Karaoke Duets: 20 Karaoke Duet Songs

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Do you have a passion for singing? Are you having difficulties choosing the best karaoke song to sing at your next gathering? Karaoke is such an amazing activity to do with friends and family, but some of us are shy and like a little help on the stage. Whether your stage consists of your living room, backyard, or karaoke bar.

Having someone on the stage with you will always help ease the nerves. Now you may be wondering what type of songs can you and your partner sing to please the crowd and get the party going. Have no fear. We have composed a list of the top 20 best karaoke duets.

1. I Finally Found Someone- Barbara Streisand & Bryan Adams

This song is simply miraculous. This power duo sings about the journey to love began. “Started over coffee, we started as friends, it’s funny how from simple things the best things begin”. This song will always be a crowd-pleaser and will instantly get people all sorts of in their crazy feelings, especially if they are a sucker for love.

This also would make a wonderful wedding song if you are into that kind of thing, but we are only talking about karaoke songs so I guess I need to slow my roll but this song is so magical it will have you thinking about all sorts of crazy outlandish ideas. Seriously, add this song to your catalog of songs and you will not regret it!

2. With You I’m Born Again- Billy Preston& Syreeta Wright

This song is talking about two love birds going on about how with each other they are whole again. It is as though they were lost without one another and then suddenly found each other and that with each other they can truly be who they have always been but have not been able to be with perhaps past partners.

That is truly a wonderful thing if you can be fully yourself when you are with that special someone in your life, you have truly struck gold. This song will substantially get you in your “feels”.

3. It Takes Two- Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston

This song is one that we have all grown up listening to. It has been played on many occasions, perhaps in a movie, a commercial, or just randomly over the years. I always thought that this song would not have such a simple title but the song just makes the title seem so perfect.

The duo is just going over how it takes two to accomplish anything worth having. “It takes two babies. It takes two babies, me and you, it takes two, to make a dream come true”. Such simple words but the words pack a heavy emphasis on teamwork and how when you have a person who is willing to help then the task becomes so much easier.

4. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now(Starship) Cover by HSCC

This song is such an upbeat and uplifting song. It is a fast-paced song about two people who are planning to take on the world together and how nothing will stop them from chasing and achieving their dreams as long as they have one another.

5. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart- Elton John& KeKe Lee

This song is another classic that we all know and love. This fun song is about having found love and not wanting the other person to break their heart and treat them as if they are nothing. A fun fact about this song is that it was recorded two days after Elton’s 29th birthday. Could you imagine creating such a hit at such a young age?

Expert Tip: Try this one out at your next karaoke party and I am positive the crowd will go wild. It is a song that everyone knows or even if they don’t know it. it is so catchy that the heads will start bopping guaranteed!

6. Reuinted- Peaches and Herb

This song is such a smooth and sultry ballad it is would be severe injustice to not put it on this list. This song is another one of those that you just somehow know the words to and you don’t even know why.

“Reunited and it feels so good” is such a repetitious verse in the song and I am sure many of you can agree that we all know that snippet is like the back of our hand but as for the rest of the verses? Well, that’s why there are lyrics to help guide us through.

As sweet and subtle and sultry as this song is, you would assume that this song was written between two lovers who had deep feelings for one another. It is a hidden fact that this song was not written “from the heart”, but it was a result of two of the most creative and expressive songwriters coming up with a song to add to their show. Simply Business.

7. Under Pressure- Queen and David Bowie

Oh, how this song brings back memories! I swear I have listened to this song more times than I would like to admit. This song can be heard in many movies, at festivals being sung as covers, at your family gatherings, this song is such a classic.

A little fun fact about this gem is that this song was on Queens’s greatest hits list in the United States, but at the same time, it was released as a single. It wasn’t until six months later that this song was released on the United Kingdom(UK) album.

8. The Way We Were-Barbara Streisand7 Lionel Richie

This song has a sweet and subtle softness that is much needed. This song is going over how there are many memories that have been made with a special someone over the years.

The song is talking about how there have been so many memories that were made that were beautiful but there are times when people have to forget the memories because it is too painful to remember and relive the memories. This song won the Academy Awards for Best song in 1974 and won a Grammy for song of the year in 1975.

9. Unforgettable- Natalie and Nat King Cole

This is a song of love, this song mainly talks about how you have chosen a person and they are so deeply ingrained in every thought of yours that makes them so unforgettable.

It sounds as though the artist had come to some form of premonition as they approached the end of the song saying that it is amazing how someone that is so unforgettable to them, thought that they were unforgettable too. Now if that isn’t true love then I don’t know what is.

Natalie cole had some large shoes to fill with having such a superstar father. Natalie was a mere six years old when she was performing on Christmas albums with her father. This song is one of the classics that will always be considered one of the best karaoke duets.

10. If I Told You That- Whitney Houston& George Michael

This song is a hidden gem that’s for sure. This upbeat and fast-paced song is more than likely to get the party started. You would never expect this song to be such a hit, but it brings out the best of both of the artists.

