Piano For Kids: Best Piano Keyboard For Kids In 2024

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All parents wish to encourage their kids towards their hobbies and interests.

In addition to this, they always search for things to keep them busy along with educating them, and many of the parents with their kids prefer learning piano that is one of the most evergreen and purposeful hobbies. When talking about purchasing the best Piano for kids, it is a considerable investment.

But is it worth your effort and money? The short answer to the question is yes, but you do not have to buy a full-size piano. It is better to consider a kids piano, carefully looking for all the things and features you need in it.

We have tried to include almost everything from the best Piano for kids to its features, checklist and buyer’s guide, and so on. But before that, let us get to know a little about the humble piano instrument.

piano for child

The Piano is a stringed musical instrument with a wide range of features for kids and adults. We have handpicked five general structural and mechanical kids’ pianos in either vertical or grand variants.

Hence, check out honest reviews of five of the best Piano for kids with their pros and cons to help you decide the best one.

5 Best Piano For Kids

Alesis Rectical With 88 Keys
  • Perfect feel and sound combination.
  • Three months of skoove premium.
  • Best educational features 60 lessons from melodics.
Plixio 61 Key Digital Electric Piano Keyboard & Sheet Music Stand
  • In-built 100 rhythms. 60 demo songs.
  • 61 keyboard percussions, and 40 tones
  • Volume & Tempo control Outlet adapter DV 9V
  • Lightweight and portable
Goplus Classical Kids Piano With 30 Wooden Keys
  • Develop hand-eye coordination and kids’ musical talent at an early age 100% safe, non-toxic for ensuring the kids’ health.
  • Highly durable and lightweight
Shay Son Kids Piano With 37 Keys
  • Eight rhythms, eight tones record and playback designs, and four animal sounds
  • Volume controls
  • Sheet of music on the music stands
  • Perfect speaker sound.
Rock Jam 61 Keys Keyboard Piano With Led Display Kit
  • LCD screen.
  • Compact size keyboard with full-size keys.
  • Study and portable design keyboard stand.
  • Comfortable and perfect in sound.
  • 50 sounds, 50 demo songs, and 100 rhythms

If you are searching for the best Piano for kids, we have compiled the five best Piano for kids with their reviews to bring out what excites the kids most.

Alesis Rectical With 88 Keys

If you are looking for a digital Piano for your toddler, then Alesis Rectical is a feature-packed electric keyboard having 88 premium semi-weighted and full-size keys.

It offers not only an adjustable touch response but also fits your playing style. This Piano tailors around five premium voices such as Organ Bass, Acoustic Piano, Synth, and electric Piano, having an in-built FX chorus and revert including two speakers of 20W that offer room-filling and crystal clear sound.

The best part about Alesis Rectical is that it is portable; yes, you can play the keyboard wherever you go.

Apart from this, there are split lesson modes, and standard modes have 128 note max polyphony for professional interactive online lessons of Piano.

It has 60 free virtual classes to hone your skills for any technique or genre in which you want to become an expert. This is the best kid piano, and the best toddler piano on the market!


  • Perfect feel and sound combination.
  • Three months of skoove premium.
  • Best educational features 60 lessons from melodics.


  • Those 88 keys may confuse your young one unless they learn and play it for a while.

Plixio 61 Key Digital Electric Piano Keyboard & Sheet Music Stand

If you are searching for a lightweight and portable piano, then look no further because here it is – Plixio 61 key digital electric keyboard, which is perfect for music lessons.

Your toddler can have great practice customize the music sounds and also play their favorite songs. This child sized piano is great, and overall is a great piano for any child!

Musicians who love to travel can take it with them to use the dual power supply, utilizing the in-built power adapter or 6 AA batteries.

Plixio 61 key digital electric piano provides a different variety of sound effects with a microphone jack.

Features of the keyboard include 60 demo songs, eight percussions, 100 rhythms, and 40 tones with tempo controlling features and volume. You can even use your keyboard in the Karaoke machine.

Not only this, but you also get a music note sheet, music stand, power adapter, and auxiliary cable along with the piano keyboard. Having lightweight, it gets suitable to take to music lessons or school for kids having one year warranty.


  • In-built 100 rhythms. 60 demo songs.
  • 61 keyboard percussions, and 40 tones
  • Volume & Tempo control Outlet adapter DV 9V
  • Lightweight and portable


  • No USB access
  • According to reviews by users, the volume automatically sets to 11 whenever the keyboard is turned on.

Goplus Classical Kids Piano With 30 Wooden Keys

Goplus Classical kids piano comes in the perfect size for children up to 7 years and also fits your child’s room or any other place in your house.

Keys width provides comfortable placement of fingers, making it easy for younger ones to play. It is well known as they learn to play children featuring 30 sounding keys generating a charming tune making your young pianist mesmerizing and sparking their music interest due to its impressive design.

This Piano has an MDF body comprising birch wood legs and ABS keys that can be useful for several years. Having glossy pink paint and a chic coated surface provides a real big hit to kids catch the attention at first sight.

