Alto Clef: What Is It?

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The alto clef may not be as popular as the treble clef or bass clef, but it’s a vital clef type, especially if you are playing the viola. Keep on reading to learn more about this clef.  What Is the Alto Clef?  The alto clef, or C clef, marks the middle C position or the … Read more

Treble Clef: What Is It?

Treble clef featured image from Play the Tunes

If you have seen a music sheet, chances are you’ve spotted the g-shaped symbol at the start of the staff. This is the treble clef, a common musical notation. But what is it? What does it indicate? And what are treble clef notes? Keep on reading to discover more about this most popular clef.  What … Read more

Bass Clef: What Is It?

Fi Bassclef

If you’re new to music theory, you may be wondering about the bass clef. Clef means “key” in French, so with the bass clef, you have the F key, and it has a different set of notes on lines and spaces compared to other clefs. Here’s everything you need to know about the bass clef. … Read more