30+ Sexy Songs To Play In The Bedroom

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Many songs about sex have been written by top-performing artists. These musicians have many things to say about sex acts. That has spurred controversy and other discussions about the content of the songs. These songs might win over fans, but also generate buzz in other ways as well.

The effort to understand the songs will help many new fans. These fans are ready to listen and follow along with the lyrics. Try to understand the artist and what they mean with the songs. That can illuminate what the songs actually mean in real-time. The songs are perhaps the best idea for romantic partners who want to enjoy the music.

Songs About Sex

Rihanna – Sex With Me

The performances by Rihanna have changed the world of music. Sex With Me is one of her latest songs to hit the radio. She is serious about the lyrics and wants to share her love with the fans. Sex With Me is one song people need to hear from Rihanna as well.

Nine Inch Nails – Closer

Nine Inch Nails quickly gained fame in the 90s thanks to their Closer song. That same song has hit the airwaves with renewed interest. The fan base has rapidly followed their work and wants to follow what they do. The Closer song made the band famous and continues to be popular too.

Ciara – Body Party

Ciara has become a top artist in her own right lately. Her song Body Party is one example of her music. That exemplifies songs about sex and gives fans a reason to enjoy her music. That is the perfect option on the market these days. She is hoping to add to her fame with the song too.

D’Angelo – How Does It Feel

The emotions in How Does It Feel are clear. D’Angelo has quickly risen to the ranks of top performers in the world. He is a top songwriter because of his talent for music. How Does It Feel provides emotions and great beats at the same time. His music will change the world for a while too.

Cardi B – WAP

If there is one top musician, that is going to be Cardi B. Her song called WAP is one which people tend to enjoy. The songs about sex have to include WAP for a reason. That song generates a lot of positive buzz among the fans. People really enjoy the incredible artistry behind the song.

Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby

Love to Love You Baby is one song that is memorable. It is a classic and reminds people of their love for each other. The song has been alluring for a lot of real reasons. The song outputs emotion in ways that few would expect. The singer is devoted and that shows through in the song.

Divinyls – I Touch Myself

I Touch Myself is one song that reverberates with a lot of listeners. The music is charming and draws in many new fans. Divinyls is one band that has rapidly become a top icon for music lovers. I Touch Myself has many lyrics to follow. That adds to the overall appeal of the fan base.

Usher – Nice & Slow

The song by Usher is a memorable one for listeners. Fans tune in to hear Nice & Slow when they can do so. Usher is a top singer and his song has captivated the masses so far Nice & Slow is a song that has been popular for years. It has rapidly ascended to the top ranks of songs too.

The Kinks – You Really Got Me

The Kinks are a fan favorite and for a good cause. You Really Got Me has been featured in movies and other song listings. That song evokes some strong emotions in the fans who are following along. The Kinks have a way of connecting with the people. The song is perhaps a top draw.

Nicki Minaj – Feeling Myself

Nicki Minaj is a cult icon among the young adult crowd. These people want to hear something new from a pop artist. Feeling Myself is one such song that has a strong appeal to people. That is how the song has become a top listing on the radio. Feeling Myself is a must-hear song as well.

INXS – Need You Tonight

Romantic partners will get a kick out of Need You Tonight. INXS has rapidly risen to become a leading band in their own right. The singer has wowed the listeners with what they can do as well. Need You Tonight is going to be a top draw. True music fans will find romance in it as well.

Kelis – Milkshake

The Milkshake song is one that many people will recognize. The lyrics and music have captivated the interest of a lot of fans. The music sounds great and the lyrics inspire a love in the fans. Kelis is a singer who has rapidly been a leader. The songs are all about finding love in time.

Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

The Wicked Game song is an instant classic for romance fans. The music is endearing and the singer has a talent that is hard to deny. Chris Isaak has been a top singer for many years as well. Chris Isaak is a singer who does have some talent. His song will astound a lot of the listeners too.

Toni Braxton – You’re Making Me High

You’re Making Me High is one song that quickly rose to the charts. Toni Braxton is a singer who does have many talents. The lyrics are romantic and do evoke feelings of love. That is how many fans have been attracted to the song. Toni Braxton is a singer who has been a top draw as well.

Ariana Grande – God is a woman

The god is a woman song is controversial and alluring. Ariana Grande has proven to be a popular singer in her own right. The song called god is a woman will be a memorable option on the market. Take a listen and learn more about the lyrics. Then buy the album to hear it in a new way.

Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire

Kings of Leon is a band that has become a top draw. Sex on Fire is one of their most popular songs to date. That is all about love and represents the topic quite well. Kings of Leon hold a legion of fans because of love. Sex is a topic that they enjoy writing about with their latest album.

Adina Howard – Freak Like Me

Adina Howard has a flair for singing great new songs. Her love songs have amazed a lot of the fans. New listeners will want to hear Freak Like Me too. That will be popular and could change the love songs forever. Adina Howard has become a sexual icon in her own right these days too.

Selena Gomez – Hands to Myself

The song Hands to Myself is one unique entry into the market. The song is about love and will draw in many new fans. The listeners will be ready to hear new music in all-new ways as well. Love is a common aspect of the song and people enjoy it. That makes it a popular entry for romance.

Trey Songz – Slow Motion

Trey Songz is one singer who will be ready to perform. His Slow Motion song is prepared to be a long-lasting hit. Hear what new entries are on the way as well. Men and women seem to thoroughly enjoy that kind of music. Slow Motion is one song that has been a leading idea in real-time.

Rihanna – Kiss It Better

Kiss It Better is one song that has been at the top. The classic hit is going to be a great idea. Rihanna is a star like no other in the world. Her song listings are helping people to follow along in time. Rihanna has always been a sexual icon. Her performances often include some kind of sex.

Lil Nas X – Montero

Montero is the latest hit by a top-selling artist today. Lil Nas X has been acclaimed for the work that he does. Montero is a great romance song too. Lil Nas X has sex appeal and uses it in his music video. Watch the music video to see what he is doing. That has added sex appeal to the song.

Britney Spears – I’m A Slave 4 U

Britney Spears is one artist who always appeals to her fans. I’m A Slave 4 U is one song that talks about love. Love is a central topic in the song. Britney Spears has long used sex appeal in her music. It is no surprise that sex is featured in the song. Her stage performances are also sexual.

Khia – My Neck My Back

Hear Khia’s latest song and be enthralled by the entry. That song evokes strong feelings of love in time. The love song is perhaps a big hit too. Khia has sex appeal and that shows through in the song. That song could be remembered for a long time. Sex is a common theme in the song.

Depeche Mode – I Feel You

Depeche Mode is going to be a classic fan favorite. I Feel You is one song that has hit the airwaves. It is a classic in every sense of the word. Romance fans will find much sex appeal in that same song. I Feel You became a cult classic in the ’80s. Depeche Mode is one romantic band.

Trey Songz – Neighbors Know My Name

The Trey Songz list must include one song in particular. Neighbors Know My Name is a romantic hit for a reason. It does appeal to most fans too. Neighbors Know My Name will evoke sexual emotions. Listeners should be ready to turn on their sex drive. That is a classic hit like no other.

Etta James – Breaking Point

Etta James is a singer with broad appeal to the fans. Breaking Point has drawn in many new fans overall. They want to hear a romantic classic. Etta James has achieved sexual icon status. Her fans see her as a sex leader for a reason. Her connection with fans will be a big hit for them.

Fiona Apple – Criminal

The Criminal song does have romantic elements of love to it. Fiona Apple is renowned for her singing ability. She also writes about love often. Fiona Apple has many fans who see her as sexual. Her romantic feelings are imparted in the song. The song does have some sex elements in it.

Beyonce – Naughty Girl

Beyonce is one artist who has succeeded in the world. Her artistry is clear in the songs being made. Her love song will be great for couples. The stage performances by Beyonce are often sexual. Her body induces people to buy the album. That adds a new sex theme to the song too.

Selena Gomez – Good For You

Few would realize how much romance is in Good For You. But Selena Gomez has become a top star. Her singing ability is clear in the song. Sex is a topic that is focused upon in the song. Her fan base wants to hear her take on the topic. Sex could be a big facet of her latest song listings.

Miguel – Adorn

The Adorn song is a fan classic for a great reason. Miguel is a singer who has become more popular. His romantic lyrics appeal to many listeners. Miguel is one artist with strong sex appeal. His fans want to follow his work about sex. The songs about Sex have to include Adorn as one item.

Ying Yang Twins – Wait

The wait is a song that does have love to be found. The love aspects of the song can be heard. Ying Yang Twins are a group that does have fans. Wait does have many lyrics about sex in general. The sex themes tend to draw in many new fans. That is why Wait has become a top song today.

Salt N Pepa – Let’s Talk About Sex

The song called Let’s Talk About Sex is one great entry. Salt N Pepa has a way with the music. Their lyrics focus on love and other attributes.

