Songs With Baby In Lyrics: 25 Songs With Baby In It For You

Baby, what a simple word, just two syllables, yet so many possible meanings. From romantic love to simple everyday use, you may have heard this word in various situations without even noticing. It just feels so natural.

However, if I ask you to think about a song that contains baby in the lyrics, you will probably answer in no time. Thanks to the various meanings and use cases, indeed, this word is present in all genres of music: rap, pop, rock, and the list goes on.

But what about songs with baby in the title? A little bit more difficult but not impossible at all. Do you need a little help? We listed for you the best 25 songs that present baby in the title, without particular order. Will your guess be on the list?

songs with baby in the title

1. Baby Boy – Beyonce feat Sean Paul

Let’s start with an evergreen. This song was written by Beyonce in collaboration with Sean Paul, Robert Waller, Scott Stoch and Jay-Z. It was a great success and was released as the second single from Beyonce’s first album Dangerously in Love (2003).

“Baby Boy” is mainly an R&B and Dancehall song but present also characteristics of reggae and Arabic music. The lyrics describe the fantasies of a woman and are constructed with toast-chorus-verse form.

2. I Had a baby – Sinead O’Connor

Moving on we find a rock song from one of the most fascinating voices of the ’90s and ’80s. This song describes the difficulties a child suffers when abandoned by a parent figure. This song, like many others from this singer, transmits power, rhythm, and a deep message. Listening to it is surely an amazing journey.

3. Runaway baby – Bruno Mars

If you are searching for a song that will turn on the dancer inside you. Bruno Mars is the artist for you. With a well-studied combination of funk, soul, and rock this single is able to shake also the most boring days. The piece is part of Mars’s debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans (2010) and. despite the cheerful groove, it describes a complicated love story.

4. Love to love you baby – Donna Summer

Every song list must have a great classic in it and. in our case. Donna Summer and her single ‘Love to love you baby* is what we need.

From the homonym album, this piece was released in 1975 and helped the diffusion of the famous disco music of the late 70s. In the first phase, the piece was just three minutes long and was entitled “love to love”, but then, thanks to the Casablanca Records director Neil Bogart, it became longer than 10 minutes with the modified title.

The BBC banned the promotion of this single due to the sexiest simulated orgasms (at least 23 according to the BBC) that the song contains even on vinyl. However, its success was unstoppable both in US and UK. where it became even #4 on the UK Singles Chart

5. Baby one more time – Britney Spears

In one way or another, you surely have heard the name of Britney Spears, one of the artists that represent a cultural turning point of the ’90s. “Baby one more time” was her debut song and is part of the homonymous album.

Its triumph was incredible and became the most successful song in history for a such young singer since Britney Spears at that time was still a teenager. Radio, television, and channels like MTV contributed heavily to the success of the song, which talks about the end of a love story, where the singer hopes to get in touch again with the ex.

Expert Tip: Max Martin wrote the lyrics and the song was produced by Martin, Denniz Pop, and Rami and represented Spears’s most successful single.

6. I’ll be your baby tonight- Bob Dylan

A pearl from Bob Dylan, released in 1967 on the album John Wesley Harding and interpreted afterward as a cover by different artists. What surprises in this piece is its pure country soul, which is not what Dylan is commonly associated with.

It is a love ballad that differs from the other songs on the same album. Indeed, the main theme of John Wesley Harding seems to be focused on salvation, deceit, deception, and so on. but not in this track, here the love of a woman offers shelter from dispair.

7. (You are so Square) Baby I don’t care – Elvis Presley

With twenty years of activity, we could not miss one of the most famous singers in history. The King. Even if different songs in Elvis’s albums present the word “baby” in the title, we present you this one.

“Baby I don’t care” was written in 1975 by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller and became famous thanks to two different versions: the one from Elvis Presley and the one by Buddy Holly. Elvis’s version was released in the EP entitled Jailhouse Rock. Listening to this version you will find yourself dancing like “Elvis the Pelvis’.

8. Brooklyn Baby – Lana Del Rey

This piece is a single from the US singer Lana Del Rey and can be found inside the album Utraviolence (2014). This song was written by Barrie O’Neill and produced by Dan Auerbach. With her characteristic and well-known voiceprint. Lana Del Rey targets the New York hipster subculture.

The song received has been a success and transports the listener in a dreamy experience, as typically happens with Lana Del Rey’s music.

