Best Baby Grand Piano Brands: Top 5 Best Baby Grand Pianos In 2024

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A Baby Grand Piano can make or break your overall musical performance.

Regardless of your proficiency level, you must go in-depth with the best baby grand pianos out there that certainly fit your home’s criteria and get you the ever-needed confidence to ace any every time you start playing.

However, before we delve in deep with the best baby grand piano reviews, let’s get our fundamentals straight.

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What are Baby Grand Pianos?

Looking at the overall concepts of pianos, you get to have three main times of pianos, baby grand, grand, and concert grand Although all of them offer relatively the same features, baby grand pianos tend to be smaller in size with their 6 to 7′ body that can fit anywhere.

Therefore, it is an excellent choice for living or spacious rooms where you can strategically place them to make your grand piano stand out from the rest. These pianos are also affordable with high aesthetically appealing bodies to make them an ideal choice for all the beginners out there.

Top 5 Baby Grand Pianos

  1. Schoenhut 37 Key Elite Baby Grand Piano
  2. Mini Keyboard Piano With 30 Keys And Bench
  3. BAOLI 31 Keys Piano Keyboard Electronic Organ Toy Educational Musical
  4. Treasure Gurus Miniature Baby Grand Piano Realistic Musical Instrument Tree Ornament
  5. Hape Happy Baby Grand Piano

Schoenhut 37 Key Elite Baby Grand Piano

Nothing can beat Schoenhut 37 Key Elite Baby Grand Piano in its unmatched elegance, making it the epitome of a perfect Baby grand piano for young pianists.

It features curved legs and 37 keys to make it both functional and durable at the same time.

The unique chime-like tones can be created using sinking metal rods, which can help set up an excellent foundation for your little ones to lay a proper foundation before they could begin indulging in high-profile luxury pianos.

What distinguishes this specific piano from the rest is the incredible body structure with adequate key width to help place your fingers comfortably while playing your favorite melodies.

Considering the new design of this model, you can see this brand is patented with a tri-play learning system and bench, so you don’t have to struggle with the tedious tasks of finding the best essentials with your pianos.

With almost half the size of an adult piano, this fantastic baby grand piano is made explicitly for toddlers interested in beginning their piano journey
All in all, we have three-year-olds struggle to get their hands on the piano, let alone perform.

Unlike the conventional taut wires used in full-sized modes, the unsurpassed quality and chime-like voice can help your little ones to enjoy their piano sessions to the fullest With a realistic design for the piano; it makes the transition from toddler to adults totally effortless.


• Reportedly, the piano gives a real full-size feel to the entire piano
• Excellent sound
• Highly stable to use
• Easy to step up and get started
• Schoenhut 37 Key Elite Baby Grand Piano offers many pianos to the users giving you enough freedom to choose between the best.


• Some customers received faulty pieces like fewer assembling pieces or even broken parts during shipping.

Schoenhut Baby Grand Piano – Mini Keyboard Piano with 30 Keys and Bench

This piano is excellent for children who are just starting their journey with piano and are looking for an easy-to-play and durable option that can last them for as long as they want. Schoenhut Baby Grand Piano has hand-tuned keys to offer ideal music for beginners.

With elegantly curved legs, this chic yet educational baby grand piano is everything you need to give yourself a headstart in this music industry.

It is recommended that this piano is ideal for kids under three years old as the keys are perfectly designed to suit these tiny figures who are eager to try this piano.

That said, this piano is great if you are thinking of switching up your preference or simply looking for ways further to add comfort and convenience into your every musical practice.

Like all of Schoenhut’s pianos, I am also armed with a tri-play system and bench to make this process seamless and your performance high. This is one of the best babygrand piano, and the best new baby grand piano.


• It helps to do an easy transition from this piano to grand ones Imprvenvess design that can instantly enhance the overall look of any room

• The high-quality material used to make the piano makes it durable to have.


• Slightly flimsy

BAOLI 31 Keys Piano Keyboard Electronic Organ Toy Educational Musical

Are you looking for baby grand pianos that bring out the happy smiles on your child’s face?

Look no further than this awesome BAOLI31 Keys Piano baby grand piano equipped with three teaching modes to help customize everything in II h.

The red stickered keys on the keyboard help your child live up with the following red sticking 31 KEYS. When it comes to learning a new skill from scratch, you need to get your hands on all the necessary material to add value to your overall performance.

As if this wasn’t already enough, it also lets you record the panel to view various options to take your bet.

