XLR vs 1/4: Everything You Need To Know About The Two


The two commonly used audio ports or connectors are the XLR and 1/4 inch. Veteran audio engineers use both and are well-versed in their distinction. However, for beginners, the rationale for choosing one over the other is not yet clear. People easily associate the term XLR with microphone cables, while the 1/4 inch with the … Read more

Easy Metal Songs: 20 Easy Metal Riffs To Rock Out Too

easy metal songs

An easy way to learn and jam with some metal songs is by learning and playing the easy guitar riffs for popular metal songs. Metal music has been through a lot of phases and changes over the years. With guitars for metal becoming more and more popular, people have been mostly focusing on the guitar-based … Read more

Punk Girl Bands: 5 Punk Rock Girl Bands That Will Inspire You

female punk bands

Spanning more than six decades the music genre and subculture known as ‘punk’ has gone through many changes and generations but the angsty spirit of the music has never withered away. This is especially true for female punk bands over the years with their often feminist approach to an already politically-charged genre, they could play … Read more

50 Best Jazz Albums Of All Time: The Essential List

best jazz albums

In the history of jazz, there are probably thousands of amazing records, so compiling a definitive list of the best album is difficult. There are, however, a handful of releases that have become essential jazz records: records that every jazz fan should own. In recent years, this musical genre has gained a reputation for influence … Read more

DJ Girls: Top 10 Female DJs To Learn From Today

best female djs

If you thought only the guys could DJ, think again! You may think that the electronic music world is solely run by men, but as it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth. Women have not only always made up more than their fair share in the DJ space, but many have proven … Read more

20 Best Songs About Betrayal

songs about betrayal of trust

One of the hardest and most heartbreaking experiences is the feeling of being betrayed by someone you love. Sometimes it is a slow realization of the betrayal, and sometimes it comes out of the blue to haunt us, and like most things around human nature, it’s complex. Along with betrayal, you can feel sad, lonely, … Read more