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Yamaha P71 vs P45: Which Is Better For You

Ever thinking of buying a keyboard but overwhelmed by the available options?

In this article, we will help you examine 2 keyboard options that are highly recommended for beginners. These are the Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71 from Yamaha P Series. These two Yamaha keyboards are designed for beginners and have become very famous especially among students.

However, it is still a matter of discussion as to which among the two is the best one to buy. In this guide, we will compare these 2 digital pianos to help you weigh in both options.

yamaha p45 vs p71

The Yamaha P Series

Yamaha is one of the leading brands in producing musical instruments worldwide. In particular, the Yamaha P Series has become popular because of its sophisticated design and excellent performance. Keyboards under this series have dynamic features and natural touch responses making them ideal for beginners and students.

Yamaha Concert Grand Piano
Yamaha Concert Grand Piano.

Even though these keyboards are designed for newcomers, their performances are still of high quality. Yamaha established the sounds of their Yamaha P Series by sampling their Yamaha CFX Concert Grand. Additionally, it features built-in speakers that can be compared to those keyboards found in stadiums and clubs.

These digital pianos also come with weighted keys and an innovative Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) that recreate the feeling of playing a Yamaha acoustic piano. Moreover, with synthetic ebony and ivory, users can surely experience a natural and easy feel when playing these keyboards.

Further, with innovations made by Yamaha to provide a portable design, the Yamaha P Series keyboard is a must-have if you have limited spaces in your home.

Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71

Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71 are parts of the Yamaha P Series and have been kicking in the market since they were produced. These two digital pianos are excellent choices for beginners who are just starting out in playing keyboards and with their portability and compact-size design, they are very suitable for home use.

Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71 seem to be identical variants from Yamaha P Series. This is why many users are having a difficult time choosing between them. So, the big question is, is there any difference between these 2 Yamaha keyboards?

YAMAHA P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

According to Yamaha as posted on their websites, there is no variance between the two when it comes to the design, sound performance, and functionality. However, they are produced for different marketing platforms and retailers.

Expert Tip: Yamaha P45 keyboards are widely produced in most physical retail outlets. Meanwhile, the Yamaha P71 variant is a P Series keyboard that is exclusively available for Amazon shoppers.

To know further about the features of these two Yamaha P Series keyboards, just keep on reading.

Features of Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71

Even though there is no huge difference between P45 and Yamaha P71, we will still give you an in-depth discussion about their features to help you choose which keyboard is suited for you.

1.  Price and Availability

Both of these entry-level Yamaha keyboards are designed for newcomers. However, Yamaha P71 is less costly than Yamaha P45. Keep in mind that P71 is Amazon-exclusive that is why you can’t find any P71 model in any physical retail outlets.

On the other hand, P45 models are widely available in many retail outlets. More so, they are also being offered in some online stores.

2. Design and Layout

Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71 are also identical when it comes to design and layout. They come with simple, convenient yet classy, and sophisticated designs. This minimalistic design is also present in all Yamaha P Series keyboards.

Different controls and buttons are present in the front panel of Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71. Interestingly, the power button has an accidental pressing protection feature. This helps prevent the piano from shutting off unintentionally while in use.

Weight and dimensions of Yamaha P45

Both also have a function button wherein you can create “shortcuts” for different commands. The steps on how to activate this function button are found in the user’s manual.

If you are looking for a keyboard with a high level of portability, Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71 are two great options for you. When talking about its dimensions, both variants measure 11.7” x 16.1” x 58.2”. Additionally, more than being lightweights with a weight of 25 pounds, they are also slim and compact.

3. Bundles

Both Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P37 come in three bundles. Yamaha P45 has Digital Piano, Starter, and Home Bundle. Meanwhile, Yamaha P71 is available in Digital Piano, Basic, and the Deluxe Bundle.

Yamaha P45 Digital Piano Bundle

If you are looking for the most inexpensive bundle among these three, Digital Piano Bundle is for you. This is the primary bundle option in purchasing Yamaha P45. In this bundle, P45 includes a power source and a sustaining pedal.

No additional accessories such as bench and stand are available in this bundle so if you have your personal bench or stand for the keyboard, choosing this bundle is the wise option for you.

Yamaha P45 Starter Bundle

The Starter Bundle comes with additional accessories for your Yamaha p45 keyboard. In addition to a power supply and a sustaining pedal, it also comes with an adjustable X-Style stand that is double-braced and bench.

