Here are The Top 25 Rap Radio Stations You Need To Tune Into!

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According to Billboard, rap and hip hop are the most widely-listened-to musical genres in the US, accounting for over a third of all streams. The greatest rap radio stations use their web platforms to continuously broadcast top-notch rap music both at home and abroad.

These radio stations are important for music fans and rap enthusiasts who want to stay on top of the most recent news and interviews with the hottest rappers. Some of them have also been instrumental in the birth of countless careers. However, despite rap’s enduring appeal, finding the greatest rap radio stations may pose quite a difficulty.

Taking a look at their favorite musical genres, top programs, and most famous guests, this list includes the best 25 rap radio stations in America.

Rap Radio Stations

1. Hot 97 97.1 FM WQHT-FM – New York, New York

  • Type Of Station: Local/Online
  • For Fans of Hip-Hop, Urban Contemporary

The Mediaco Holding-hosted and Emmis Communications-run station makes the claim to be the first hip-hop music-only station in the whole world. Starting off as an experimental station, HOT 97 swiftly developed into a pioneer in radio history. It is now the favorite station for trendsetters and influencers in the NY hip-hop scene.

According to HOT 97, the station is an accurate reflection of New York City’s whole culture, variety, and personality.

The HOT 97 broadcast is the ideal size to stay flexible and innovative with the music it plays while attracting incredible talent, despite not being the largest radio station on the market. Even social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter allow you to communicate with the radio station.

Hot 97 is recognized for its varied blend of some of the biggest musicians in the music industry, much like the best hip-hop record pools.

2. Power 105.1, WWPR-FM

  • Type Of Sation: Online/Local
  • Location: New York
  • For Fans Of Urban Contemporary, Hip-Hop, RnB

Given that Power 105.1 is a station owned by iHeart Media, it should not be surprising that the station has a huge online audience on top of its local audience. Along with a good selection of hip hop, RnB, and urban contemporary rap, the station has a number of well-known programs that are also available as podcasts.

DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God have hosted The Breakfast Club, the station’s most popular program, since 2010. “The World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show” as they say.

When one of the station’s DJs, Troi Torain, was arrested for acting in a hostile manner, the station found itself in considerable controversy nonetheless, this had little of an effect on the station’s general listenership. Power 105.1 broadcasts over the whole New York metropolitan region.

3. Streetz 94.5 FM

  • Type Of Sation: Local FKM
  • Online Location: Atlanta
  • For Fans Of Hip Hop

Streetz 94.5 has been dishing up the finest of current urban hip-hop from a local plate. The station’s main base is Atlanta, Georgia, however, comments on reveal that fans are tuning in from all around the world.

The station’s call letters, W233BF, have changed hands many times. Previously known as Streetz 94.5, the station has attempted to be the go­to destination for anyone who wants rap but isn’t interested in what everyone else is playing.

Expert Tip: Aside from the abundance of modern urban hip-hop music. Streetz strives to provide a broad set of local musicians, allowing you to sample some of the freshest musical magic from the neighborhood. It’s an excellent place to learn about the newest artists.


  • Type Of Station: Online
  • For Fans Of Old School Rap and Hip Hop

Hip-hop and old-school rap fans would be wise to visit the BIGFM US RAP website and listen to some of the station’s excellent content. Even though it’s situated in Germany, this station keeps up with the latest hip-hop trends by playing both in-depth conversation shows and early-access releases of fantastic music.

BIG FM presents rap and hip hop with a powerful groove perspective. Their playlists are purposely designed for that upbeat mood that other stations struggle to capture.

Despite having an exclusively online presence, the station does have local outlets around the United States, which helps them reach fans all over the world with its distinct brand of music.

5. One Love Hip Hop Radio

  • Type Of Station: Online
  • For Fans Of Pop, Classic Rap, Hip Hop

The station’s internet presence exudes a genuine, contagious passion for rap and hip-hop music. They keep a close check on the rap scene to make sure that the former legends don’t get lost in the mix while also making sure that the newest up-and-comers aren’t overlooked.

They continue to keep an eye out for initiative, achievement, and trends. We can tell from the music they produce that they are successful in finding what they’re looking for.

