21 Of The Best Merengue Songs For You In 2024

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Are you’re ready to start dancing merengue? If so, it’s important that you have the right music on hand. After all, it doesn’t matter how well you can shim and dance if the song doesn’t get you moving. That’s why we have put together this list of the best merengue songs to get you moving. Have a look!

El Jardinero – Wilfrido Vargas

El Jardinero is a widely popular merengue song by Wilfrido Vargas. It was released in 1984 and is one of his most well-known hits to date. This classic Latin tune is a must-know for any Merengue lover and has been covered several times by other artists who have been inspired by it since its release 30 years ago.

Colegiala – Alex Bueno

If you’re looking for a fun song to play at parties. Colegiala by Alex Bueno is just what you need. This sensual merengue features beautiful women dancing in skimpy clothing while men watch them dance seductively.

If you’re looking for an upbeat song that will make people want to get up and dance, then Colegiala is your song. Even if it doesn’t make them want to dance, it should make them happy enough to shake their butts.

Vale La Pena: Kinito Mendez

Mendez is a Dominican musician who rose to fame in his native country. His biggest hits include Vale La Pena and El Vaiven De Mi Carreta. The latter charted on Billboard’s Latin Tropical Airplay chart, peaking at No. 8.

However, Mendez is arguably best known for Vale La Pena, which garnered an MTV Video Music Award for Best Latin Artist at their 2008 awards show. In 2009, Mendez became a spokesperson for President Barack Obama’s campaign team during an election cycle geared toward Latinos.

Expert Tip: When it comes to merengue music, he’s as big as they come and has earned that status with tracks like Vale La Pena.

Corazoncito: Grupo Mania

This track from Grupo Mania’s self-titled debut album is a much-loved merengue classic. The song, which has become something of an anthem in its native Dominican Republic, features upbeat lyrics about love and romance.

Corazoncito, which roughly translates as little heart, became so popular that radio stations in New York latched onto it after hearing it played on Dominican radio, giving it even more exposure to an international audience. It’s now considered one of salsa music’s most iconic songs.

Ta’ Encendio: Oror Solido

This is a more traditional merengue song. The lyrics tell a story of unrequited love and unending passion. It’s got a little bit of an edge to it, which some people might like as it mixes things up a bit from some of those other sappy ballads you might find in some Latin American countries.

Ta’ Encendio: Oror Solido
Ta’ Encendio: Oror Solido

As far as lyrics go, it’s quite interesting and fun to listen to as well as dance to. The tempo is nice, about 90 beats per minute, but not too fast or slow.

Las Mujeres Lo Bailan Bien: Los Toros Band

The song Las Mujeres Lo Bailan Bien by Los Toros Band is one of many great songs by renowned merengue artists. The song was released in 1995 and is a major hit on Spanish-language radio stations in Florida, New York, California, and other states with large Spanish-speaking populations.

Expert Tip: Las Mujeres Lo Bailan Bien translates to Women Dance Well, but there’s more to it than that. The song has an interesting history.

When composer Julio Torres heard Los Toros Band play their new music at a friend’s party he was so impressed that he encouraged them to record their own album, thus began one of Latin America’s most popular Latin bands of all time.

Linda Eh: Grupo Mania

Mi Chica Y Yo and No Me Plastiques Mas These songs by Dominican merengue group Mania will make your hips move and your heart swoon. If you’re a fan of traditional merengue, you’ll love these tunes. Grupo Mania’s members include singers Jose El Tembleque Jimenez and Brauly Bermudez and to top it off, their female singer is gorgeous.

Their music is available on Amazon if you’d like to own it, otherwise, check out videos of them on YouTube for free.

Tra: Mala Fe

Composed by Joseito Mateo in 1941, Tra Tra started out as a merengue song with lyrics. In 1962, it was played with a faster tempo and evolved into what we now know as merengue. By then, its title had been changed to Mala Fe (Bad Faith), which might have to do with being unhappy in love.

This tune is one of those rare merengues that have been covered by many different singers and bands over time, including Banda Bravia and El General Elektric Band.

Tu Fotographia: Zafra Negra

Though many believe that merengue originated in Panama, it is actually a hybrid of European and African music brought to Latin America by immigrants from Spain and West Africa. Zafra Negra (Black Sugar) is one of its most famous songs and celebrates black beauty.

If you’re looking for a special slow dance song, look no further than Zafra Negra. The combination of sweet and spicy lyrics makes it one of the best songs to listen to in any language.

La Cura: Oro Solido

It’s hard to find a better merengue song than La Cura. There are many great ones, but Oro Solido features some of the top artists in popular music, including Juan Luis Guerra and Enrique Iglesias. The song is one of those genre classics that will live on forever. It’s impossible to avoid dancing to it whenever it comes on.

The lyrics aren’t too difficult for Spanish learners either, as they only feature a handful of conjugations and cognates. Plus, there are other English-language lyrics throughout if you really need help getting through it all.

Sandunga: Grupo Mania

One of Latin music’s most popular groups. Grupo Mania puts a spin on merengue with their version of Sandunga. The song originally appeared in La Bamba but has been covered by many different artists over time. Its lyrics are very catchy and it is almost impossible to sit still when you hear it play.

Sandunga: Grupo Mania
Sandunga: Grupo Mania

It is upbeat enough to make you dance, but slow enough to be romantic. It tells a story about two people who cannot stop thinking about each other no matter how hard they try. They tell each other that they will see each other soon, even though it doesn’t seem possible.

Expert Tip: This song has been popular for more than 40 years and continues to stand out as one of Latin music’s best pieces.

