Rap Ideas: 8 Good Rapping Topics To Inspire You

This article focuses on rap song ideas and topics that can help you kick start your career in rap music. If you’re an experienced rapper or even a beginner, we collated an ultimate list of rap song ideas and topics you can use.

If you want to come up with a catchy rap song, you’ll need to incorporate a central theme or subject matter for your song. If you can do so. then you’ve got a great rap song coming in your way!

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Evolution of Rap Music

One of the most revolutionary impacts of hip-hop culture in the last 20 years is rap music. It has since been catapulted into the American music industry. As the African-American political leader Jesse Jackson said, hip-hop is here to stay; so does rap music.’

Rap music is born in the poor urban districts of New York City. As it evolves, rap rhymes began to be self-conscious and social-minded. This time, rap music integrated ideas and topics connected to social, political, racial, and economic issues.

When you want to talk something about your rap music, may it be an intriguing or controversial topic, it is integral to know the trick on how to make a catchy rap song. This time, when you put together the right beat rhyme, and subject matter, you will have a hard-to-beat rap song!

Ultimate List of Rap Song Ideas

Writing rap music takes into consideration these three things: content, rhyme, and beat. As a rap artist your music evolves from the content and subject matter you have in mind. The content of your rap song may be inspired by the personal tribulations, triumphs, or social injustices you feel all around you.

When you combine this brilliant content with a dope beat and rhyme, you’ll make an iconic and catchy rap song. In this section we’ll give you an ultimate list of rap song ideas and topics you can integrate into your rap music.

1. Intriguing Content

Rapper in black leather jacket standing near window
Rapper in black leather jacket standing near window.

A controversial or intriguing content will surely send an integral message to your listeners. This message can spark some sense of inspiration and passion in your rap song that makes them want to listen more and get to the bottom of your rap music.

An intriguing topic in rap music will divide opinions among your listeners. Most of the iconic rap artists have built their careers in writing rap music with controversial content. Whether these artists are insulting each other or talking about a famous celebrity, listeners are hooked to listening to their rap music full of absorbing topics.

Most often than not some rap artists talk about controversial topics of racism and gender inequalities. This one highlights a message of awareness and social consciousness among their listeners. If you want to write a rap song with intriguing content, you should go for it!

2. Personal Experiences

This topic is one that is closest to the heart of an artist. You are telling and rapping about a real-life experience that inspired you to create a rap song. And. people can surely relate to your rap content.

It may be about your broken heart, a parent dying, your sibling who died in a road accident or even playing basketball in your neighborhood. Any personal experience that you can channel in your rap music is something that can give you a great rap song.

It is a challenge for you to come up with a unique and creative rap song with the same content as other artists. This time, you’ll let flashes of inspiration take hold of you. You are the master of your fate and the writer of your song.

3. Fictional Content

Small toys shaped as rappers
Small toys shaped as rappers.

In the world of hip-hop and rap music today, fictional content is rarely used by rap artists. For those who include this content, their rap song usually revolves around imaginative and unrealistic experiences.

On this one. you are only limited by your imagination. You may want to include fictional content such as fairies genies. or gods and goddesses in your rap song.

Expert Tip: It’s like writing a book or a novel with your fictional content. It is up to you how you will let your creative juices cascade in your words.

So. you’ll have to be overly creative and ingenious in coming up with fictional content in your rap song. As an artist, you have the artistic freedom to carve words with imaginative content while at the same time, hooking your listeners with your rap music.

4. Political/Social Content

Since then, rap artists inculcate political and social discussions in their rap music. This rap content calls for social awareness and political reform movements. On this, rap artists explore significant subjects in their rap songs.

Rap songs that integrate political and social content likely attract various listeners. People love to hear insightful and inspiring rap music that sympathizes with the current issues happening in society. In this way. rap songs become instrumental as catalysts of change and social movement.

Some of the iconic rap artists that are both politically and socially conscious are Kendrick Lamar, Tupac, and J Cole. These artists echo their voices with impactful rap songs heeded to spark change and inspiration in people.

Man with dreadlocks and sunglasses poses near Tupac portrait
Man with dreadlocks and sunglasses poses near Tupac portrait.

5. Party Music Content

If a rap artist talks about partying, raving, and clubbing, then its rap content is party music. People love to hear rap songs that lift their spirits and boost their energy while having fun partying or clubbing. Basically, this rap content is all about sending good vibes!

Making party music for a rap song is not that easy to make. You can’t easily deliver a rap song about partying without the necessary context for your listeners. And. most artists who only make party songs will less likely improve in the rap music industry.

Expert Tip: Incorporate your personal touch in the rap song you are creating. Some fans won’t even hold on to your rap music if there is nothing to hold on to.

Rap songs with party music content are more than just lifting everybody’s spirits, but it should be added with your personal finesse as a rap artist

6. Conceptual Content

This rap content is totally random off the bat On this one. you create a rap song around an idea that is given to you. This will test your artistic ability as a rap artist and how far you can follow your words without sliding off from the given idea.

For example, you were given an idea to write a rap song revolving around faith in God. success in life or even surviving a pandemic. Your entire rap song should be focused on an idea you have chosen. Simply, do not veer off from your subject matter.