9. Baby come home – Scissor sisters

This song is the second single from the Scissor sisters’ fourth album Magic Hour and was released in 2021. The song is originally written by Jhon Legend. Jason Sellars, and Scott Hoffman. “Baby come home” well reflects the Dance and Pop vibes of the US band founded in New York in 2000.

10. Always be my baby – Mariah Carey

Coming back to R&B. in this song Mariah Carey talks about true love, the one that remains even when all the odds are against it. ’Always be my baby” was released in 1996 and is a soulful song with a positive message that will put you in a good mood.

11. Tell me Baby – Red Hot Chili Peppers

There are songs that echo in the memory as soon as you listen to the first notes. That’s the case with most Red Hot Chili Peppers’ tracks. “Tell me baby” may not be one of the most known Red Hot pieces, but is surely a pleasure to listen to.

It was released in 2006 inside the album Stadium Arcadium and reflects the Indie/alternative vibes of the band. The theme of the song is the struggle of all people that come to a big town searching for fame and fortune and describes how the story is different for each person.

12. Baby it’s you – Shirelles

“Baby it’s you” is a song from Shirelles and was released in 1962 as a single. Originally it was written by Burt Bacharach. Luther Dixon, and Mack David. The piece became a success and different artists made its cover, like Beatles. Smith, and The Carpenters.

After the great acclamation of the single, the Shirelles released a homonym album containing the song. If you are looking for some R&B vibes, you should give it a try.

13. Feel on baby – The Rolling Stones

Directly from 1983. The Rolling Stones with “Feel on baby”, a track in the album Undercover. One of the most popular UK rock bands of all time, with their mix of rock and blues that raised from the ’50s Rock and Roll The lead voice of this song, was Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood on electric guitar. The bass was played by Bill Wyman and the drums by Charlie Watts.

14. Ice Ice baby – Vanilla Ice

This hit was released in 1989. From the first notes you could think it is extremely similar to “Under Pressure” by Queen, however, it soon detaches from it. Soon after its release, it became one of the most famous songs in clubs, homes, and radio. The song theme is quite simple and describes a weekend spent with a friend.

15. Baby don’t lie – Gwen Stefani

This song was written by Gwen Stefany herself in collaboration with Ryan Tedder. Benny Blanco, and Noel Zancanella. From the very beginning, the rhythm will transport you in a mid-pop atmosphere with reggae influences, where the singer describes the uncertainties and insecurities that can be present in a relationship.

Expert Tip: This track is the second single of the artist that, at the beginning of her career was the vocalist of the band No Doubt.

16. Baby come home – Led Zeppelin

Another famous and fundamental name enters our list, the Led Zeppelin with their son “Baby come home”, which was recorded during the sessions dedicated to their debut album Led Zeppelin I.

However, it was not one of the album’s tracks and was not released until 1933. where it found its place inside the compilation Box Set2. “Baby come home” can be found also in the bonus tracks of the album Coda, in The Complete Studio Recording and in Definitive Collection Mini LP Replica CD Boxset

17. Dream baby dream – Bruce Springsteen

We already had kings and queens on our list, thus it was worth mentioning The Boss. Bruce Springsteen. With his single released in 1979. Springsteen presented this song by the band Suicide written by Martin Rev and Alan Vega.

The song will be inserted in the album High hopes (2014) and soon engage the listener with the Boss peculiar voice and the soft guitar in a crescendo of emotions.

18. My baby – Janis Joplin

Another famous name. Janis Joplin, the queen of blues, in one of the tracks of her last album Pearl released four months after her sudden death in 1970. The curious case of this song is part of the great number of misunderstood song messages.

From the title, the fan. at the time of the release (1971). thought that Joplin was referring to her pregnancy, but it was not the case. The song speaks about a person close to the singer, her father, to whom she was very attached.

19. Baby – Ashanti

This song is part of the artist’s self-titled debut album Ashanti (2002) and it was released as her third single. Although the artist’s career wasn’t as long as the ones of other singers on this list, she provided great music content that is still in vogue today.

With “Baby” the singer had great success, also thanks to the other writer that contributed to the track: Irving Lorenzo, Mike Dean, Andre Parker, and Brad Jordan.

20. Baby doll – The Fratellis

Let’s move to Scotland, where, directly from Glasgow we can listen to the rock band called The Fratellis. born in 2005. The band is composed of a lead vocalist Jon Fratelli. a bassist Barry Fratellis, and a drummer Mince Fratellis, who both work greatly also as back vocalists.