Goplus Classical Piano is the best Piano for kids has a smooth surface, safety hinged lids open and closed with curve shaped corner that prevents them from hurting.

This package has a matching hardwood bench with a music holder, convenient and suitable for kids to play and learn.

With this product, you can nurture your kid with this baby grand style interested in music. This kids pianos keyboards is great, and is the best piano keyboard for kids.


  • Develop hand-eye coordination and kids’ musical talent at an early age 100% safe, non-toxic for ensuring the kids’ health.
  • Highly durable and lightweight


  • It sounds loud when turning their Piano ON.

Shay son Kids Piano With 37 Keys

This Shayson kids piano has 37 multifunction keys, including eight rhythms, ten demos, eight tones, four animal sounds, record and playback function, OKON, different music, tempo control, and volume control.

With other instruments to select from, arousing the music interests for children and art when your child is playing the Piano

The piano keyboard has three special keys having switch sound effects of 4 animals and drums, and press the conversion; you can turn animal sounds into the drum.

Press the demo keys, then press piano keys corresponding to the melody randomly. You can begin to play background music from demos by pressing OK, ON.

The keyboard suitable for kids comprises non-toxic environmental protection plastic. ABS approved by ASTM. CPC. and CPSIA, safe and kids-friendly with 4A batteries.

It has the electronic Piano perfect fit for beginners helping kids to improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills when they practice pressing the individual piano keys.

The enormous educational music toy helps develop the brain awareness of children and cultivate kids’ talents. It comes with a colorful package for 3 to 8 years old children.


  • Eight rhythms, eight tones record and playback designs, and four animal sounds
  • Volume controls
  • Sheet of music on the music stands
  • Perfect speaker sound.


  • Cheap Material

Rock jam 61 Keys Keyboard Piano With Led Display Kit

RockJam keyboard has a digital keyboard having 61 full-size keys providing you that it gives traditional Piano feel when maintaining the compact and portable design that has power by batteries or main power supply.

This Piano features an LCD that displays and engages 50 tones, 30 demo songs, 100 rhythms, and teaching functions that are part of its purpose.

The kit of RockJam piano comprises a keyboard stand having a sturdy design that is adjustable that suits keyboards for both young and old players.

It has the playback and record functionality that enables you to create layers to your sound, having a padded seat that is foldable.

It also has thick pad seats for hours which makes you comfortable. The package includes a sheet music stand, padded keyboard bench, keynote stickers—61 key keyboard piano Z-shaped adjustable keyboard stand, a padded bench of Piano, and over-ear headphones.


  • LCD screen
  • Compact size keyboard with full-size keys
  • Study and portable design keyboard stand
  • Comfortable and perfect in sound.
  • 50 sounds, 50 demo songs, and 100 rhythms


  • The seat is not adjustable, but the stand is.
  • The seat seems a bit small as per reviews and feedback of customers.

Buying Guide Of Piano For Kids

Many people search for the guide and variables to look out for a while buying the best Piano for kids. So here it is –

Response And Sensitivity Of The Keys

The keys of the Piano prefer the weight and responsiveness of the keyboard. No digital piano can mimic the resistance of acoustic piano keys when it gets stuck; many digital pianos have necessary practical actions.

Search for the Piano having a counterbalanced or hammer effect keyboard in the beginning

Some pianos enable you to adjust the responsiveness of the keys as per your choice and needs.

A beginner should go for 88 keys keyboard.

Digital Or Acoustic – Which One To Choose?

Acoustic pianos are observed more expensive compared to digital ones. But in professional scenarios or recitals, your kid will play the acoustic Piano.

So if they have a practice of digital Piano playing only, it can result in stress and discomfort for your child, which might ruin their performance and confidence.

But digital pianos are considered best for learning kids. Hence, get the acoustic keyboard if you can. But yes, acoustic pianos need maintenance and tuning twice or thrice per year, depending on their usage.

Digital pianos do not require any tuning, and if you choose to buy it, get one having weight keys and sample tones.

Not only maintenance or tuning, but digital keyboards are also versatile, convenient, and cheaper than acoustic ones.

At the same time, acoustic keyboards have good sound and feel compared to digital pianos. But if it is the first instrument of your kid, you can prefer a digital keyboard.


Many brands can produce reliable acoustic pianos. Such brands have gained good popularity and reputation, and so they are known as safe options.

If you have no idea where to look or start, choose the top-rated brands such as Alesis. Yamaha, and so on.

The Area You Are Going To Place The Piano

It is specific to Acoustic pianos. Check out the exact dimensions of both the designated space and the Piano where you are panning for placing.

If there is not enough space, you can select either a traditional upright piano or a spinet piano. You can also go for the smaller of these two.

It is vital to choose the location for your Piano as acoustic pianos are vulnerable to temperature fluctuations and humidity and so they must not place near the radiator.

