14 Songs About Wednesday

Most people struggle to get through the mid-week slump. If you are one of them, these songs about Wednesday might be just what you need to get over the dreaded hump day. 

1. Wednesday’s Song by John Frusciante

Track number 8 on the album “Shadows Collide with People” this song is just as introspective as the name of the album. 

“Wednesday’s Song” is all about personal growth. The first line, “You’ll make it through the day. See things another way,” hints at a rough patch being gone through and what needs to be done next. 

The song then follows a journey of growth culminating in the final piece of wisdom that “no one ever becomes what others thought they should have been…” 

In Anthony Kiedis’s autobiography “Scar Tissue,” he hinted that the song could be about a girl who used to visit the band and seemed particularly fond of John.   

2. A Wednesday Car by Johnny Cash

A list of songs about Wednesday wouldn’t be complete without the legendary Johnny Cash. This might not be as popular as his other songs, but it’s just as catchy and relatable. 

“A Wednesday Car” was released in 1973 on his album “Any Old Wind That Blows.” He sings of what the makers of cars’ outlook is for every day of the week and how that affects the creation of the car. 

Sidenote: Never buy a car made on Friday, as Cash sings that it’s “the worst day of the week. That’s the day they make lemons, dogs, and freaks.”

3. Wednesday Lover by The Gap Band

Part of the album “Round Trip,” “Wednesday Lover” touches on the same thing as the rest of the songs on the album: love. As you might have probably guessed, the song is about a special encounter on Wednesday that is like “no other.” During the bridge, he then sings about how all the other days can “go away” so he can meet his “Wednesday Lover” again. 

4. Wednesday Morning by Macklemore

Macklemore is not one to shy away from sharing his political opinions in his songs, and “Wednesday Morning” is no exception. The song, which he wrote in 2016, is his response to Donald Trump’s unexpected win in the presidential election. He sings, “When they build walls, we’ll build bridges.” 

5. It’s Already Wednesday by Freya Clausen 

In Freya’s song, she mentions her activities of the previous day and how, even though they were fun, they were not important. She then laments something we have probably all said ourselves, “Now it’s already Wednesday – half the week is gone.” While this could be about the one simple week she had, we could also think of Wednesday as the “middle” of our lives. 

Whether this song is about one week or one’s life, it is meant to touch on the balance between work, leisure, and drive.  

6. Wednesday by Tori Amos 

Tori Amos takes another approach to Wednesday by equating it to a relationship with a man who is harboring secrets. But, in the end, just when Amos begins to recall things that her partner said and “plucks up the courage,” “it’s gone again.” 

7. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (I Love You) by Kitty Kallen

Kitty Kallen was a popular American singer who started her career in the 1930s. She found great success in the post-WWII era and performed with bands including Jimmy Dorsey and Harry James. 

Her song “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (I Love You)” is a simple love song that goes through each day of the week and each month of the year.

If you love “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (I Love You),” give Kallen’s “Little Things Mean a Lot” a listen. It topped the charts in 1954 for nine consecutive weeks and became the number-one song of the year.  

8. Wednesday Morning 3 a.m. by Simon & Garfunkel

This melancholic song takes us into the mind of a criminal. It starts with “I can hear the soft breathing of the girl that I love,” and by the third verse, he questions his action – “Oh, what have I done? Why have I done it? I’ve committed a crime, broken the law for twenty-five dollars and pieces of silver.” 

9. Wednesday Evening Blues by John Lee Hooker

Originally released in 1949, this song became a timeless blues song. In “Wednesday Evening Blues,” John sings to us about the struggles of losing someone you love. The song starts with “She left me that Wednesday evenin’. She left me on my bended knee.”

10. Wednesday Week by Elvis Costello & The Attractions

In Elvis Costello’s 1979 hit “Wednesday Week,” he sings about a whirlwind romance, exclaiming that “You won’t give a damn by Wednesday week.” In the end, Costello ends the relationship.

This song is part of Taking Liberties, a special compilation album full of B-sides and unreleased songs.

11. Wednesday Morning by Slackstring

If you need a song to energize your Wednesday, give Slackstring’s Wednesday Morning a listen. It’s an upbeat song that is about taking a look at the bright side of life –  “Wednesday morning, come so many time before. I used to frown upon my life, but I’m not going to anymore.” 

12. Wednesday Night Interlude by Drake

Drake’s “Wednesday Night Interlude” is a slow jam about reaching out to someone on a Wednesday night because of loneliness. Fun fact: this song was actually written and sung by PartyNextDoor. In a Rolling Stone interview, PartyNextDoor mentioned that they didn’t think Drake would keep the song.

13. Wednesday’s Child by Matt Monro

In Matt Monro’s “Wednesday’s Child,” the song describes what it is like to be a Wednesday child who is “born to be alone.” John Barry and Hal David wrote Wednesday’s Child. The song was featured in the movie The Quiller Memorandum

14. When It’s Night Time in Italy, It’s Wednesday Over Here by The Everly Brothers

We’re ending this list of songs about Wednesday with a humorous song from the Everly Brothers. The song, which is a cover of Lou Holtz’s 1923 hit with the same namesake, is about the day-to-day lives of different people from across the globe. 

Fun Fact: Lou Holtz’s When It’s Night Time in Italy, It’s Wednesday Over Here version is in the Library of Congress.

Other Songs About Wednesday

  1. Wednesday Lover by Jagged Edge
  2. Wednesday’s Child by Emiliana Torrini
  3. Welfare Wednesday by Venetian Snares
  4. Wednesday by Energygod ft. Mt. Oddo
  5. Wednesday by Earthgang
  6. Next Wednesday by Chris Webby
  7. Wednesday Morning by America
  8. Windy Wednesday by Charlie Bedford
  9. Wednesday by Ethan Cheatwood
  10. Wednesday Love By Marquis Hill 
  11. Ready Wednesday By Snarky Puppy
  12. Wednesday Morning Atonement By Curtis Harding
  13. Wednesday Addams by Lamine Amari
  14. Ash Wednesday Blues by Anders Osborne
  15. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting by Charles Mingus

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