30+ Sexy Songs To Play In The Bedroom

Songs About Sex

Many songs about sex have been written by top-performing artists. These musicians have many things to say about sex acts. That has spurred controversy and other discussions about the content of the songs. These songs might win over fans, but also generate buzz in other ways as well. The effort to understand the songs will … Read more

Country Love Songs That Are Perfect For Your Wedding

Country Love Songs

Who doesn’t love dreamy country love songs? Country love songs have their own particular style. Singers and songwriters in the country genre have a talent for writing comforting songs that depict challenging situations. While love songs may be found in any genre of music, country music is unique. The simplicity and sweetness of the words … Read more

Types Of Musical: Genres Of Musicals Explained

Is there a common thread running across all musicals? Is that all there is to musicals? Tragedies and romance, drama and satire. For more than a century, musicals have been a popular option among theatergoers. If they want to engage their audience in their tale or stage play, musical artists need to be able to … Read more

21 Of The Best Merengue Songs For You In 2022

Are you’re ready to start dancing merengue? If so, it’s important that you have the right music on hand. After all, it doesn’t matter how well you can shim and dance if the song doesn’t get you moving. That’s why we have put together this list of the best merengue songs to get you moving. … Read more

Love Songs From The 70s: The 70s Love Songs List

The 70s for many people in the world have meant the best time of music, leaving behind the hippie era, in those times without a great variety of options on TV, no cell phones, and less internet, music occupied the first place in the entertainment options of people, radios, movies, and record sales have never … Read more

XLR vs 1/4: Everything You Need To Know About The Two


The two commonly used audio ports or connectors are the XLR and 1/4 inch. Veteran audio engineers use both and are well-versed in their distinction. However, for beginners, the rationale for choosing one over the other is not yet clear. People easily associate the term XLR with microphone cables, while the 1/4 inch with the … Read more

Easy Metal Songs: 20 Easy Metal Riffs To Rock Out Too

easy metal songs

An easy way to learn and jam with some metal songs is by learning and playing the easy guitar riffs for popular metal songs. Metal music has been through a lot of phases and changes over the years. With guitars for metal becoming more and more popular, people have been mostly focusing on the guitar-based … Read more

Punk Girl Bands: 5 Punk Rock Girl Bands That Will Inspire You

female punk bands

Spanning more than six decades the music genre and subculture known as ‘punk’ has gone through many changes and generations but the angsty spirit of the music has never withered away. This is especially true for female punk bands over the years with their often feminist approach to an already politically-charged genre, they could play … Read more