6. KBXX 97.9 The Box

  • Type Of Station: Local/Online/Nationwide
  • For Fans Of Hip Hop, RnB

Going to Texas to listen to KBXX 97.9 The Box, another top-notch hip-hop radio station where you may hear a selection of live broadcasts and urban music. Along with interviews with megastars like Nicki Minaj’s event schedules, and other fantastic related information, the website offers a good variety of musical genres to listen to.

The station and its audience can participate on the KBXX website through a number of call-in and contest options. Creating a feeling of community within the hip-hop culture is the main focus of The Box, the only hip-hop station currently broadcasting in the greater Houston region.

7. Wild 94.9, The Bay’s #1 Hit Music Station

  • Type Of Station: Local/Online
  • For Fans Of Hip-Hop, Urban, Pop, Top 40

The Los Angeles, California-based Wild 94.9 is another hip-hop radio station that is a part of the iHeart Media family. This station caters to a vast audience of music lovers by playing a variety of different genres in addition to hip hop, including popular artists like Katy Perry.

They also play R&B, urban oldies, and hard-hitting rap, and the station’s ratings are led by shows like The JV Show. Although it is a more commercial radio station than others, it is a great place to start if you want a combination of mainstream songs and less popular hip-hop.

8. 102.1 FM “The Hip Hop Station.”

  • Type Of Station: Local/Online
  • For Fans Of Hip Hop

102.1 FM. owned by Audacy, offers something for everyone, whether they are tuning in locally in Greensboro, North Carolina, or online. Names like Madd Hatta and Terrence J, a former co-anchor of E! News and former 106 Park host for BET, are among the famous personalities who have worked at the channel.

Expert Tip: The late Tre Black, who worked at 102.1 as Tre Bien, achieved considerable success before passing away too soon. There is no doubt that 102.1 has a rich hip-hop history.


  • Type Of Station: Local/Online
  • For Fans Of Hip Hop

The material produced by Georgia-based WEAS-FM should appeal to fans of mainstream hip-hop and rap, as well as a side of R&B. Before evolving into what it is now, the radio station started out as an easy-listening station that competed with the excess of country music stations in the Springfield region.

The station, which is owned by Cumulus Media, has even dabbled with jazz and progressive rock yet visiting their website reveals that these genres are notably missing from their playlist. Along with access to events and competitions, the website offers interviews with hip-hop artists, the most recent music and cultural news, and live broadcasts.

10. 98.2 The Beat L.A

  • Type Of Station: Local, Online
  • For Fans Of Classic Rap, Hip-Hop

Hip-hop production has a long history in Los Angeles, and 98.2 The Beat L.A, does an excellent job of communicating this over the radio. The Beat LA is a globally syndicated station that was founded by DJ King Assassin and has a big emphasis on vintage hip-hop and rap.

They have been bringing together hip-hop aficionados worldwide since 2008 and their mission statement calls for the development of an open and enthusiastic community.
Since their establishment, they have already released a number of well-known artists, including Kokane, 7 SOLO, and Megan Thee Stallion.


  • Type Of Station: Local/Online
  • For Fans Of Rap. Hip Hop

WGCI FM an urban contemporary radio station with a strong selection of rap and hip-hop songs is located in Chicago, Illinois. It’s another radio station from 1958 that debuted with a totally different style, entertaining listeners with light classical music and show songs.

The station now favors rap and hip-hop, in addition to having a few well-known chat programs and a website with contests and news updates. Listening to these seasoned broadcasters in action is a great way to get some DJ advice for newcomers.

12. KJLH Radio

  • Type Of Station: Local/Online
  • For Fans Of Hip Hop, Jazz, RnB

KLJH Radio, which stands for “Kindness, Joy, Love, and Happiness” is yet another top-notch hip-hop station based in Los Angeles. Their station covers a wide range of genres and as you might think, has a great deal of enthusiasm for excellent music. Along with hip-hop and rap, you may also constantly hear jazz, gospel, RnB, and old-school soul music.

Expert Tip: The station is owned by Taxi Productions, which is run by Stevie Wonder, therefore it should come as no surprise that their standards for musical taste are quite high.

