Love Songs From The 70s: The 70s Love Songs List

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The 70s for many people in the world have meant the best time of music, leaving behind the hippie era, in those times without a great variety of options on TV, no cell phones, and less internet, music occupied the first place in the entertainment options of people, radios, movies, and record sales have never been better than in these years of musical glory.

Record sales were an impressive phenomenon, young people saved their allowances to make up the money for a record, bands were emerging, making an impact with great melodies.

The romantic ballad was making its way like a ship among the waves, and to remind you of that nostalgic decade here we bring you 20 Love Songs’ the 70s that impacted those glorious years.

1. The Air I Breathe, The Hollies

The Air I Breathe, The Hollies
The Air I Breathe, The Hollies

A song with a very romantic melody, composed by Albert Hammond, and popularized by The Hollies, with a masterful interpretation of Allan Clark in a beautiful game of voices with Tonny Hicks.

Terry Silvester and Bernie Calvert, and with excellent musical nuances, is a beautiful letter where it is clear that in love, beauty is something secondary, it doesn’t matter if the girl doesn’t have great curves.

The important thing is to give love sincerely and leave the partner exhausted, leave him breathless, by the year 1974 it occupied the first places in the different world record charts, and has been covered by many singers and in different languages.

2. Too Much Heaven, Bee Gees

Too Much Heaven, Bee Gees
Too Much Heaven, Bee Gees

A soft, sublime, and catchy ballad are this, one of the love songs 70s which continued the hits of this British trio from 1978 and that they interpreted showing off their falsetto skills, it is an authentic ode that exalts the greatness that exists in the love of a woman, and the deep love that her man professes to her.

Expert Tip: The incomparable voice of Barry Gibb as a soloist and the beautiful choirs of the twins Robin and Maurice give a unique sweetness to this song, that has a special peculiarity, all the funds that it produced went to UNICEF, an organization that is dedicated to the help of the children of the world.

3. Dustin in the Wind, Kansas

This beautiful song performed by the American group Kansas dates from 1977, and tells in a sad way a very eloquent reality, and is that everything we strive to accumulate in life as wealth, cars, houses, clothes, and any material object, are insignificant and all that will be here when we have to leave, becoming dust in the wind.

It achieved great popularity placing itself in the first places and causing identification of who listened to it with its message, the guitarist of the band did not think when he created the melody of the song, that this one agreed with the style of the group, nevertheless it became the most resounding success of Kansas.

4. Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon and Garfunkel

Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon and Garfunkel
Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon and Garfunkel

Undoubtedly this wonderful song is one of the best of this decade and of musical history, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel interpreted it masterfully, with impeccable vocalization and musical harmony.

The lyrics of the song are very touching, the friend who will always be there in the most difficult moments, when everything is against you, he will be ready to be your way, he will even lie down for you to walk safely on it.

It had great success in the 70s, to the point that it was covered by many singers, even by the king Elvis Presley and by orchestras like Ray Conniff. Being interpreted in other languages like Spanish where artists like Camilo Sesto included it in their albums.

5. Love of my Life, Queen

This beautiful ballad is the most famous and romantic song written by the incomparable Freddie Mercury, and precisely the inspiration was the most important woman in his life. Mary Austin, his wife for six years and his great protector, the person who accepted him as he was and together with him.

They created a story of true love, in the emotional lyrics of this melody Freddie makes a kind of omen announced to the greatest love of his life, that he will always be with her and so it has been because Mary keeps his ashes in the house where Freddie wanted to grow old.

6. Your Song, Elton John

Your Song, Elton John
Your Song, Elton John

This song was written in only 20 minutes, while he was in his mother’s house sitting in the kitchen, and peculiarly the sheet of paper on which he wrote it. According to Elton’s own account had tea stains on it.

Expert Tip: It is the song that catapulted Elton John to be one of the legends of music and is one of those songs that has managed to remain even though time has passed, as a curious fact about this song is one of John’s favorites, and he performed it at the Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan in 2018.

7. You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond

A duet song, reflecting the problems, turned into grievances of a couple beginning to feel the rigors of routine, a message to react, the contrariness of the man returning tired from work, and the woman avid for details, waiting to be flattered and cared for.

Neil and Barbara’s incomparable voices were Grammy-nominated for Best Song of the Year in 1978 and two nominations in 1979 for Record of the Year, and Best Vocal Performance by a Duo.

8. Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton

Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton
Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton

The story of this song is full of romanticism and true love. Clapton, was inspired by his beautiful girlfriend, at the time, named Patty Boyd, they were about to attend a concert, and sitting in the room waiting for Patty to get ready.

He took his guitar and created these emotional lyrics, the song is the theme of the movie starring Bruce Willys and Michelle Pfeiffer, entitled “The Story of Us”.

The song’s lyrics graphically describe a real, understanding, and grateful love that a man feels for his wife, showing patience and tolerance for her delays, but showing gratitude for her company and love.

9. Dancing Queen, ABBA

Dancing Queen, ABBA
Dancing Queen, ABBA

It is one of the songs that has never gone out of fashion, since its release in 1976. It became a real hit, and since then it has endured in time, from generation to generation, performed by the Swedish quartet ABBA, the song was first heard in public at a Royal wedding, that of Carl XVI Gustaf and Silvia Sommerlath in Sweden.

The lyrics of the song talk about the fun and enjoyment that dancing produces to a young girl who gives herself becoming the true queen of the dance at every party, it is simple, but with great chords and vocals.

