Best Mandolin Songs: 10 Rock Songs With Mandolin You Can Play Right Now

mandolin songs

Learning the mandolin is a great way to kick-start your musical journey. For beginners, the mandolin is the ideal instrument to play. You can practice anywhere you like because it is portable, lightweight, and has a compact body, plus the simpler tablature reading because of the fewer strings it has than other instruments. When you … Read more

Easy Ukulele Songs: 20 Beginner Ukulele Songs To Play

easy ukelele songs

The ukulele is a popular string installment that is known for its size and simplicity. This unique Hawaiian-based instrument is loved by many across the world. It is perfect for anyone who is new to music and wants to learn something basic but melodious. Ukuleles come in different sizes, the smallest (and most common) being … Read more

Best Story Songs: 20 Songs That Tell A Good Story

songs that tell a story

Music is arguably the most universal and unifying form of art there is. Not only does it consist of raw talent and beautiful sounds, but it also conveys and evokes emotion in a way like no other. While many people might just consider music to be something to sing or dance along to, someone who … Read more

20 Best Fight Songs: Good Fight Songs To Get You Pumped Up

songs about fighting

Whether you are having a tough day or just need a little boost, there is arguably nothing more effective than a good fighting playlist! Here are 20 inspirational fighting songs which feature both physical and metaphorical fighting to give you medicine for your motivation. Each song has been chosen specifically for the fire they start … Read more