The best part, BAOLI is known for making each moment fun with this mp3 player. The 31 black keys, four instrument keys and styles, and eight drum sound effects can help your little bundle of joy create their own musical world with this specific baby grand piano.

Other than that, it also allows the flexibility to press record and record each one of your performances to help not only keep memories but ensure you have something to measure your improvement as well.

Its four legs are completely foldable, eliminating any storage issues you may have with this musical instrument.


• Lightweight body aids portability Offers excellent musical sound of keys Comfortable to use
• Has been raved by countess customers worldwide


• The quality could have been much better.
• Not suitable for older and more advanced children

Treasure Gurus Miniature Baby Grand Piano Realistic Musical Instrument Tree Ornament

This Miniature Baby Grand Piano Ornament is an all-in-one solution for all of your piano needs.

Whether it is a gift that you are looking for or your home, you can never go wrong with the outstanding quality and functionality of this baby grand piano that is second to none.

The realistic musical instrument is carefully constructed to pay attention to the tiniest details from the piano top. Mini strings to the 88 keys only make your overall experience more enjoyable.

One of the biggest things that distinguish a good piano from a bad one is the sound of the keys and how sturdy the piano is. As a general rule of thumb, baby grand pianos are known for having comparatively lower quality and higher aesthetics than beginners.

What sets this particular piano apart is how you get to avail unmated sound from the keys that will not only improve your outcomes but will allow you to get used to the other advanced pianos as your proficiency increases.

What’s more? The manufacturers of the baby grand piano guarantee 100% customer satisfaction which ensures you get nothing but the best!


• The body is ideal for any pianist.
• A high-quality keyboard makes it easier to use the instrument.
• Reputable brand.


• Some people weren’t satisfied with the shape of the white keys.

Hape Happy Baby Grand Piano

Hape Happy Baby Grand Piano Toddler Wooden Musical Instrument offers unprecedented flexibility for its users to rock any performance with its highest quality sound and features that makes using this completely seamless.

This piano has a realistic look with a lid to give a more professional look.

Many people prefer to go with this over most of them because it offers safe child materials with nontoxic finishes, creativity, musical skills, and dexterity to ensure you are always staying ahead of understating the age and preference of your children.

This piano has a realistic look, excellent resonant sound, and a lid that can be opened.

It is recommended to use this piano for ages 36 months and up as it covers everything a child would need to kickstart their amazon performances.

If we talk about the technical details of the piano, it is powered by AA batteries, three legs, and a switch on/off button along with the stool to ensure you don’t hassle around various options that will only make it harder to shop again.

The durable child-safe paint finish on the body of the piano ensures your children discover a wide range of possibilities in filters.

Other than that, the piano is made of solid wood constructed with hallmarks and happy toys to make it sustainable to manufacture each piano.

This factor plays a significant role in encouraging children to develop rhythmic and melodic abilities to help further improve as they grow up.

That’s not it; the guide that comes with the piano is created by using the years of research on musicians and piano teachers to bring the best possible results. The automatic power-saving mode is available to ensure it doesn’t take up more empower than needed.


• It is a great way for children to earn musical notes and scales as it offers a muscle scale.
• Allows children to create their brown mini synopsis.
• Lid support is critical when it comes to pianos; therefore, you need to gear yourself up with the right tools to have a clear foundation.


• Considering how it is a toy. you can use it for other professional purposes
• The manufacturer offers great customer service
• The seat lets your little ones enjoy the piano even more.

Buyers Guide

Now that you are one of the best baby grand pianos out there, there are still a few things that you need to keep in mind to find a solution that would work well for YOU.

Returns policy

Return policies and warranties can be an excellent way to ensure you make the right decisions. This means even if you aren’t satisfied with the purchase, you get to have the option to return it in exchange for a better product.

As for warranty, you can never predict the health of the piano. Therefore having a warranty on your piano can help give peace of mind that no other factor can

Look for reviews

All companies aim to be second to none, But how can you show your credibility to them?

Simple head over to the reviews section.

Nothing can remain hidden from the past customers who are happy to show you the real faces of well-known baby grand piano brands, so you are already aware of the flaws before opting for one.

Secondhand pianos

This factor is associated with your budget. If you have the budget to afford these pianos, that’s awesome!

small baby grand piano

However, if you don’t, there is no harm in going for second-hand versions that work just fine Remember, you can always upgrade to better ones as you advance your skills

How To Choose the Best Baby Grand Piano

Here are some of the things that will help you determine the best baby grand piano among the five mentioned above


When we specially talk about getting the ideal piano, its soundboard plays the most important role here; the longer the soundboard, the better.