The success of Dancing Queen was such that it was quickly placed as number 1 in the famous Billboard Hot 100 list and was present in many countries among the top of the music charts.

10. Let’s Get it On, Marvin Gaye

In this song, Marvin Gaye’s excellent vocal technique perfectly complements the message of the song it is a soulful song that encourages the intimacy of those who love each other, the song captivates lovers and those who long to be lovers.

The songs with this sensual style filled with lovers in the dance floors of the nightclubs, which looked in a very romantic atmosphere with dim lights in the 70s.

11. Imagine, John Lennon

Without fear of being wrong, this song is one of the great musical jewels of the 70s. The controversial ex Beatle managed to capture in the minds of the people of those times and in those who today still enjoy this melody, a feeling like no other, imagining a world of perfection for the enjoyment of peace and love.

Expert Tip: Lennon captured in these lyrics his true ideology oriented to love without borders, and without limits, as a soloist, it was the most successful song in terms of sales of this music myth.

12. Silvia’s mother, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show

Silvia's mother, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show
Silvia’s mother, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show

A touching song that tells a story, when there were no cell phones, no internet, nor the communication facilities of today, a desperate young man begs a domineering mother to let him talk to her daughter, and to top it off the threatening operator warns him that he must put more money in the phone to continue the call.

The song was very successful because of the realism with which this band recorded the song, with voices that showed the pure feeling of what was happening in the song.

13. Telephone Line, Electric Light Orchestra

This British rock band achieved great success in the world hit parade, with this romantic song, which told the sad story of a young man trying to communicate with his beloved, and she does not pick up the phone to answer it. The song goes with what he is thinking of telling her if she picks up the horn, but she will not do it.

A very peculiar interpretative style of the band gave more warmth and feeling to this melancholic song.

14. If I can’t have you, Ivonne Elliman

This catchy theme of the remembered era of disco music was written by Barry Gibb, who had included it as a backup of the single Staying alive, but ended up giving it to the interpretation of Yvonne and ended up placing at number one of the famous Billboard list in 1978 as a curiosity the eldest of the Bee Gees as an author.

With this song he became the first composer to have four consecutive songs in the first position of this list, the lyrics are very romantic and dedicated to the love of a girl who does not want to have anyone.

If she can not have the love of the boy she loves, the catchy rhythm and the excellent interpretation of Elliman make it worthy to include it in our selection.

15. Lost in Love, Air Suply

Lost in Love, Air Supply
Lost in Love, Air Supply

When you love, there is nothing better than feeling lost in that love, as this song by the duo formed by an Australian and an Englishman says, an unforgettable song, with a very extremely romantic and at the same time modern rhythm that never goes out of fashion.

Expert Tip: A peculiar lyric full of emotion that became a hymn to love, reached places of honor in the world charts, and there is no summary of the 70s where it is not present.

16. Have You Ever Seen the Rain, Credence

Have You Ever Seen the Rain, Credence
Have You Ever Seen the Rain, Credence

Hardly a lyric of any song causes more impact on the heart and feelings of a person than this wonderful song which speaks of how wonderful it is to see the rainfall while the sun shines, shows a poignant message where, although everything goes well.

Some problems will bring risks that compromise joy and happiness, it is pure feeling turned into art through music. Among the remarkable curiosities, this is one of the songs in which its interpreters have recorded in one take, has been covered by great artists such as Bonnie Tyler, Rod Stewart, Allison Moorer, Willie Nelson, and many more.

17. KISS AND SAY GOODBYE, The Manhattans

We could not miss this spectacular ballad, considered immortal, and that makes the skin bristle to anyone who listens to them, composed by Winfred Lovett, and performed by the group The Manhattans.

Marked an era in love music, a sad farewell is the main theme, a lyric to cry of feeling, with the spectacular vocalizations of Gerald Alston and Winfred “Blue” Lovett, this last one mistakenly was confused with Barry White.

And there are those who assure that the voice of entrance of the song is of White but the reality is that this interpretation is of Mr. Lovett, who was mistakenly confused with Barry White and there are those who assure that the voice of entrance of the song is of White, but the reality is that this interpretation is of Mr. Lovett, Lovett.

18. I Will Always Love You, Dolly Parton

I Will Always Love You, Dolly Parton
I Will Always Love You, Dolly Parton

A beautiful love song that curiously has its origins in the breakup of a working relationship and not loves, however it became over time one of the most romantic songs in the history of music, over the years it was masterfully interpreted by the late Whitney Houston as the main theme of the famous movie “The Bodyguard”.

19. Derek And The Dominos, Layla

When talking about love songs, we cannot forget this song, one of the great compositions of the famous Eric Clapton, where the riff and the slides, combined with the acoustic guitar and the sounds of the piano complemented a wonderfully sentimental musical work with a message of love, nostalgic and touching that reached a great success in world music.

20. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Diana Ross

Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Diana Ross
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Diana Ross

A beautiful song that got Diana Ross a Grammy nomination, the song makes a very authentic description of what real love is, a true love, unconditional, selfless, and loyal, that will always be there, no matter what happens no matter how high a mountain is. that love will cross it to be by your side, a song to never forget.

In summary, the 70s left us a musical legacy that will hardly be surpassed by other rhythms, it was an era that exalted love, in melodies full of feeling and an overflowing passion to live to the fullest the mandates of the heart.

A time of great composers and performers of music that will never go out of fashion, because even today the youngest are attracted to the love songs 70s. and its contagious rhythms and enjoy them as if they were current

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