13. 106 KMEL “San Francisco’s Home for Hip Hop and RnB.”

  • Type Of Station: Local/Online
  • For Fans Of Hip Hop, RnB

One of the finest radio stations, 106 KMEL, had the good fortune to begin the careers of some of America’s most beloved musicians. They may take pride in helping launch the careers of a lot of artists, including Mariah Carey, En Vogue, Tupac Shakur, Digital Underground, MC Hammer, Queen Latifah, Boyz II Men, and many more.

They also delivered a wide array of media celebrities and presenters to the Bay Area, such as Rick Chase. J, Paul Emerson, and Renel Brooks-Moon. This station has gained the reputation of being “San Francisco’s home for hip hop and RnB” due to these and many more accomplishments.

14. Cadillac Music

  • Type Of Station: Online
  • For Fans Of RnB, Old School Rap, Hip Hop

Listeners who enjoy classic hip-hop. rap. and R&B will enjoy Cadillac Music, an exclusively online station created by none other than Snoop Dogg under the alias DJ Snoopadelic.
You may very well be sure that the music you hear here is of the highest caliber because the big guy himself created several of the playlists.

Rhythm and Gangsta are what this station is all about. That said, there are also quite plenty of soulful songs to help balance things out. Cadillac Music appeals to a wide group of listeners because of its variety, and who knows if you could get some ideas for your best prom music playlists from this collection.

15. Doggystyle

  • Type Of Station: Online
  • For Fans Of West Coast Rap, Hip-Hop

Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle Radio on Dash Radio is responsible for the revival of West Coast music with a vintage vibe. Dash Radio’s Doggystyle hosts older hip-hop and rap songs for a younger audience who might not be familiar with the finest West coast music.

The label’s history dates all the way back to 1995 when it made its debut under the name Doghouse. It’s a trusted way to put older music and the influences of its younger counterparts in front of online listeners.

Artists like Young Sagg, Brielle Marie, Millbeatz, and T.LEE may be heard playing tracks on the radio with Snoop Dogg for their millions of fans.

16. V-103, The People’s Station

  • Type Of Station: Local/Online
  • For Fans Of Hip-Hop, Urban Contemporary

V-103, a different rap radio station owned by Audacity, regularly ranks as the top-rated radio station in Atlanta. It shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the excellent, engaging hosts of many of their programs and the top-notch selection of music on offer.

The V-103 website can keep you up to date on the newest albums, forthcoming tours, and events, as well as some gossip if you’re seeking some spicy news about the music business.

17. Dilemaradio

  • Type Of Station: Online
  • For Fans Of RnB, Trap, Underground

The term first has the phonetic slang verbiage of dial my radio, but its origins are more creative than that. The term meaning dilemma only has one “m” in Spanish, giving the station a decidedly Spanish flavor.

In fact, Dilemaradio’s headquarters have moved to Spain with the goal of promoting hip-hop music throughout the continent. The station, which began as a simple street name, has committed to the idea that performers should be evaluated on their artistic worth rather than their potential for financial success.

There will only be a few times when listeners can hear a song that is ‘popular’. The majority of the time is spent on little-known and undervalued artists.

18. “Power 106” 105.9 FM

  • Type Of Station: Local/Online
  • For Fans Of Hip Hop, Urban Contemporary

Hip-hop radio station Power 106 was initially launched in Southern California in 1986 and is owned by Meruelo Media company. Many known and rising hip-hop talents call Los Angeles home, and Power 106 serves as a platform to help spread the word about exceptional talent.

Expert Tip: As part of their stable A-list talent, they also often hold interviews with some of the greatest stars in the music business, including Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.

You may watch their programming online for free and enjoy their diversity of genres, which range from oldies to the newest releases, although they only broadcast to the Greater Los Angeles area.

19. Hot 107.9 Atlanta

  • Type Of Station: Local/Online
  • For Fans Of Hip Hop

Hot 107.9, a station licensed to Hampton, Georgia, and serving the Atlanta metropolitan area provides the city with its hearty beats. They have a great lineup of hosts, including J Nicks, Mo Quick, and other DJs, and they release a ton of modern urban music.

