brands also offer suspension systems that keep your violin undamaged even if you accidentally drop the violin case.

In short, fiberglass has all the qualities that musicians would want to keep their instruments safe. However, with its countless variety of benefits also comes to a few daunting things to consider. There are times when companies only fiberglass-coat their styrofoam and call it fiberglass case. To prevent these types of frauds, you must be educated enough to differentiate between a real fiberglass case and a fake one. If you don’t know where to get started well, we have everything you need!

Some of the things to authenticates fiberglass are:

Fiberglass cases that weigh under 5 pounds: if a brand claims a fiberglass case to be under 5 pounds, it means the case is made of fiberglass mixed with other lighter and cheaper materials.

Suspicious fiberglass case brands: any fiberglass case that belongs to an unknown brand or a brand name with suspicious pronouncing names are known to be fake or not well protected. Remember, the benefits of fiberglass can only be obtained through 100% pure fiberglass cases. In case a brand only coats a layer of fiberglass, it is no surprise that you won’t get the same results.

Costs under $150: you can expect an original fiberglass case to cost you over $150 because of its advanced durability and efficiency that is second to none. Some brands pretend to give a competitive advantage by keeping their prices low. However, there is no way you can get an authentic fiberglass bag for a price that is cheaper than $150

bam violin case

How much does a violin case cost?

The cost of a violin case mainly depends on its materials. A violin made with cloth-based material is unlikely to give maximum protection to your violin, even if they are cheaper to buy. But that too at the cost of quality and protection, which is the reason why you need the case in the first place, right? A good example of an inefficient coth-based violin case would be a carbon fiber case and are highly lightweight to carry.

On the other hand, wooden violin cases that are made with the sole purpose to improve sturdiness can be a little expensive to buy. Although these can be relatively heavy to carry, some brands have mastered the art of making wooden boxes light.

Now to answer the question we promised: how much does a violin cost? We can generalize the price range to $200-400 for an advanced violin case. However, there are top-line cases for around $1000 for more experienced musicians who need protection for their experience violins.

If you are a new musician, we would suggest you go for a price range that is more than $150 and less than $400, so it can be a sensible decision for you. Gradually if you become more experienced, you always opt for the highest quality violin cases, just like how you would like an expensive violin to play with.

Where can I buy a violin online?

Finding a violin online is probably the most effective yet daunting thing to do on the web. Where having variety can give you the freedom to choose any instrument you want, it can also put you into a dilemma to make up your mind. Here are 5 of the best e-commerce stores that you checkout to get the finest pieces of violin today

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Amazon offers the world’s largest options for an item you would want to buy and includes a magnificent violin too. Its musical instruments section offers top quality villains brought to you by the well-known manufacturer at the most responsible prices possible. It also features a ranking system that allows you to see the most popular and unpopular items.

No brand can ever escape the criticism of Amazon customers who give blunt reviews on every Amazon product they try. This way, you will already be informed with the violins pros and cons will definitely blow your mind with amazing variety and reasonable prices.

Amazon never fails to give speedy delivery on their quality products, and if you’re opting for Amazon Prime, you can expect to get your violin delivery within 24 hours!

Musicians Friend

Suppose you’re always looking for deals and discounts. Musician friend is your best bet to go Where their outstanding instruments can win many hearts, e-commerce stores like Musician friend never fail to stay behind to keep their customers happy. And not just violins with this site, you can also get your hands on one of the best instruments you can ever lay your eyes on

If that’s not already enough, it offers free shipping and a 45-day instrument return so you can invest that money on rather better products. If you join their community, you can also get 8% of your purchase back in rewards; how awesome is that!

Guitar Centre

The Guitar Center is the world’s largest musical instruments retailer that provides your favorite violins in the easiest and fastest way possible Each violin in Guitar center is specifically designed to help beginners with study and convenient violin styles and advanced and impressive styles for the experienced All you have to do is know your right tone of the violin, hop onto their site and they have an innumerable variety for every type of violinist.

They have a great relationship with musical industry suppliers to provide you with top quality gear at the lowest possible prices. Other than that, they also carry out instrument classes and workshops to make you a full-fledged musician before you know it.

	violin case

Woodwind Brasswind

With outstanding customer services and top-notch over 65.000 musical instruments, Woodwind Brasswind has prevailed its name to become one of the leading violin retailers out there. If investing in a valuable violin that would last for a lifetime is your type of thing, we are here to tell you Woodwind thinks the same.

If you’re a beginner, Woodwind Brasswind also offers books and courses to learn a wide assortment of sheet music and embark on a journey of a successful musician.

String Works

Whenever you want a quality violin, you will find yourself looking for String Works. The site offers complete transparency of their violins, and the high professionalism never fails to turn each of their one-term customers into a loyal one. The founders hold musical degrees, which means you can also get guidance for the right violin to meet your needs.

With String Works’ 25+ years of experience, you can certainly assure that you are going to get a violin that is second to none.


Coming to an end, some exceptional violin brands go the extra mile to craft violin cases that stand out from the crowd. And with that inevitably comes a few (ok maybe more) extra bucks that you have to pay.

Now it’s up to you, either you can invest in a good piece that can protect your violin for generations, or buy a cheaper version and still adhere to the risk of breaking your violin even if it’s inside the case

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