History Of The Piano

history of the piano

The Piano is one of the most prominent instruments in the world today, to see how it became one of the most popular instruments, we are going over the rich and deep history of the piano!The piano was invented in the eighteenth century by Bartolomeo Cristofori in Florence, Italy. He made his first piano in … Read more

History Of Jazz – Introduction To Jazz Music

history of jazz

Jazz is a genre of music that is still quite popular to this day. There are a lot of names in the Jazz industry including Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra and Kenny G.These names we’re usually the names you would think of when you heard the word Jazz, but where did Jazz … Read more

How To Tune A Violin Guide

how to tune a violin

Learning how to tune your violin is vital when you are just beginning to play the violin. It can take years of practice to learn how to tune your violin by ear, so we are providing an concise and in-depth guide on how to tune your violin!What you’ll needWith its four strings tuned in fifths, … Read more

How To Tune A Drum Kit

how to tune a drum kit

Steps in Tuning the Drum Kit1. You need to begin using both hands. Wipe on the various bearing edges present on the shell. The bearing edge is referring to the drum shell angled side. It will assist in the meeting of the drum skin. The debris will be damaging the shell while the head is … Read more

History of Beethoven

beethoven history

History of Ludwig van BeethovenLudwig van Beethoven was a great German pianist and composer who dominated a period of music history. Beethoven combined many vocals and instrument during the last ten years of his life when he was completely deaf.What is Ludwig van Beethoven known for?Beethoven was known for his mastery in composing orchestra in … Read more