Easy Ukulele Songs: 20 Beginner Ukulele Songs To Play

The ukulele is a popular string installment that is known for its size and simplicity. This unique Hawaiian-based instrument is loved by many across the world. It is perfect for anyone who is new to music and wants to learn something basic but melodious.

Ukuleles come in different sizes, the smallest (and most common) being the soprano. You can also buy a concert, tenor, or baritone ukulele. What these 4 sizes have in common is that they all come with 4 tunable strings. How you tune your ukulele depends on the size, but standard tuning is gCEA.

So let’s say you bought your first ukulele, and you learned to tune it to a tee. Great! The next logical step is to learn some chords. Fortunately, unlike a guitar, ukulele chords are easier to learn and master.

Some chords require 1 to 3 fingers. Some even require none! But once you mastered chords like C, Am, F, G, and Em, you can move on to learning to play your first song.

easy ukelele songs

There are plenty of songs out there that you can play. Some with 2 chords, while others having more than 5. But don’t let that scare you from playing the ukulele. Some songs only require around 2 to 4 chords and a simple strumming pattern.

Here are 20 easy ukulele songs that are perfect for beginner musicians.

1. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

This classic is the go-to song for any beginner (and is great on the banjo). “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz is a simple but very satisfying tune that will leave your head bopping and feet stomping.

The song relies on only 4 chords, namely C G Am and F. The chord progression is repeated throughout the song. The pattern is easy to learn, and you’ll see these 4 familiar chords in other songs later.

To sing this song with the chords, you can visit the link right here.

2. Vance Joy – Riptide

“Riptide” by Vance Joy is made for the ukulele. You might have heard this tune on the radio or online. The catchy rhythm and lyrics will make you want to sing along.

To play Riptide on the original key, you first need to place a capo on the first fret. You’ll be glad to know that this song only requires 3 chords. Those are Am, G, and C. And you will use the same pattern throughout the song. Riptide is a good song to bop to since it’s so easy to memorize and sing.

Sing to Riptide and more right here.

3. Olivia Rodrigo – Deja Vu

This is one of the latest songs that is featured on this list. Olivia Rodrigo is quite popular among the younger generation, so don’t be surprised if they want to rock it out with their new star. Fortunately, her hit song ‘Deja Vu’ is as straightforward as it gets.

The song only requires 3 chords. You’ll mostly be playing between the A and D chords, but there are some moments when you’ll transition to Bm7. But don’t panic! These chords are easy to remember and master. It almost feels like you’ve played them already before.

Let out those sour emotions with Deja Vu right here.

4. Taylor Swift – Champagne Problems

Taylor Swift is known for her guitar and piano skills. But you can easily play her music on the ukulele as well. “Champagne Problems” is one of Taylor’s popular songs in her new album, Evermore. You can easily play this with the chord progression of C, G, Am, and F. The song sounds good on the ukulele, and you will impress any Swiftie with your cover.

Play Champagne Problems all your heart out right here.

5. Adele – Someone Like You

Adele’s songs are phenomenal. Her strong vocals and powerful lyrics can bring people to tears. While a ukulele isn’t really a tearjerking instrument, you can still play Adele’s hits on it. And ‘Someone Like You’ takes the cake.

You can play this ballad with 5 simple chords, namely G, D, Em, C, and Am. The progression may change during the pre-chorus and bridge, but they are easy to remember and to map on your fret.

Mend a broken heart by singing with Adele right here.

6. Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One

If you are a big fan of heartbreak songs, then Sam Smith is your man. You can always count on him to deliver us a song that will tug on our heartstrings. Sam Smith’s ‘I’m Not The Only One’ is a tragic song about infidelity. And if you can relate to this song, then you can play along with it.

You can play this song with the chords F, A, Dm, Bb, and C. Fortunately, there is an easy pattern that you can follow when playing. You can easily sing along to Sam Smith in no time.

Get emotional right now, right here.

7. Matisyahu – One Day

Reggae is a genre that plenty of people love. A lot of reggae songs have deep meanings hidden behind a catchy, easygoing tune. Matisyahu’s most popular song, “One Day,” is the perfect starter song for any ukulele beginner. The tempo is slow and undemanding, the lyrics are memorable, and the chords are super simple.

All you need are C, G, Am, and F (Notice a pattern with all these songs?). And this chord progression goes on throughout the song. Plus, who doesn’t want to sing something so uplifting and optimistic?

So chillax with your uke while you sing to this song right here.

8. One Republic – Counting Stars

One Republic is known for a lot of songs. But ‘Counting Stars’ has to be their most iconic track. And thankfully, it is one of their easiest as well. ‘Counting Stars’ uses 5 basic chords, namely Am. C. G. and F.

