Rap Ideas: 8 Good Rapping Topics To Inspire You

rap topics

This article focuses on rap song ideas and topics that can help you kick start your career in rap music. If you’re an experienced rapper or even a beginner, we collated an ultimate list of rap song ideas and topics you can use. If you want to come up with a catchy rap song, you’ll … Read more

How To Sing In Falsetto: Tips & Tricks

how to sing falsetto

To develop a falsetto voice, you must pull your vocal cords thinner and longer. When singing falsetto or higher pitched notes, many people raise their face and chin up higher, whereas they pull their chin inwards when performing lower notes. Introduction Falsetto is often perceived as the highest type of singing voice. However, this isn’t … Read more

NYC Jazz Clubs: Everything You Need To Know

Jazz Clubs NYC

The city that never sleeps is bursting with entertainment. Music is a huge part of the scene and venues catering to every music genre can be discovered in all corners of the city. One of the oldest, and most popular, clubs within NYC are the notorious jazz clubs. At any time of the day, or … Read more

How To Rap For Beginners: 11 Things You Have To Know

how to rap

Eminem, Tupac, Dr. Dre, Rakim, Travis Scott, J. Cole, and Kanye West. I am confident that you know who these people are. They are popular in the music industry, specifically in rapping. Rapping is an undeniably challenging talent to develop. You cannot master it overnight. To learn how to rap, you should know the proper … Read more

30+ Sexy Songs To Play In The Bedroom

Songs About Sex

Many songs about sex have been written by top-performing artists. These musicians have many things to say about sex acts. That has spurred controversy and other discussions about the content of the songs. These songs might win over fans, but also generate buzz in other ways as well. The effort to understand the songs will … Read more

Country Love Songs That Are Perfect For Your Wedding

Country Love Songs

Who doesn’t love dreamy country love songs? Country love songs have their own particular style. Singers and songwriters in the country genre have a talent for writing comforting songs that depict challenging situations. While love songs may be found in any genre of music, country music is unique. The simplicity and sweetness of the words … Read more

Types Of Musical: Genres Of Musicals Explained

Is there a common thread running across all musicals? Is that all there is to musicals? Tragedies and romance, drama and satire. For more than a century, musicals have been a popular option among theatergoers. If they want to engage their audience in their tale or stage play, musical artists need to be able to … Read more