Most Expensive Piano Brands: Most Expensive Pianos In 2024

Thanks to the infinite expressive possibilities and the ability to produce many different notes at the same time, the piano has won a place of pre­eminence among all musical instruments.

The huge number of music composed for piano and the interest of composers in it,  which is still great today, make this instrument one of the undisputed protagonists of the history of music.

But have you ever wondered which are the most expensive pianos in the world? Below you will find the list of the ten most expensive!

steinway grand piano cost

Top 10 Most Expsneive Pianos

  1. Crystal Top – $3.22 Million
  2. John Lennon Plan, Sleinway And Sons Company – $2.37 Million
  3. “Red Pops For (RED)'” Plan – $1.925 Million
  4. Sound Of Harmony Piano $1.63 Million
  5. Galaxy Piano – $1.36 Million
  6. Kuhn Bosendorfer Piano – $1.2 Million
  7. Marilyn Monroe Piano – $662.500
  8. “Casablanca” Piano – $602,500
  9. La Mort Du Cygne – $409,000
  10. Fazioli Brunei – $400,000

10) Fazioli Brunei – $400,000

Fazioli Brunei Luxury Piano

Fazioli Pianoforti was an Italian piano company 32 years ago; pianist and engineer Paolo Fazioli made a unique musical instrument.

Today, it is the most expensive concert piano in the world! It is decorated with inserts of precious and semiprecious stones and mother of pearl made with exotic varieties of wood.

Fazioli is not only an exceptional pianist but also the best piano maker, so he always relies on quality, not quantity.

This is one of the most expensive grand pianos, and one of the most beautiful pianos.

9) La Mort du Cygne – $409,000

Photo Of La Mort Du Piano

The piano was created in the early 20th century in 1905 by Erard, designed by two French artists Louis Majorelle and Victor Prouve.

The mahogany-colored instrument received the name of ’Dying Swan’ (La Mort du Cygne)

8) “Casablanca” Piano – $602,500

rare pianos
Casablanca’ Piano Pictured In The Film Casablanca.

Perhaps the piano itself will not impress, but it was shot in a movie!

It was released by the Richardson company and was of great value among sentimental fans of the movie Casablanca.

The faded yellow-green piano was shot in the heartbreaking scene As Time Goes By, a popular film starring Hollywood stars Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

7) Marilyn Monroe Piano – $662.500

Marilyn Manroe’s Baby Grand Piano

This floor has an interesting history; it is associated with the sex symbol of the 60s Marilyn Monroe! In 1974.

Monroe told the story of how she found a piano that her mother of her Gladys sold many years ago, which at the time was suffering from mental illness.

6) Kuhn Bosendorfer Piano – $1.2 million

Kuhn Bosendorfer is a luxurious black piano, launched in a limited edition. This is an instrument that combines the unique sound and fantastic talent of John Kuhn, the world-renowned sculptor who works with glass.

This masterpiece, with a length of over two meters, is up for auction for 1.2 million dollars and is really worth it!

5) Galaxy Piano – $1.36 million

Galaxy Piano was released by Galaxy Instruments United Arab Emirates for sophisticated customers Parts of the instrument were ordered from German manufacturers.

It impresses with its beauty thanks to its futuristic design and the materials with which it is made. The cover rises automatically, and the curved keyboard makes the piano unique, as it is the first and only instrument with a similar keyboard

4) Sound of Harmony Piano $1.63 million

This beauty was made to order by Steinway and Sons collector Guo Qingxiang in 2007. It took three years to play the piano.

The result is a masterpiece in which everything is harmonious, and the sound is achieved through a combination of 40 layers of different types of wood from different parts of the world and design.

3) “Red Pops for (RED)’ Plan – $1.925 million

In 2013, “U2” singer Bono began creating such a piano with the help of Sir Jonathan Quince and Mark Newson.

This beauty helped raise money for the World Fund to Fight AIDS. Tuberculosis and Malaria in Africa At a charity auction in New York in November 2014.

They managed to raise $26 million, and the ‘ Red Pops for (RED)’ plan, which became the highlight of the whole action, sold for $1.925 million to billionaire Stuart Rar.

2) John Lennon Plan, Sleinway and Sons Company – $ 2.37 million

This is Ihe piano on which John Lennon composed the melody for the song “Imagine’! In 1970 he bought it for his wife as a gift for $2,456.