Like the other songs on this list, the chord pattern does not change drastically throughout the song. So don’t worry about having to memorize the chords. Counting Stars is an amazing tune to stomp and clap along.

Combine that with the addictive sound of the uke, and you got yourself an earworm.

Rock on with One Republic right here.

9. Billie Eilish – Everything I Wanted

Billie Eilish is a popular singer that has gained a lot of fame at a young age. She’s best known for her low vocal range and almost whispery voice. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but her music translates fantastically to the ukulele.

Her song ‘Everything I Wanted’ uses 4 chords. You’ll be using F G. Em and E7. If you feel a little nervous about E7, don’t worry! You only play it in the chorus, and it’s not a difficult chord to pull off. ‘Everything I Wanted’ follows a simple progression throughout. Not only is it easy to play, but it’s also easy to sing.

Sing along with the chords and lyrics right here.

10. Ed Sheeran – Happier

Ed Sheeran can cast a spell on you with his amazing songwriting skills. In one track, he will have you falling in love, and in the next one, he will have you in tears. And this song is in the latter category.

‘Happier’ is one of Ed Sheeran’s most powerful ballads. Luckily, you don’t need a whole orchestra to move a crowd. You can easily play the same song on your ukulele with only 3 chords. The song uses the chords Am. F. and C in a repeating pattern.

For a song so complex, you’ll be surprised by how simple its chords are. Sing your heartaches out with the chords and lyrics right here.

11. Bruno Mars – Count On Me

Now for something a little bit more lighthearted, Bruno Mar’s ‘Count On Me’ is an acoustic slow jam that you and your friends can play together. It may have 6 chords, but don’t let that intimidate you.

‘Count On Me’ uses C, Em, Am, G, F, and Dm throughout the song. It might feel like a lot, but it’s easy to memorize which chord comes next. The song is also at a slow tempo that is easy to follow.

‘Count On Me’ is a good song to sing to a best friend. And the ukulele can definitely add some uniqueness to your performance.

Wanna have a jam session? Learn this song right now, right here.

12. Passenger – Let Her Go

Here’s another simple but impactful ballad. “Let Her Go” is an acoustic rock song by Michael David Rosenberg, better known as Passenger. This is one of his most popular works, as well as his easiest to learn.

“Let Her Go” uses basic chords that are easy to play and change. All you need are C, G, D, Em, and Bm. This song sounds great on the ukulele, and it’s only natural for beginners to practice it.

Sing this and other Passenger’s songs right here.

13. Kodaline – All I Want

Kodaline’s “All I Want” is a haunting track that can really bring the feels out of you. It’s the kind of song that can leave people feeling vulnerable. If you’re feeling down and just want to express your emotions, this is the song for you.

“All I Want” is beginner-friendly and only uses 4 easy chords. All you need are C. F. G. and Am. The chords progressions are different between the verses and the chorus. But it’s not hard to memorize which chord goes next. Pretty soon, it will just feel natural.

Play “All I Want” by yourself or with your friends right here.

14. The Greatest Showman- A Million Dreams

The Greatest Showman is one of the most iconic musicals of the decade. A lot of amazing pieces came out from this movie, including this one.

“A Million Dreams” is an uplifting and inspiring song that anybody with a ukulele can play. The song uses 7 different chords. That sounds a lot! But those chords are easy to play and change too. You’ll be playing G, D, Em, C, Am, B, and A. With some practice, you’ll be playing this song like a pro.

Get musical with “A Million Dreams” right here.

15. Coldplay – The Scientist

Coldplay has a lot of hits and noteworthy albums. Love them or loathe them, they have produced some of the most moving songs of the generation. A lot of their songs sound great acoustically. “The Scientist” has to be one of their most well-known and celebrated songs.

“The Scientist’ can be intimidating since it uses chords like Dm, Bb, F, Fsus2, and C. But with some practice, you’ll be able to jump from chord to chord.

Another good news is that the song’s tempo is slow, so you have plenty of time to change chords. This song is a moving ballad that beginners should definitely master.

Have a try with this song right here.

16. Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah

This song is right up there with “I’m Yours” and “Hey Soul Sister.” It’s that early-2000s acoustic song that you can’t help but put on repeat. If you want to go back and feel some nostalgia, this song is for you.

This song might feel a little challenging for some beginners. But if you’re up for the challenge, then you should definitely try this classic out. “Hey There Delilah” uses D, Gbm, Bm, G, and A as its chords.

The song is easy to follow, and you will have no problem once you mastered the progression. Get nostalgic with this song and more right here.

