Piano Hands: What You Need To Know

You may have probably heard about piano fingers as it is a very crucial element when playing the piano, but is there even such a thing? Do your hands need to be in a certain shape or size? The answer is fairly simple, for us to hit the keys more efficiently, it would be better … Read more

Best Yamaha Keyboard Models: How To Choose The Right One For You

best yamaha keyboard

The Yamaha keyboard is a musical instrument that every keyboardist love to play because of the realistic sound. This musical instrument is best to play in a concert, stage performance, or even a beginner player can play this musical instrument: Yamaha keyboard is best to have to help your playing more manageable and convenient. Yamaha … Read more

Black Keys On A Piano: A Complete Guide

black keys on piano

The black keys have more intricate names than the white keys of a piano. Sharps (#’s) and flats (b’s) are identified using the black keys. When a note is described as “sharp’ or “flat.” it should be played in the next higher and flat in the lower key. A black key to the right of … Read more

Blind Pianist: 5 Famous Blind Piano Players To Be Inspired From

blind piano player

Few things in life affect people as profoundly as music. Through an enviable smattering of discipline, artistic expression and God-given talent, humanity has produced the most remarkable individuals who stand out amongst their peers sharing with the world their singing soul. People who seem to exist for no other reason then to express themselves musically, … Read more

Best Pianos: Piano Brand Ranking To Help You Choose The Best Piano

best piano brand

The best piano brands in the world are characterized by unmatched quality and a unique, unmistakable sound. The best-known brands are centuries-old owner-run family businesses. But the question of the best piano brand depends on criteria that are difficult to quantify, such as workmanship, tonality, timbre, playability, and company history. Therefore, the decision as to … Read more

Piano Keyboard With Light Up Keys: How To Pick The Right One

best lighted keyboard pianos

Lighting keyboards are particularly popular with teenagers because the key illuminates and guides the player to press the right notes; they will also assist you in learning how to play the keyboard more quickly as the key lights up. Newcomers will benefit significantly from using an illuminated music keyboard because it will allow them to … Read more

Piano For Kids: Best Piano Keyboard For Kids In 2022

piano for child

All parents wish to encourage their kids towards their hobbies and interests. In addition to this, they always search for things to keep them busy along with educating them, and many of the parents with their kids prefer learning piano that is one of the most evergreen and purposeful hobbies. When talking about purchasing the … Read more