This means try to opt for longer pianos as they are likely to have bigger (and better) pianos with longer strings to help set the longest soundboard, leading to better performance.

It would help if you also avoided foam boards, as they will only dampen the sound. The best material for your piano should be solid wood.

Price and quality

Understanding the value of rice and equality is crucial before buying anything in life.

If you happen to stumble expensive pianos, it doesn’t necessarily mean it offers the highest possible quality.

Nowadays, you get to see some pianos with advanced feathers but at a lower price. On the other hand, you also get to see a baby grand piano with premium price tags, but I’ll certainly prove to be more long-lasting and comfortable.

Here, you need to arm yourself with enough knowledge to distinguish the best one. I’d highly urge you to stick to the idea and quality of the piano rather than the price.

Going for reputable brands can be an easier way of determining the best pianos that offer exactly what you need to amp up your musical journey instantly.


A piano is an investment that you don’t make every day. Perhaps that’s why you’re here!

When choosing a piano to buy, pay close attention to what the manufacturer and customer have to say about the instrument’s longevity. This is because instruments with poor durability are likely to require more maintenance than pianos that are already made up of premium quality materials.

The keys

The ideal piano keys have a slight resistance to give you an overall smooth experience. Besides making sure your piano is free from damages and cracks, you also need to ensure that it has more resistance than a computer keyboard.

If you love to engross yourself in the magic of piano, you are certainly more likely to use it more than an average person. Therefore it is essential to have keys that are comfortable and feel smooth on your fingers.

baby grande piano

Lastly, there should be sufficient cushioning to reduce shock transition to your finger and keep them comfortable throughout the session.


When measuring which piano to buy, make sure to be aware of the space you will dedicate to the piano. It is essential to keep the extra 3 feet in mind for the stool or bench when doing this.

The sound

After you have bought the piano, make sure to thoroughly test it to check if there is a need to return it.

Try playing your piano to determine whether you like the sound of it. This merely subjective as some people prefer to have a brighter tone while others go for the mellower tone to suit their taste.

If you are okay with the initial sound, inspect further and check for the consistency of the piano’s sound. Are the volumes of the keys consistent? Try playing it for a few minutes and listen to unusual noises indicating a poor-quality piano.

If you cannot determine the right sound, seek advice from a music teacher or piano technician to make the best decision.

Overall Winner

Here comes the question you came here for in the first place. Considering how the ‘ideal* baby grand piano should look like the Schoenhut 37 Key Elite Baby Grand Piano, it surely takes the lead in quality, reasonable price, durable and incredible comfort that can elevate the overall experience of our piano.

What is the Difference between Grand and Baby Grand Piano?

Grand and baby grand pianos are only two of the seven pianos in the grand family.

The first and most evident difference is their length; baby grand pianos are around 4’11 feet long while grand pianos are around 6 to 7 feet long. Of course, their size can vary depending on the manufacturer.

There is a difference in sound as well; although the best baby grand pianos can sound almost identical to grand pianos, there is a subtle difference in their sound.

Grand pianos have longer strings that allow them to produce their characteristic timbre.

Smaller pianos tend to have different and sometimes exaggerated timbres that make them original.

Overall, baby grand pianos offer an excellent quality sound and are often preferred for houses; grand pianos have a much richer sound and are normally used in events like concerts.

Another difference is their price; since grand pianos are much larger than baby grand pianos, their price is a lot larger too.

How Much Does a Baby Grand Piano Cost?

When it comes to choosing a new instrument, a lot of artists have a lot of issues: most instruments can be quite costly, and the quality can vary a lot depending on many factors. This is especially true for instruments like a piano: big and cumbersome, a lot of piano players are worried they cannot afford such an instrument.

In general, baby grand pianos are amongst the most expensive of musical instruments. The average price for a baby grand is around 3,000 US dollars.

That is, of course, only the final price: additional costs for an instrument like this can easily add up to 10 or 20 thousand dollars, in addition to the purchase price. And this is definitely not just the case for baby grand pianos.

This price, while expensive, is a great investment if you intend to play every day. However, if the piano is only a hobby for you, we would recommend you take classes instead or buy an electronic piano instead.


All in all, choosing a piano is difficult because there is never a one-size-fits-all solution here.

To make sure you don’t regret your purchase, reflect on your personal needs, get your priorities straight and weigh all the pros and cons before choosing the right piano!

Good luck!

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