12 Songs About September

September shows up a lot in many songs. Is it because it marks the beginning of autumn, a romantic month of change? Or is it the sadness of summer ending? Whatever the reason is, we can all agree that there are a lot of catchy songs about September to dance or belt your heart out to.  

September by Earth, Wind, & Fire

Songs about September wouldn’t be complete without Earth, Wind & Fire’s funky disco track 1978 hit aptly called “September.” Its opening line, “Do you remember the twenty-first night of September?” has become so iconic that it has become a tradition for people to post the question (along with memes) on social media every 21st of September! 

So, what’s up with the date? Well, there’s no significance, apparently; September 21st just sounded better. Here’s a much fun fact: In the catchy chorus, the “Ba-Dee-Ya” was originally a placeholder until they came up with some lyrics. Well, the replacement lyrics never happened, and now we all sing “Ba-Dee-Ya” as we jam to “September” by Earth, Wind, & Fire. 

Wake Me up When September Ends by Green Day

In 2004, Green Day released the album, “American Idiot,” which includes “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” The story of how the song came about is sad yet inspiring. 

Billie Joe Armstrong, the frontman of Green Day, lost his father on September 10th, 1982. After running to his bedroom to deal with the grief, his mother knocked on the door with concern. Armstrong replied, “Wake me up when September ends.” 

It wasn’t until several years later that Armstrong was able to put that thought into a song to honor his father. 

September Morn by Neil Diamond

 “September Morn” is Neil Diamond’s third ballad hit after “Forever in Blue Jeans” and “Flowers.” The song, which was the first track on Diamond’s thirteenth studio album with the same namesake, is about ex-lovers meeting again and reminiscing about the relationship: “September morn we danced until the night became a brand new day.”

Diamond performed “September Morn” and “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” for Prince Charles and Princess Diana during their state visit in 1985

The September of My Years by Frank Sinatra

Sinatra’s poetic version of “The September of My Years,” released in 1965, has a melancholy undertone and is set to a beautiful orchestra. Matching the mellow yet hypnotic sound is Sinatra’s calming voice, singing, “And I find that I’m sighing softly as I near September, the warm September of my years.” 

Come September by Natalie Imbruglia

Imbruglia’s “Come September” is another melancholic tune to listen to. But unlike Sinatara’s “Come September,”  “Come September” is about being hopeful that “everything wrong is gonna be alright come September.” 

September Gurls by Bangles

In 1986, the Bangles released an album, “Different Light,” including the hit song “September Gurls.” Like many love songs, it’s about a lost love and the longing for what used to be. However, some say the song wasn’t just about love but more about getting older and the loss of youth. 

The song was originally recorded by Big Star and written by Alex Chilton. 

Pale September by Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple’s “Pale September” is the ninth track in her triple-platinum debut album entitled “Tidal.” In this song, Apple cleverly used symbols and seasons – “I wore the time like a dress that year” and “And my winter giving way to warm as I’m singing him to sleep” about finding love after a breakup. 

It Might as Well Rain Until September by Carole King

Carole King’s upbeat song, “It Might as Well Rain Until September,” reminds us that when you’re in love and apart from each other, you don’t really care if it’s sunny, snowing, raining, or cloudy – “It might as well rain until September!” 

A Lonely September by Plain White T’s

“A Lonely September” is the ninth track from American rock band Plain White T’s’ second album called Stop. It is about unexpected love and trying to distract oneself. You can hear the agony in the lyrics, “I’m sitting here all by myself, just trying to think of something to do, trying to think of something, anything, just to keep me from thinking of you.”

September Grass by James Taylor

September is often used in songs to mark the changing of time, relationships, and life in general. James Taylor’s “September Grass” does just that, with lyrics like, “Well, the sun’s not so hot in the sky today, and you know I can see summertime slipping on away.” He then goes on to sing about a past love that was so sweet, and now it’s gone, the same way summer leaves as autumn approaches.

Maybe September by Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett’s “Maybe September” is another September song that reflects on past loves and sweet memories. It is also about being hopeful  — “Maybe September, I love again.”

“Maybe September” was first heard in the movie, “The Oscar.” 

September Night by Van Morrison

“September Night,” on the album “Inarticulate Speech of the Heart,” is an instrumental written by the brilliant Van Morrison. Since it is an instrumental, it’s left open for a lot of interpretation. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful tune to listen to when September comes.   

Other Songs About September

  1. September When It Comes By Rosanne Cash And Johnny Cash
  2. The Late September Dogs By Melissa Etheridge
  3. September Song By JP Cooper
  4. September Skyline By Single File
  5. Blue September By Windows feat. Al Stewart
  6. September Sun By Type O Negative 
  7. The September Girls By The Cowsills 
  8. Make It Stop (September’s Children) By Rise Against
  9. September By Daughtry 
  10. September 13 By De La Soul

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