It was later bought by pop star George Michael for $ 2.37 million. The instrument’s new owner sent it as an exhibit to the Beatles Ensemble Museum in Liverpool for public viewing.

1) Crystal top – $3.22 million

The piano with a beautifully designed transparent case from Canadian manufacturer Heintzman Pianos was made exclusively for large performances and concerts.

For the first time, Japanese pianist Lang Lang played at the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. when he played the cantata “Yellow River.”

So who owns the most expensive piano ever?

This very expensive creation was later sold at auction for the unimaginable amount of $3.22 million to an unknown buyer!

Is the piano your passion? To become a talented pianist, you have to train a lot. have dexterity, and have good coordination, and this requires many years of study and, above all, practice.

Would you like to learn to play the piano or continue your great passion?

This PIANO BUYING GUIDE might be for you!

It is good to clarify some terminologies first of all: when we talk about the piano, we can mean both the grand or half grand piano and the upright piano, also known as a wall piano.

To make a purchase, you won’t regret, you need to consider five factors:

• the SOUND of the instrument;



• the available BUDGET

• the BRAND

SOUND is the most important feature when buying an instrument; in fact, it is this aspect that most interests not only the musician but also the listener.

It is essential to take into account the intensity and timbre of the sound.

MECHANICS, on the other hand, concerns the simplicity with which the instrument allows it to be played, which is why it is also important to consider the characteristics of the keyboard, which must not have too heavy keys’

The FURNITURE, on the other hand, is the first thing that is noticed, in fact influencing the aesthetics of the piano; this does not affect the sound produced except for the height; in fact, the higher and the longer the strings, the more robust the sound will be

Finally, the BUDGET is the most binding aspect in a purchase of this kind because saving in this field almost never allows satisfactory results to be obtained because, in the piano market, a higher cost represents a higher quality of the instrument.

Grand or baby grand piano to get started?

Obviously, the grand piano allowing a greater extension of the strings also offers a greater dynamic range and a qualitatively better sound. Unlike upright pianos, grand pianos have an open structure, which leaves the sound free to come out, thus making it richer.

Thanks to the more effective mechanics, which exploits the force of gravity, they also allow for faster repetitions and have the real piano pedal.

Often the grand piano is intimidating, but playing it is simple, the hardness of the key can be adjusted, and thanks to its quality, it also allows you to acquire an advanced technique in less time. Some difficult musical passages are more complicated on an upright piano than on a horizontal one.

Often it is preferred to use a used piano, as the hammers have been run in. and the sound produced will not be closed typical instead of pianos that have just come out of the factory.

Choosing between a grand and baby grand piano is easier than expected if you take into account three factors: space available, the sound quality you want to achieve, and the budget you are willing to spend.

The grand piano will certainly be bulkier, more expensive, but also qualitatively better than the baby grand piano, But if there is not enough space at home and you are not too demanding, even the baby grand piano may be the most suitable choice.

Is a classical or digital piano better?

In addition to the classical pianos now on the market, there are also digital pianos. The digital piano is an electronic instrument produced with the intention of making the piano easily transportable, integrated acoustic speakers; the keyboard is very similar to that of the piano, and the dimensions and weight are much lower.

black piano

When choosing a digital piano, it is also important to consider the quality of the keyboard; in fact, the keys of a keyboard could be of three types:

1)   Weighed, when they simulate the piano keys both in size and weight,

2)    Semi-weighted when they simulate the piano keys in terms of size but have a lower weight;

3) Lightweight, typical of almost all keyboards: This type is smaller and much lighter than piano keys, and if the goal is to have good technique and good versatility, these are the least recommended.

If you want a more manageable piano but with the same quality and characteristics as a classical piano, these are the requirements to be taken into consideration. The digital piano is also good value for money.

Which are the best BRANDS?

The best piano brands are undoubtedly Yamaha. Kawai. Steinway and Casio for digital keyboards, but the best grand piano brand is Steinway. Synonymous with quality for this type of piano.

Choosing the right piano is an essential first step, both for those approaching the field of music and the study of the instrument for the first time and for those who can define themselves professionally.

In an increasingly large and rich in choice market, it is important to know the best so as to be able to compare consciously and with the aim of choosing an instrument capable of accompanying the musician throughout his career.

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