All of these accessories are black in color which suits the black Yamaha P45 perfectly. Ultimately, the accessories are lightweight and foldable so if you are looking for a bundle with high portability, this bundle is for you.

Yamaha P45 Home Bundle

Yamaha P45 home bundle is the costliest bundle available for Yamaha P45. It also comes with a, sustaining pedal, a power supply, a stand, and a keyboard bench. Unlike the stand in the Yamaha P45 starter bundle, Home Bundle comes with a stand which is securely attached to the keyboard.

With this bench, Yamaha P45 becomes bigger and heavier but if you are looking for a bundle that looks very professional, this bundle is way perfect for you.

Bundled items of Yamaha P45

Yamaha P71 Digital Piano Bundle

Comparable to Yamaha P45 Digital Piano Bundle, this is also the most inexpensive bundle among all the three available bundles for Yamaha P71. This bundle includes a sustaining pedal and a power source. This is ideal for users who already have their personal keyboard stand that suit perfectly with P71.

Note that with regards to stand, make sure that it is stable, secure, and fits your keyboard perfectly for a more comfortable and smooth playing session.

Yamaha P71 Basic Bundle

This option is slightly expensive than the previous bundle. Same as the Home Bundle for P45, the Basic Bundle also includes an X-style stand and bench in addition to the power supply and sustaining pedal.

The stand and bench are lightweight, foldable, and movable which suits perfectly those who are looking for a portable keyboard.

Yamaha P71 Deluxe Bundle

This is the utmost expensive bundle for Yamaha P71. This bundle includes a power source, a sustaining pedal, a stand, and a bench. The stand is so classy and elegant with its upper portion that is white in color and a black lower portion.

4. Keys

Both Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71 include 88 lightweight keys that feature Graded Hammer Standard (GHS). This is a keyboard technology that provides users with natural touch responses.

The GHS resembles the hammers found inside an actual acoustic piano. This provides the beginner with an effective way to familiarize with the ambiance when using an actual acoustic piano.

Additionally, Black keys of Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71 are covered with a matte texture that makes them less slippery than plastic-type keys. Hence, this provides more comfortability when playing the keyboard.

5. Ports

Close up of ports of the Yamaha P71.

As entry-level keyboards, Yamaha P45 and P71 do not provide numerous connectivity options. However, both variants have basic ports that are essential to users especially to beginners.

Both Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71 have a sustaining pedal and an output for stereo audio which enables the user to connect to any external speaker. With the use of different mobile apps and software and through the port of Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71, you can easily connect your keyboard to your mobile devices.

6. Voices

Interestingly, 10 different voices are available in both Yamaha P45 and P71. These available voices are:

  • 2 voices for Harpsichord
  • 2 voices for the Grand Piano
  • 2 voices for Electric Piano
  • 2 voices for Pipe Organ
  • Strings
  • Vibraphone

Expert Tip: These voices are supported by layering. In this manner, the player can play 2 voices at the same time. More so, users can choose which among these voices to play.

Duo mode is also a popular feature in Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71. With this, two users can play the keyboard simultaneously while using the same octave ranges. This feature is suitable for piano lessons. Lastly, both variants also have various reverb effects.

7. Sound Performance

Both variants utilize a couple of 6-watt speakers which is ideal for minor gigs or when playing the piano at home. This feature can surely provide you with solid and undistorted sounds. However, in case of huge performances or playing in an open area, you might need an external speaker system to accomplish better sound quality.

Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71 have also integrated with the Advanced Wave Memory (AWM). This is a well-known sound technology that is developed by Yamaha that enables their products to produce rich, profound, and expansive sound.

Yamaha P-Series P-45 Piano review


In conclusion, there is no main difference between Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71 when it comes to their design, bundles, and performance. Both give us features that are suitable for beginners and students. Meanwhile, the only difference between these two variants can be recorded in their availability and price.

Yamaha P45 is widely distributed to many physical retail stores. However, Yamaha P71 is exclusively available in the Amazon Store but is less expensive than P45. Considering these two differences is what you need to decide which one is the best catch for you.

If you have any more questions about Yamaha P45 and P7 or other Yamaha products, the comment section under this post is always open for you.

Thank you for reading and remember, Music Makes Everything Better.

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