Blackstreet – No Diggity

Blackstreet is a band that has become a leader in its own right. No Diggity is a love song that lures in fans. They love the thrilling music. No Diggity is a song that does mention sex. Blackstreet doesn’t shy away from the sexual themes. Those sex lyrics have been appealing to fans.

Ariana Grande – Side To Side

Fans tune in to hear the latest song from Ariana Grande. Side to Side is an entry that will appeal to listeners. It does focus on love in the lyrics. Ariana Grande is a young pop star with much sex appeal. Her stage antics include sexual dances. Her stage dances attract many new fans too.

Lil Wayne – Lollipop

The music for Lollipop is awe-inspiring. Most fans want to hear what is new from Lil Wayne. His music tends to impress many fans on the radio. Sex music fanatics have to listen to Lollipop. That is one song with many sexual references to follow. Lollipop is a listing with much about sex.

The Weekend – Earned It

Earned It has been a surprise hit for many reasons. The Weekend is a band that quickly became popular. Earned it has many love elements. The Weekend hopes to appeal to fans of sex songs. Songs about sex are rare, but they rapidly appeal to the fan base.

Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing

The Sexual Healing lyrics are a bit controversial. Marvin Gaye was famous for writing love lyrics. Romantic couples want to listen to his music. Marvin Gaye obtained everlasting sex appeal thanks to these songs. His fans know his songs include the mention of sex as a central topic too.

Frank Ocean – Thinking About You

Frank Ocean is an artist who has become much more popular. Thinking About You is his latest song. The song contains aspects related to love. Love is a big part of sex and people want to learn more about it. Sex has been a big hit for the band.

Sade – The Sweetest Taboo

Some people want to listen to new songs about love. The Sweetest Taboo is definitely a fine entry. Many radio stations now play the song. Sex is often a taboo topic and the song matches it perfectly. Sade is a band that isn’t afraid to discuss sex in full.

Aaliyah – Rock The Boat

The Aaliyah song has many people talking about love. Rock The Boat is one song that discusses love. Aaliyah was a leading artist in singing. Aaliyah was once a sexual icon in her own right. Her lyrics have amazed many new fans with the sexual content.

Azealia Banks – 212

Azealia Banks has a flair for writing great love songs. Her song entitled 212 is a classic upon arrival. That same song has become a top draw for radio fans. Azealia Banks is one recording artist with some serious talent. Her songs tend to focus on love-related concepts for her fan base.

Elvis – Blue Hawaii

It is hard to imagine, but 60 years have passed since Blue Hawaii was released. Elvis remains one of the leading artists in the world today. His songs always focus on the finer details of love. Romance is a central component of his songs as well. Elvis is a top artist in his era as well.

Mariah Carey – Vision of Love

The Vision of Love song is a memorable one for listeners. Mariah Carey became a big star in a short time span. Her instant rise to stardom is because she writes great songs. Her love songs are memorable enough for the fan base. The romantic elements can still be heard in the song.

Wish – Friday I’m In Love

Wish is one band which had amassed many fans. Friday I’m In Love is a song that touches the heart. Wish has become a top band thanks to its musical talent. Hear what notes they hit and understand the song lyrics. The Wish band is going to be influential in a lot of new ways as well.

Buster – A Groovy Kind of Love

Buster has been popular because they appeal to emotions. Music fans have been loving the song for a while now. Buster is a band that has become a leading choice. Their love songs won over a lot of fans in the 80s. That decade saw the rise of a lot of famous love songs over time.

Elton John – Your Song

Elton John is a singer who wants to appeal to his fans. His love songs have rapidly risen to the charts for a reason. Your Song is a love-related song with many nice lyrics. Couples can enjoy the song together as they see fit. Your Song has been a top choice and radio stations will play it often.

Count Three & Pray – Take My Breath Away

Count Three & Pray has a great love song for their fans. Take My Breath Away has actually been featured in top movies. Hollywood movies focus on the love-related themes in the song. The romantic elements will add to the power of the song. Take My Breath Away is a memorable entry.

Spirit – Bleeding Love

Spirit is a band that is going to be a top choice. Bleeding Love has won over the hearts of a lot of people. Bleeding Love can be one such song that thrills the interest of couples. Spirit is a band that is going to be remembered forever. Their songs are always a top draw for the people.

Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are

Bruno Mars is a memorable name in the recording artistry scene. Just The Way You Are will be a romantic hit. The song does have some love elements and that is a big appeal. Most fans want to hear all about the song and what it showcases. Just The Way You Are is a top draw as well.

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