17. Radiohead – Creep

If you love rock music, you probably love (or at least know) this song. ‘Creep” is Radiohead’s most famous song. The song was initially unsuccessful, but it later became the defining track in their album, Pablo Honey.

If you feel like rocking out some tough emotions, grab your ukulele and rock out to this. “Creep” uses the chords G, B, C, and Cm. The pattern continues throughout the song, so you won’t feel confused about which chord comes next.

Feel like a rockstar with this song right here.

18. Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow

Here’s another crowd favorite! Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow” is a show-stopping duet that everyone can’t get enough of.

Who doesn’t want to sing along with them during the chorus? It’s one of the best songs from “A Star is Born,” and it’s so easy to learn!

The song uses a lot of chords, namely Em, D, G, C, Am, Bm, and A. It is quite a lot for a beginner song, but the tempo is slow enough for you to follow along. The chords are also close to one another, and switching is a breeze with practice.

Fall in love again with this power ballad right here.

19. Camila Cabello – Havana

Remember when this song was everywhere on the radio? People love to dance to this song, and who can blame them? Havana by Camila Cabello is so catchy that you just want to shake your hips to it.

To play “Havana,” you will first want to put a capo on your third fret. Transposing it will make the chords easier. You then play it with the chords Em, C, and B7. And you just repeat that pattern throughout the song. It’s so simple that you just have to try it.

Move your body to the chords and lyrics right here.

20. Zedd – Clarity

Let’s end things with a bang!

Zedd is a popular DJ who produces electronic dance music. One of his most well-known songs is ’Clarity.”

Clarity is just that song that makes you want to sing along while you jump off your seat. It’s lively, memorable, and easy to play on your instrument. The song uses 5 chords, namely Am, D, Em, Bm, and C, and that progression repeats throughout the song.

While a ukulele is far from being an electronic device, playing it acoustic is also a good option.

Get lost in the melody right here.

So What Are You Going To Play?

That’s the list of 20 easy ukulele songs that you can start learning right now. Of course, there are a lot more out there that was not mentioned in this list. With that said, you might find one or more songs here that you can practice your ukulele skills on.

Learning the ukulele might feel like a big challenge, especially for beginners. But novices don’t have to feel worried about not finding a good song to play. There are countless popular songs that use simple chord progressions that you can follow. And thanks to the Internet, it’s far easier to find these songs than before.

Once you learned the basics, you can move on to move advanced songs. There are plenty of chords out there that you can learn. There are also plenty of patterns that you can follow.

The ukulele is a cute and easy instrument that anybody can pick up. It’s great for people of all ages. And with some time and effort, you will be blowing everybody away with your ukulele skills.

Top 20 Easy Songs to Play on Ukulele for Beginners

These are the top 20 easy songs to play on the ukulele, and enjoy the 4 chords of one of the songs listed below.

For beginners who want to learn songs to play using a ukulele, check these top 20 songs below. Enjoy!

  1. Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars
  2. Stand By Me – Ben E. King
  3. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
  4. Hey Soul Sister – Train
  5. Riptide – Vance Joy
  6. Sunday Morning – Maroon 5
  7. The Lion Sleeps Tonight – The Tokens
  8. Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  9. One Love – Bob Marley
  10. You are My Sunshine – Traditional Song
  11. Happy Birthday – Traditional Song
  12. Oh, My Darling Clementine – Traditional Song
  13. Birdplane – The Axis of Awesome
  14. Save Tonight – Eagle Eye Cherry
  15. All of the Stars – Ed Sheeran
  16. The Hanging Tree – Hunger Games
  17. Counting Stars – One Republic
  18. Let it Be – The Beatles
  19. Leaving on a Jet Plane – John Denver
  20. Paparazzi – Lady Gaga

What are the 4 chords on a ukulele?

The Ukelele is a 4 string instrument that is small in size. But don’t let its simple appearance undermind its melodic and rhythmic capabilities.

This instrument is also known for being easy to learn. Why? Because for Ukelele users with only 4 chords, you can already play a lot of songs.

So what are these chords? The 4 chords to keep in mind are C, D, G, and Em.

Accustom your fingers to the position and memorize it. Then move them and practice transitioning from one chord to another. The soft nylon strings of the Ukelele are also a plus. Your fingers are less likely to be callused by long practice hours.

The Ukelele sound suits lively songs like Aqua’s “Barbie Girl,” Or Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.” Go at it also like a rockstar with Bon Jovi’s “Its My Life.” Mellow songs like Five for Fightings’ “Superman” is also a perfect fit.

Whatever the music genre the Uke 4 chord magic will deliver your desired sound.

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