11 Best Video Game Soundtracks

Best video game soundtracks text on a blurred photo featuring a person holding a video game controller.

Nearly as iconic as the characters themselves are the soundtracks that accompany our favorite games. It’s hard to find anyone who couldn’t recognize the opening riffs of Super Mario Bros or the iconic Zelda treasure jingle. We’ve assembled a list of some of the best video game soundtracks across time for your listening pleasure. Final … Read more

16 Songs That Feature Saxophone

Songs that feature saxophone text on a blurred photo of a saxophone player.

The sax is often associated with jazz, but there are a couple of genres that have seamlessly integrated the single-reed woodwind instrument to create a memorable, iconic tune. In fact, the sax lends depth and character, making some songs – from rock to ballad – stand out. And if you’re wondering what those songs are, … Read more

18 Songs About Flowers

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Songs about flowers aren’t hard to come by. They run the gamut in style from heavy metal to folksy ballads, as well as broach themes like love, death, empowerment, and family. Check out some of the greatest flower songs from the last 60 years.  Kiss From a Rose by Seal Some of this song’s many … Read more

Earbuds vs. Earphones: What Are the Differences?

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If you are ready to shop for your next audio device, you may find yourself confused by all of your different options. For example, have you compared earbuds vs. earphones? They look the same, but both have their pros and cons. Here’s a look at the two so that you can make the right choice.  … Read more

18 Popular First Dance Songs

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In addition to cutting down your guest list, choosing a dress, and scheduling a wedding cake test, you should also have the right music for you and your hubby’s first dance! While you could ask the DJ to play any ballad, nothing beats these most popular first dance songs.  “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran … Read more

Songs About Dads

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Whether you’re compiling a Father’s Day playlist or looking for a moving tune to dance with your father on your wedding day, these songs about dads are perfect!   Daddy Lessons by Beyonce and Dixie Chicks This beautiful song is a unique collaboration between R&B superstar Beyonce and country girl group Dixie Chicks. The unlikely collaboration … Read more

Who Is The Queen Of Rap? History Of The Queen Of Rap

Who Is The Queen Of Rap

The term “The Queen of Rap” has been applied to a variety of female rappers throughout the course of rap music history. They have garnered the illustrious name not only as a result of their fame but also as a result of the countless rap songs that they have released, each of which has served … Read more

Songs About Depression

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Songs about depression are heard widely across all genres of music. Some offer some glimmer of hope, while others offer a look at the cold reality of how depression can be. We’ve combed through dozens of these songs and compiled a list of the top songs about depression. Adam’s Song by Blink-182 Blink-182 has been … Read more

Songs About Fire

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Many artists, lyricists, and composers use natural elements to convey complex emotions. One of the most popular is fire, which often symbolizes feelings of love, anger, or excitement. Nevertheless, here are some of the best songs about fire. “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel Billy Joel’s smash 1989 hit chronicles world events over … Read more

20 Spooky Halloween Songs You Should Play

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Halloween might remind you of trick-or-treating excitement, spooky stories, and dimly lit haunted houses. Why not turn that spookiness up a notch with a playlist of the best Halloween songs? Set these songs on repeat as October 31st approaches. “Monster Mash” by Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers Halloween wouldn’t be complete without this iconic … Read more