So, Can You Learn Piano On Pianote? Here’s Our Opinion

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Have you ever tried to learn how to play an instrument traditionally but failed in the attempt to do so? Nowadays, there are plenty of websites and apps that can make it very easy and comfortable to learn how to play an instrument from home.

In this article, I’ll be talking about a website that teaches its users how to play the piano, which is Pianote. I’ll also explain its main features, its price If it’s worth paying for it or not, its main competitors, and some Pianote reviews made by users of this program.

Pianote Reviews

What is Pianote?

Pianote’s website states that its program is “a new approach to traditional lessons”, where you can find a frustration-free guide to playing the piano.

This platform can’t be categorized together with the common simple instrument-learning apps that provide videos to its users so they can learn by themselves, since Pianote also offers the possibility to have lessons given by professional pianists, allowing them to choose a simple or intensive way to learn how to play the piano depending on their needs.

Pianote also offers the possibility to have lessons given by professional pianists
Pianote also offers the possibility to have lessons given by professional pianists

Expert Tip: This platform has been designed for computers and mobile phones, you can find it in Android and iOS stores, giving its customers the freedom to use it comfortably no matter where they are or what kind of device they have.

Which are the main features of Pianote?

Before you take a quick decision and go to purchase any of Pianote’s memberships, you should understand what kind of features it offers and why it is better or worse than its competitors. so you don’t just throw the money down the drain. Therefore, I’ll now explain which are the main features of this website so you can make an informed decision.

The first feature Pianote has is its subscriptions and guarantees policy. The website offers two different subscriptions for its users, one just for the common piano services, which includes many things such as progress tracking, live lessons, personal reviews, downloadable sheets, etc.

(You can check all the lists on the website) and the second one includes private lessons, which makes the price of the subscription go up. On the other hand, users have 90 days to have their money refunded after the purchase If they are not happy with Pianote’s services.

Another interesting feature of this website that differentiates it from others is its live lessons, which are given by professional music teachers and take from 20 to 40 minutes.

These lessons are not one-on-one If you purchase the basic subscription, otherwise the music teachers would be working almost for free, but If you are looking for private lessons you can always purchase the premium subscription.

In the live lessons, a teacher will perform a live stream to many users at the same time, and they will be able to make questions to the teacher during it.

There are two types of lessons, the learning ones, where the teacher will give lessons based on different techniques and ways to play a specific song, and the other hand review lessons, where users will have to submit videos of them playing a specific song and the teacher will make a review of each of the video in the live stream.

So users can improve on their own mistakes as well as from other users. To establish a new user’s piano level, Pianote has a learning path that consists of ten different levels with ten videos for each level.

The learning path starts with an introduction of three to ten minutes where teachers will talk about fundamental things every pianist should know such as notes or chords.

In the next videos, users will be able to see the music teachers playing the piano, which can be seen from above very clearly and the keys that are played are highlighted to make it perfect for the user to practice at the same time he sees the video.

Users also can customize some settings of these videos such as the speed, metronome, volume, or even loop of any of the lessons, so If the chosen level is very easy or hard for a user the difficulty can be adjusted.

Pianote also provides its users with a dedicated section for chords and scales, which are undoubtedly one of the most important things for learning how to play the piano. This section includes lessons and music sheets for each octave scale as well as for the chord progressions.

Pianote also provides its users with a dedicated section for chords and scales
Pianote also provides its users with a dedicated section for chords and scales

A piano is another useful platform that offers a huge list of song tutorials for a price of 9.99$ per month or 99$ per year, making it almost half the price of Pianote. The service of this website may not be as personalized as Pianote’s, but it can be a better option for those who prefer learning on their own without the help of a teacher, and for a lower price.

Skoove is another cheaper option for piano students. For a price of 9.99$ for the premium service, this website allows its users to access different lessons and give them instant feedback, on the other hand, the basic subscription is free but only gives access to 25 lessons and a limited amount of song tutorials.

This software also offers a virtual keyboard, making it perfect for those who want to check If they would like to learn the piano but don’t want to buy one yet.

TakeLessons is a website that gives live lessons to its users, perfect for those that don’t like individual learning. Similar to the live streams of Pianote in TakeLessons’ streams users can get feedback on their performance and ask questions to the teachers.

However, this website just gives users free access to a limited amount of live lessons, and when these are used up students will have to pay 19.99$ monthly, making it more expensive than the previous ones but still cheaper than Pianote.

Playground Sessions is a platform created by the well-known musician, producer, and composer Quincy Jones, it is not free to use and users will need a digital piano or keyboard for using the platform.

This website offers a monthly (17.99$), yearly (119.88$), or lifetime subscription (289.99$), and its main features are video lessons, five songs each month for the members that have purchased monthly or annual subscriptions, and 40 for those who have purchased lifetime ones, forums, and courses.

Some Pianote reviews made by users

If you check Pianote’s Facebook page you will be able to see 141 reviews of the platform. On average, users have given 4.8 stars out of 5 to this website, which is a very good mark and proof of the high satisfaction level among its customers. These are just some of the reviews you can find on their page:

  • “Easy way to learn. Great lessons, video, and personal attention by the instructors”
  • “Amazingly insightful and inspiringly educational! Thank you Pianote.”
  • “I love the way the lessons are handled here”


Finding the piano learning platform that fits our needs the best for a fair price can be very hard since each one of them has its own pros and cons and as every business they self-proclaim itself as the best ones, leaving to us the task to compare them and choose the one with the best quality-to-price ratio.

Pianote is a very good platform and you can be pretty sure that the money you are paying for its subscription is worth it. since they have a very good team of professionals which from my point of view is the thing that gives more value to this kind of platform.

Their website is very well structured, their services make customers feel like they are in real life lessons, and it offers plenty of features and purchase options making it comfortable for many customers with very different needs.

If you are looking for a platform to learn the piano I would suggest you at least give this website a chance If you are not happy with their service or find a better option you will be able to get your money refunded in the first 90 days from the purchase.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section and we will be glad to answer all of them.

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