A simple rule of thumb is to be conscious of your song lyrics. Now. if you feel that you are moving away from the idea, then you better steer your lyrics to suit the subject matter. Never go off with the content of your rap song and stick to the idea until the end of your music.

Cheerful rapper performing near a graffiti wall
Cheerful rapper performing near a graffiti wall.

7. Humorous/Funny Content

You can never go wrong with humorous and funny content. Comedy is a therapy for a lot of people. This type of idea for your rap song makes fun of personal life experiences and just lifts the heavyweight off your shoulders.

On this one. you are trying to entertain your listeners. You want them to enjoy a boisterous laugh with the lyrics of your rap song. This is a great way not to be too serious in life but to learn how to put a smile on your face.

So. your humorous content must stick with the funny lyrics you have in mind. As an artist, your goal in writing with this topic is to send light and positive energy all throughout your song. You should better be consistent and give your listeners an entertaining song they can never forget.

8. Story Content

This rap content allows you to write a story you tell in the lyrics of your song. So. it’s like you only add rhythm and some beats in your story, then transform it into a rap song. And. we’ll know by now that you’ll have plenty of ideas to integrate into your music.

One famous example of a rap song with a story for its content is Stan’ by Eminem. This one is iconic because it tells the story of an avid fan that sends him letters through and through. On this one. you need to encapsulate the story content with the fast-paced beat of your rap.

How Do You Make a Catchy Rap Song?

If you don’t want to be a boring or a bland rapper, it is imperative that you know your way around in making a catchy rap song. By this, we mean not just a unique rap song, but something that resonates among mainstream rap enthusiasts.

From here on out we are going to delve deeper into some essential pro tips in making a catchy rap song. We’ll surely learn a thing or two from these tips listed below

Let us check this out!

1. Brainstorming

Two rappers freestyling in a soccer field
Two rappers freestyling in a soccer field.

This is the first step in making a catchy rap song. On this one, allow yourself to freestyle your words out loud while listening to a repeating beat. Free yourself from all inhibitions and keep your creative juices flowing down in your words.

It is like brewing tea or coffee; you’ll want it brewing for the time being enough to create the perfect taste. Just like making a catchy rap song, let your idea brew and sit for a time. Do this for a while without writing on a piece of paper. This time, you are playing around with beats and lyrics and in your head.

When you’re ready go get a piece of paper or notepad to jot down all the potential lyrics and content for your rap song. This time, you can keep tabs on those flashes of inspiration you’d want to integrate into your rap. Just brainstorm and toy around with different ideas and topics you’d love to talk about

2. Start with the Hook

If you’re writing an essay or research paper, you’d always start with the thesis statement. But. in making a rap song, you will start writing with the hook’. A hook’ is also known as the chorus’ of the rap song. This should not only catch the central theme of your rap. but it should also be unique and creative.

A great hook will inspire the beats and lyrics of your rap song. But. if you are having trouble coming up with a creative hook, you might want to take inspiration from your favorite rap songs or rap artists. As an artist, you take inspiration from fellow rap artists and do not plagiarize their works.

Expert Tip: You’ll be in legal trouble if you copy anything from other artists. In starting with the hook, do not rush anything. Let the flow of inspiration calm your nerves. And you want to create a great rap song, so take your time in writing the hook first.

3. Play with Words

Rapper writing his lyrics
Rapper writing his lyrics.

After you are done brainstorming and writing the hook, this is high time to follow your words. These words will speak the theme and content of your rap song. Since rap music is a form of art. your subject matter is the central topic you want to rap and talk about

If you’re an experienced rap artist, you would already know how to play with your strengths. However, if you are an amateur rap artist, you’ll learn to discover your strengths and build upon your weaknesses as a music artist This time, go with the flow just like how your words flow in your rap music.

Play with metaphors, imagery, and concrete concepts. This will be the backdrop for your rap song, and you’ll want this to be great as it ought to be. Be specific and relatable with your choice of words as you will reach a far greater influence with your rap music.

4. Make Some Revisions

Revisions are constant companions of rappers. Your first draft of a rap song won’t automatically be the best version you’ll want to go with. And. that is totally okay. This is why revisions happen for you to change and benchmark on what you’ve been working on so far.

Focus on the central theme and beat of your rap music. If some ideas or lyrics seem to be off or uncomfortable, you can cut out some of those parts in your rap song. This time, following your artistic intuition is integral in making a catchy rap song. As a rap artist, you have the artistic freedom to make and create music that suits your style, brand, and image.

Let’s W(rap) Everything!

As a rap artist, you don’t have to stick with one topic. Your creative juices go beyond a single rap idea! So. you see. your creativity and imagination will take you to many places. And. writing a rap song is just the beginning of your artistic journey.

After reading this article. I know that you already have something in mind! I know that it seems too complex to even start writing the first lines of your rap song. But. hey. you are an artist, and you have the skill to do it!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below!

I hope that our list of rap song ideas and topics will help you start your songwriting journey. This list will definitely help you grow. We just know you got this! Bring on that beat!

Thanks for reading!

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