La Tanga: Oro Solido

Whether it’s a wedding, a party, or just a relaxed get-together with friends. La Tanga will always manage to put an upbeat note in your day. This merengue song goes from one ear to another and makes you want to dance. The cheerful rhythm and happy lyrics make Oro Solido one of the top merengue songs of all time.

It’s no wonder why it became an instant classic when it was released in 2011 by Gente de Zona featuring Orquestra Agua Azul y Tito Rojas. Not only that, but it won’t cost you much more than 100 bucks to obtain a copy of Oro Solido on iTunes. Though other albums are available there, all you really need is Oro Solido for your collection.

Como Baila: Grupo Mania

One of the most popular merengue bands of all time. Grupo Mania is one of those dance tunes that get people up and moving. Written by Fello Cordero, Ernesto Franco, and Francisco Martinez, Como Baila was released in 1977.

It hit #1 on Billboard’s Latin Rhythm Airplay chart twice in 2005 and 2007. If you’re looking for a song to make your hips move, look no further than Como Baila.

Me Rompio El Corazon: La Makina

Me Rompio El Corazon: La Makina
Me Rompio El Corazon: La Makina

If you listen to any merengue song once, it’s hard not to listen to it again and again. That’s because La Makina keeps things interesting with their version of Me Rompio El Corazon. The vocals are strong and passionate, with a nice mixture of vocals and instruments. You can really feel each word as if it came from your own heart.

Expert Tip: This is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head so be careful with how many times you play it. It might just become a favorite on your list of best merengue songs too.

Nina Bonita: Grupo Mania

While merengue was traditionally associated with rural areas, Nina Bonita has changed all that. A band was formed by three brothers in 1994. Grupo Mania brought merengue music to cities with their electrifying live performances. The group’s most famous hit is Nina Bonita, a fast-paced merengue song that makes one want to dance.

This song shot up various Latin charts and received massive airplay on mainstream Spanish radio stations across America. Nina Bonita also serves as an anthem for women who are ready to shake it off and have some fun. For any cocktail party or club scene. Grupo Mania is sure to be a huge hit.

La Paga: Tonny Tun Tun

La Paga is a merengue song by Tony Tun Tun which was released in 1994. The song has been remixed and sampled several times since its release. In 2013, it peaked at number 44 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart after previously charting as high as number two.

La Paga: Tonny Tun Tun
La Paga: Tonny Tun Tun

In 2014, La Paga was named one of Billboard’s 20 Biggest Latin Hits of the Last 20 Years at #12. The song has been covered by artists including Kany Garcia and Michael Stuart.

Traigo Fuego: La Banda Gorda

This merengue song features lyrics with an infectious rhythm that’ll get you moving no matter what language you speak. Plus, it’s considered to be one of the top merengue songs, having reached No. 1 on several Latin charts and won several awards (including Best Alternative Song).

Traigo Fuego: La Banda Gorda
Traigo Fuego: La Banda Gorda

If you’re looking for a tune to get your hips swaying, you can’t go wrong with Traigo Fuego by La Banda Gorda. In addition to serving as a good intro to Latin music. Traigo Fuego has been used in commercials for Aquafina bottled water and Honda scooters. It’s worth a listen.

Loco PorTu Amor: Los Hermanos Flores

If there’s one merengue song that everyone knows, it’s Los Hermanos Flores’ iconic Loco Por Tu Amor. Originally written in 1985 for Los Diablitos. it wasn’t long before Danny Flores and his band recorded a popular rendition of their own.

Since then, the track has been covered by several popular Latin American acts including Camila and La Arrolladora Banda El Limon. Today, you can hear Loco Por Tu Amor performed by different artists at weddings across Latin America.

Caco E maco Salta Cocote: Tono Rosario

A merengue classic from a legendary band. Caco E maco Salta Cocote is guaranteed to get you moving with its upbeat tempo and driving rhythm. Originally released in 1967, it was later re-released as part of Rosario’s 40th-anniversary collection.

Not only does it capture what merengue is all about-fast beats and fun lyrics but it also exemplifies what could be considered an archetypal merengue song.

Expert Tip: If you don’t know anything about Merengue music, then start here. This song will teach you everything that you need to know about how to dance like a pro at your next party.

El Chisme: Pochi Y Su Cocoband

El Chisme: Pochi Y Su Cocoband
El Chisme: Pochi Y Su Cocoband

Pochi Y Su Cocoband takes top honors on our list of Best Merengue Songs. The song’s name means Gossip in Spanish and many versions of El Chisme talk about two men having an affair with each other’s wives. However, some versions translate to rumors or tidbits. Regardless, Pochi Y Su Cocoband makes it easy to get up and dance when you hear it.

This Dominican merengue band has put out albums since 1993 and won several awards in Latin America for their work. If you’re looking for a fun yet inspiring song, look no further than Pochi Y Su Cocoband’s El Chisme.

Esta Cache: Oro Solido

This classic Latin hit is one of many great songs from Puerto Rican artist El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. With a bouncy bassline and high-energy vocals. Esta Cache: Oro Solido will get you dancing in no time. This popular song helped establish El Gran Combo as one of merengue’s most enduring acts, and it has been enjoyed by dancers for decades.

If you love to dance to all kinds of Latin music, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one favorite song from El Gran Combo.


There are a lot of great merengue songs out there, and it’s hard to pick just 20. So, if you have a favorite that wasn’t included on our list, feel free to let us know about it in the comments section below. If you think there are other genres of music you would like for us to include as well, drop us a line.

We love your feedback! Thanks for reading and happy listening!

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