14 Songs About Wednesday

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Most people struggle to get through the mid-week slump. If you are one of them, these songs about Wednesday might be just what you need to get over the dreaded hump day.  1. Wednesday’s Song by John Frusciante Track number 8 on the album “Shadows Collide with People” this song is just as introspective as … Read more

14 Songs and Lyrics About Sunflowers

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Whether it’s because of the bright yellow shade of sunflowers that reminds us of warm summer days or its solar tracking that some say is a symbol of loyalty, adoration, and optimism, one thing’s for sure: a lot of musicians and songwriters have added this flower into their songs. And this list of songs and … Read more

12 Songs About September

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September shows up a lot in many songs. Is it because it marks the beginning of autumn, a romantic month of change? Or is it the sadness of summer ending? Whatever the reason is, we can all agree that there are a lot of catchy songs about September to dance or belt your heart out … Read more

17 Must-Listen Zelda Songs

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The Legend of Zelda, which started all the way back in 1986, has won the hearts of gamers worldwide not only because of its gameplay but also for its immersive soundtrack that perfectly matches Link’s adventures. As a matter of fact, many Zelda songs have become iconic video game tunes.   Shrine Battle (Tears of … Read more

13 Songs About Dads and Daughters

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Maybe you’re planning your wedding, and you’re not sure what to pick for the father-daughter dance. Or you want to dedicate a song to your daughter. Well, this list of songs about dads and daughters has something for everyone.  Unforgettable by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole In 1991, Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole … Read more

11 Christmas Songs to Get Into the Festive Mood

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They’re one of the first, best signs telling you the Christmas season is here! No, not lights or decorations or even sales – Christmas songs! Although there are plenty of tunes to celebrate the festive season, these top Christmas songs of all time are the best background music to play on YouTube or Spotify while … Read more

10 Songs About America

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Songs about America are more than just upbeat, catchy tunes that you just listen to when you are bored; They also provide a glimpse into the country and its people and culture, giving you a better idea of what it’s like to live in the “land of the free and the brave.”  This Is America by … Read more

18 Songs About Daughters

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The relationship between parents and daughters is special. If you want to celebrate this special bond, you could always pen a heartfelt letter. But if you are struggling with what words to say, these songs about daughters (including father-daughter songs and mother-daughter songs) are an excellent way to show how much your child means to … Read more

22 Songs About Moms

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Mom, mama, mommy, or mum. No matter what you call your mother, it’s an undeniable fact that moms are important pillars of love and support in our lives. And, what better way to celebrate their passion and dedication than by sending them heartfelt songs about moms?  A Song for Mama by Boyz II Men “A … Read more

11 Best Video Game Soundtracks

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Nearly as iconic as the characters themselves are the soundtracks that accompany our favorite games. It’s hard to find anyone who couldn’t recognize the opening riffs of Super Mario Bros or the iconic Zelda treasure jingle. We’ve assembled a list of some of the best video game soundtracks across time for your listening pleasure. Final … Read more