Salsa Songs: 25 Greatest Salsa Songs Ever

Salsa Songs

Salsa originally emerged in popularity in Cuba. Salsa gained renowned recognition as one of the most popular dances in numerous major music centers of the United States as a result of the influx of Dominican and Puerto Rican workers to the continental United States. Being the festive kind of dance, it inspired a lot of … Read more

Songs About Witches: 20 Best Songs About Witches

Songs About Witches

Do you enjoy listening to music, including songs about witches? There are many such pieces. Some of them are downright creepy and even a little scary. Meanwhile, others are catchy tunes that make people want to dance and sing. Whether you’re a fan of the genre or just curious, these songs are sure to interest … Read more

Rap Ideas: 8 Good Rapping Topics To Inspire You

rap topics

This article focuses on rap song ideas and topics that can help you kick start your career in rap music. If you’re an experienced rapper or even a beginner, we collated an ultimate list of rap song ideas and topics you can use. If you want to come up with a catchy rap song, you’ll … Read more

Sleepy Hollow Rapper: 11 Facts To Know

Sleepy Hollow Rapper

Getting into Sleepy, aren’t we? Well, I got you! Who wouldn’t be interested in someone whose music is mainly created by him and the Great John? From the trend of his single Flows to 2055, we can break free into a list of powerful yet soothing kinds of hip-hop playlists. Rapper Sleepy Hollow cuts straight … Read more

Songs About Monsters: Here’s 25 Songs To Know

Songs About Monsters

While we know monsters don’t ACTUALLY exist, they are definitely fun to think about, and they are fun to sing about too apparently if the following songs are anything to go by. There are actually many cool songs about monsters out there so if you fancy adding some new tunes to your playlist why not … Read more

Fingerstyle Guitar Songs: 30 Finger Picking Songs To Learn

fingerpicking songs

Do you love playing guitars? If yes. this might be the perfect time tor you to learn some fingerpicking songs! Generally, fingerstyle is a popular term which also refer to fingerpicking. This is a technique of playing guitar which is done through plucking the strings with your finger or fingertips. This is commonly found in … Read more