If it is not in a safe and suitable environment, then the components of an acoustic piano can get affected, particularly parts made of wood.

Warranty period

The warranty period plays an essential role for oversized investment items such as acoustic pianos. Most of the brand new pianos have a warranty period of around five years.

Hence, be very careful when you are buying a piano from private retailers or online. The warranty period gives you relaxation if anytime it gets damaged.

Level Of Comfort

Children are distracted easily, and they squirm a lot. If you wish them to carry their piano habit in their lives, you will require a keyboard to survive their growth.

Hence do not be too curious to purchase a baby piano. You can also buy a baby grand around six feet or five feet.

They consume less space but are still used by adults, teens, and piano tutors.

But it would help if you chose your comfortable adjustable stand and padded seat, whether the Piano is digital or acoustic. And also, if possible, check out a piano having adjustable height, benches, and removable stands.


Try to play it to check out the sound before purchasing the best Piano for kids. Some of the people prefer the bright tone, whereas others opt for a mellower tone.

Typically speaking, the sound of the excellent Piano is full and round. Yes, you can get an expert’s opinion from a registered or experienced music teacher or piano technician.


Make sure that the keys have a smooth surface free of cracks and damages.

Whenever you play the Piano, the keys must have adequate resistance. If the keys need a bit of strength, like a computer keyboard, then the keys might not have resistance.

Last but not least, when you tap the key. There must be enough cushioning for absorbing the shock transferred to your finger joints for a comfortable experience, even if you play for hours together.

And other variables to keep in mind are:

  1. Budget
  2. Maintenance needed
  3. Needs and choice of your kids

Although you chose the best Piano for your kid, do not forget to have a glance at the factors discussed above while making a purchase. Apart from these, there are some questions most asked and are still unanswered.

Most Asked Questions About Piano For Kids

Scrolling down to the questions looks like you are interested to learn about the Piano in few lines. And so we have listed three essential questions giving you an idea about Piano –

What is good Piano for kids?

A piano is a loved and popular musical instrument with having a wide range of features available on the market. The good Piano must have a perfect sound, comfort keys, and stand, whether digital or acoustic.

It can be played solo or with Karaoke as per your needs and preferences.

What are the factors to consider when purchasing the Piano for kids?

There are some factors to keep in mind while buying the best Piano for kids – Sound, dynamic range, and Budget.

Overall Winner

The overall winner is Alesis Rectical piano, as it fits almost all the factors discussed above for purchasing the best Piano for kids.

It has got the perfect feel and sound combination with 60 in-built lessons from melodies.

Moreover, you get three months of Skoove premium. Although 88 keys may confuse the young ones a bit, the Alesis Rectical piano comes with the best educational features with adjustable touch response to fit your playing style.

It is portable enough to go with you everywhere with so many lessons and classes to brush up on your skills.

Wrapping up

Getting a new piano for your child is an excellent decision. But before getting your kid on the path of a musical journey, you need to select the perfect Piano. It would be best to consider all the factors with the features, pros, and cons of Piano adequately.

We have discussed everything briefly to cover the key aspects above, so please check it out before you finally take your call, and if you have any confusion between acoustic or digital Piano, check the section mentioning the differences.

What kind of piano should I get my five-year-old?

A 5-year-old is just the right age to start learning how to play the piano. They will enjoy many benefits such as developing a sense of rhythm, improving their creativity, and making new friends in music class.

In this blog post, I hope to give you some advice on what type of piano you should get your five-year-old and why it’s important that they have a good teacher too.

It’s a common mistake for parents to buy an instrument that is “too advanced” for their child. When considering what type of piano you should get your five-year-old, the age and general ability of the child should be taken into consideration.

Yes, they might want to start learning how to play at this age, but it’s generally not a good idea to go out and buy an upright piano. This is because they would be very difficult to keep in tune, might have hidden damage underneath the keys that you are not aware of, and could potentially do more harm than good for your child.

In my opinion, a digital piano is a perfect instrument for grade 1 piano students because it’s fun to play, portable, relatively cheap, and easy to find a good teacher for. I would recommend buying a five-year-old starter digital piano such as the Yamaha P45B. It’s relatively cheap at under $1000.

How do I teach my five-year-old to play the piano?

An important fact to remember when you are trying to teach your 5-year-old to play the piano is that their concentration is limited. That’s why it’s essential to make it as fun as possible, to teach in short bursts, so they do not get bored and do not put too much pressure on them.

Your child is still at a relatively early developmental stage, so it can be useful to focus on pattern recognition. Specifically, try familiarizing your child with the layout of the black keys and the different sounds they make. The fact that the black keys are spaced out in groups of two and three is helpful in this regard. You can also use this to start teaching them the names for each note.

In terms of learning about musical timing, clapping games can be a fun, accessible way to teach this. There are so many different exercises you can try, but the main thing is to share your passion for music. If you are enthusiastic when you teach, then your 5-year-old will likely pick up on that and grow to love the piano as much as you do.

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