They were one of the most significant rap radio stations in the area and were instrumental in the careers of many well-known artists, including Chris Lova Lova who was formerly known as Ludacris

Atlanta is the birthplace of excellent rap in many respects, as seen by the impressively long list of hip-hop artists that call Atlanta home.

20. Hot 96.3

  • Type Of Station: Local, Online
  • For Fans Of RnB, Hip Hop, Soul

Rap, soul, and hip hop are the genres typically played locally by Indianapolis’ Hot 96.3, but their internet presence reaches a wider audience as well. The website serves as a hub for the most recent music news, event information, and contests. You may listen to their live on-air broadcasts there or through a conventional radio.

The station’s website also offers convenient access to follow its regular DJs across all social media channels, if you’re a fan of them. Regular listeners enjoy the popular syndicated programs from Angie Ange and The Morning Hustle Show, with local DJs also tuning in to the program.

21. KJMS

  • Type Of Station: Local, Online
  • For Fans Of Hip Hop, Rap

The KJMS hip-hop station is part of iHeart Media’s vast radio station network that reaches all the way to Memphis. While the blues music produced in this part of the country may have historically garnered more attention. KJMS has updated its catalog to offer listeners songs from the urban contemporary set of songs.

The station was once called KWAM, then went by the call letter KRNB before settling on its present identity, lovingly referred to as K Jams. The majority of their broadcasting is based on hip-hop and rap music, but they also provide talk shows and other content, such as podcasts, which you can listen to on their website.

22. K104- 104.5

  • Type Of Station: Local/Online
  • For Fans Of Classic Rap, Hip-Hop, Soul

K104 is a fantastic radio station in Texas that has a good reputation for producing amazing hip-hop programs and exclusive interviews. K104 has been around for a long time and features the morning drive show Skip Murphy and the Home Team, which has consistently rated first in the morning drive time slot.

Quality broadcasting from hosts like Nanette Lee and Wig as well as an approach that combines vintage rap with recent pop hits are reflections of this experience. It has some of the finest party songs to emerge from the rap and hip-hop industry and is cheerful, fun stuff.


  • Type Of Station: Local/Online
  • For Fans Of Rap, Hip Hop

New Orleans, the home of WQUE-FM, is no stranger to musical talent in just about any genre you can imagine. This station steers clear of the jazz and blues feel that is sometimes associated with New Orleans in favor of popular urban releases in addition to hip hop and rap.

There also exists their own adaptation of the Breakfast Club morning show to keep people up to date on the most recent news. If you’re not in New Orleans, you don’t have to miss out on their work because you can access all of it for free on their website.

24. KCEP

  • Type Of Station: Local/Online
  • For Fans Of RnB, Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz

With a jam-packed schedule of well-known DJs and personalities spinning varied choices of music. KCEP is recognized as the main hip-hop station in Las Vegas. This station regularly drifts away from mainstream releases, making it an excellent way to explore unknown artists that hardly appear on the top 40 lists.

Since its debut in 1972, it has grown in popularity, and you might be asking where DJs get their music from given the varied mix of soul, jazz, R&B, and other more obscure genres.
KCEP may be found on 88.1 FM if you’re in the Vegas area and looking for something to listen to while driving.

25. WJLB

  • Type Of Station: Local/Online
  • For Fans Of Modern Hip Hop

The Detroit-based WJLB station releases urban contemporary music for locals and listeners nationwide thanks to its internet presence. The Bushman Show, Zach Boog, and Dr. Darrius are some of the regular shows on the station, while also playing a broad range of podcasts on music and culture.

Expert Tip: It’s one of the oldest stations on our list, having debuted in 1941, and switched from a top 40 format to emphasize contemporary hip hop over classics.


We really hope you have enjoyed reading about our selection of the top rap radio stations.
Rap is one of the many musical genres that are available on many of the stations mentioned above. While looking for your favorite rap songs, you can even find yourself learning about new musical genres.

Regardless of your preferred rap genre, we’re confident that after reading this post you’ll have a few new favorite rap radio stations to check out, whether it be for your morning workout or just for a chill weekend session.

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