This song is about how two friends are best of friends but have developed deeper feelings for one another, but they were unaware of how things would change if they were to tell each other about how they truly feel.

I know many people have been in this same predicament where you have been so into a person, but you were not aware of the potential repercussions that disclosing those innermost feelings would bring.

Expert Tip: This would be an amazing song to sing with a friend who you have feelings for as a way to test the waters and break the ice in that awkward situation.

11. The Boy Is Mine – Brandy&Monica

This song is so nostalgic for me. It brings back so many memories, of layered shirts and oversized belts with big chunky flip flops and bell-bottom jeans. This song is such a fun song to listen to.

It is really just Monica and Brandy going back and forth with each other talking about how they are better than one another and how the boy that they were seeing was going to be with one of them and only one.

12. My Boo- Usher& Alicia Keys

This song, just like the previous song mentioned, is so nostalgic. This song was so popular in the early 2000s. This song is talking about how two people fell in love when they were younger and they knew at that time that they would always belong to one another and they.

“There’s always that one person who will always have your heart” that lyric is so true for so many people. Have you ever experienced such love with a person that you knew that no matter what they were always going to be in your heart?

Usher and Alicia Keys did a wonderful job portraying a couple who was no longer together but still were constantly thinking about one another and just going over the memories that they used to share.

13. Lonely Tonight- Blake Shelton&Ashley Monroe

“I can be there in five, one more one last time.” This song was such a classic and an absolute fan favorite. This song is based on a couple who has split up for the time and how much they truly miss each other and how they don’t want to be lonely for the night, and how much they need and want one another.

This is one of the best country-style karaoke duets. This song is so simple but packed full with so many emotions that everyone can relate to. This song is one that will certainly get the crowd in their “feels”.

14. Industry Baby- Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow

This is definitely a non-traditional song that people would assume should not go on the best karaoke duet song list, however, this song is so fun especially if you are younger or into rap and r&b.

This song was released in July 2021 and as of today, this song has over 245 MILLION youtube views so that doesn’t speak to how popular this song is. I don’t know what will. This song should be performed if you are looking to get the crowd “Hype”.

15. WAP- Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion

Going along with #14 on this list is this song WAP. This is an extremely explicit song, however, if you are just having a night in with your and karaoke is on the list of activities, this is one song that should not be overlooked.

Although this song is extremely explicit in nature, it does pack a powerful punch with two strong dominant females who are just “killing the game” so to speak. These women made such an impact with the release of this song back in 2020.

So, if you and your friends are just looking to have fun and dance and do karaoke and you are a fan of Rap music, this song is an absolute must.

16. Fancy- Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX

This song is such a game-changer. If you are wanting to go for a really fun karaoke song to sing with your friends, and just flex on the crowd, this would be the song to do it with. Iggy Azalea is such an underrated female rap artist, however, this song was one of her first big hits, and rightfully so.

17. From Here To The Moon and Back-Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton

This song has always been and will always be a fan favorite. This song can be interpreted in so many different ways. The softness felt in this song is so pure. Dolly and Willie made a song about the depths that they will go for the one that they love. This is a great song to sing on any occasion especially if you are with your loved ones.

“From here, to the moon and back, who else in this world, will love you like that?” now that, that is the deepest form of love that one could ever profess.

18. Easy- Rascal Flatts and Natasha Beddingfield

This song is another classic love song based on a breakup. This song goes over how after a breakup it is extremely easy to portray that you are perfectly fine, however, the truth is that it is more than difficult.

“It’s easy, going out on Friday night, easy every time I see him out. I can smile, live it up, the way a single girl does, but what he doesn’t know is how hard it is to make it look so easy”. This song can be such an amazing song to sing at your next karaoke get-together.

19. Somethin’ Bad About To Happen- Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood

This is a fast-paced country song, sung by two of Country Music’s most powerhouse vocalists. These two women are singing about how they were out and just getting into a little bit of trouble and they can only recall a few details of their night but they know that it had to be something bad.

Expert Tip: This song would be great for two best friends to sing to get the crowd pumped up.

20. Slow Jam- Usher and Monica

This is by far one of the best R&B ballads of the early 2000s. This song is about two lovers who danced and fell in love on a slow jam. Literally, this song has such simple lyrics however the meaning behind the words is what matters.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were able to dance with someone and fall in love? Or maybe love at first sight? This song has been played in many movies, as well as TV shows. Although this song would be considered one that you would typically slow dance to. no rule says you can not be the one to sing it.

This song would be best suited for people who are romantically involved due to the intense passion that both artists contributed to this amazing ballad. A little fun fact about these two incredible artists is that they dated briefly for about eight months in 1995.

So, if you are ever wondering why there was so much passion that was brought in this song, that would be why.

Now that you have a list of the top 20 best karaoke duets. I hope that you can rock out at your next karaoke party. These songs are classics that everyone will love and enjoy. Do you have any songs that you enjoy singing as a karaoke duet that was not listed here in this list? Please comment down below, we would love to hear your suggestions!

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