Here’s The Best Equalizer For Bass In 2022

Best Equalizer Settings For Bass

Boosted bass is every audiophile’s dream. Sometimes, we just can’t get enough of that low pulsating, melodic thump-thump that you hear and feel as it blasts out of your high-fidelity mini speakers. Are you an avid audio enthusiast who can’t seem to get enough of those satisfying low and soothing notes? Or are you a … Read more

15 Songs With A Good Beat: A Full List

Steady Beat Songs

Are you the kind of person who likes music that almost forces you to snap your fingers to its good groove? Can you not be fussed with a soppy ballad? The kind of person who craves a decent beat to work out or even walk out to? Steady beats really are the way to go, … Read more

25 Songs About Being Lonely & Feeling Alone

Songs About Loneliness

Have you ever wanted to rock out to some music about being lonely? If you have, this blog post is perfect for you! It will be showcasing 25 of the best songs about loneliness that all rockers can enjoy. This list will include heavy hitters like See You Again by Wiz Khalifa feat Charlie Puth. … Read more

Raps About Life: 3 Powerful Songs To Listen Too

Rap Lyrics About Life

Music truly makes the world go round. Without music, the fourth would be incredibly dull and unexciting. Music allows people to share their stories, opinions, and beliefs with audiences globally. While the people who listen get to relate to the word being spoken and enjoy the artist’s style and creativity. One of the best parts … Read more