Fender Frontman 15g Review: Is It Worth It?

Fender Frontman 15g Review

What makes an ideal concert performance? Conventional wisdom says practice makes perfect, but for the purists, maybe a bit deeper. Perfect practice makes perfect. Most common to musicians and performers are being strict or particular about using the best instruments possible even in practice. We will put focus on the amplifier brand line “Frontman 15G” … Read more

Humbuckers Vs P90: How Can You Choose The Right One For You?

P90 vs Humbucker

It should not be surprising that evaluating popular products and models has evolved into a seasoned battlefield of argument, conversation, and analysis since our guitar pickups are one of the essential factors in creating the perfect sound profile and personality for your guitar. The P90, as well as the Humbucker, are two items that are … Read more

15 Small Instruments You Need To Learn

Small Instruments

Are you looking for a small musical instrument with you on your travels? Or perhaps you want something that won’t take up too much space in your home? Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of great small instruments out there to choose from. This article will introduce you to 15 of the best small musical … Read more

Here’s The Best Equalizer For Bass In 2022

Best Equalizer Settings For Bass

Boosted bass is every audiophile’s dream. Sometimes, we just can’t get enough of that low pulsating, melodic thump-thump that you hear and feel as it blasts out of your high-fidelity mini speakers. Are you an avid audio enthusiast who can’t seem to get enough of those satisfying low and soothing notes? Or are you a … Read more