You probably know two of their most famous song “Chelsea Dagger” and “Whistle for the Choir”, which were in the top ten hits of the UK chart. As these masterpieces. “Baby doll” has a good rhythm and sticks into your mind.

21. Baby be mine – Michael Jackson

This song is the second single extracted from the artist’s sixth album Thriller and was released in 1982. Like many other songs in the career of Michael Jackson “Baby be mine” was written by Rod Temperton.

Expert Tip: The lyrics describe the emotions of a new relationship with a girl, whom the singer is in love with and asks to commit to him.

It was released to promote the album and had great success mostly in US and UK. However, strangely Michael never performed it live in his tours.

22. Be my baby – The Ronettes

This song was released in 1963 produced by Phil Spector and written by Phil Spector. Jeff Barry, and Ellie Greenwich. The female trio The Ronettes performed it accompanied by the percussions of Hal Blaine.

This piece represents a milestone for the following pop music and is one of the most known songs of its time, as confirmed by its #22 place in the 500 best songs according to Rolling Stone magazine.

23. One for My Baby (And One More for the Road) – Frank Sinatra

This hit was written by Harold Arlen and Jonny Merced. Although at the beginning it was performed by Fred Astaire, it became popular thanks to Frank Sinatra’s execution. The song was recorded more than once in Sinatra’s career and is present in different albums.

The theme was probably inspired by the long and extramarital affair that Mercer had with Judy Garland, even if greatly hidden under the lyrics which resemble a one-sided conversation.

24. Sleep like a baby tonight – U2

From the album Songs of innocence by U2. this track is one of the rawest songs of the band. The main theme is already dark enough talking about the atrocities committed by clerical officials to the poor souls that are in search of consolation.

Bono’s performance in the middle of the song could recall the desperate shout of the victims. The final guitar solo drags you deeper and deeper in the despair the band wants to convey. Once again a great piece from this Irish rock band founded in Dublin in 1976 and still very in vogue.

25. My baby just cares for me – Nina Simone

Last but not least a great name, a singer, pianist, and activist: Nina Simone whose fabulous voice wanders from jazz and soul to blues folk and gospel. This piece was written by Walter Donaldson with the words of Gus Khan in 1930 and is principally known for Nina Simone’s interpretation in 1958.

The track was recorded for Nina Simone’s debut album Little Girl Blue but remained in the shadow until 1987 when it was chosen as the soundtrack for the Chanel No. 5 advertisement. Following the popularity obtained through the commercial advertisements, it was released as a single by Charly Records and became one of the most successful songs of the artist.

List of songs with baby in the title

Songs with “baby” in the title are numerous. Today we will list out 25 of them.

  • Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
  • Baby Grand – Billy Joel
  • Baby Ride Easy Out – Johnny Cash
  • Feel On Baby – The Rolling Stones
  • Be My Baby – Ariana Grande
  • I’m Your BabyTonight – Whitney Houston
  • Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long – Brian Wilson
  • Baby Don’t Forget My Number – Milli Vanilli
  • Ghetto Baby – Cheryl
  • Walkin’ My Baby Back Home – Nat King Cole
  • Baby – LL Cool J
  • There Goes My Baby – Usher
  • Tell Me Baby – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Baby Come Back To Bed – Rumer
  • I Can’t Quit You Baby – Led Zeppelin
  • Born To Be My Baby – Jon Bon Jovi
  • Love Struck Baby – Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Baby – Justin Bieber
  • Baby’s In Black – The Beatles
  • There Goes My Baby – Enrique Iglesias
  • Rock-A-Hula Baby – Elvis Presley
  • Baby One More Time – Britney Spears
  • Baby Be Mine – Michael Jackson
  • One For My Baby – Frank Sinatra\
  • Brenda’s Got A Baby – Tupac Shakur

We arrived at the end of our journey through the best 25 songs with baby in the title. In the list, we inserted a brief description of each song and some curiosity linked to it. We have traveled in time from the ’50s to the present day but we did not limit to that. We moved to different countries, with different cultural backgrounds.

Furthermore, we tried a great number of musical genres: from rock and alternative music to blues and R&B. passing through disco and pop. That’s why the list you have just read is in no particular order, indeed, the word “baby’ has no restriction or borders.Wherever you look, whatever your musical taste is. you will find it. cause, as we stated at the beginning, it just feels so natural.

Clearly, there are so many other great songs that could be inserted. Comment if your guess was one of the ones we inserted. Are there songs you would change or add? It was a pleasure to travel with you. and we hope to see you again on the next journey.

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