The 11 Saddest Billie Eilish Songs

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In a short period, Billie Eilish has experienced great success. With her debut single “Ocean Eyes,” the twenty-year-old singer-songwriter gained enormous popularity and a devoted following. Eilish has cemented her status as one of the best and brightest stars of the twenty-first century since the publication of that song seven years ago.

Eilish has made a career out of depressing music, despite the fact that her style and sound are constantly evolving. Her music has an ethereal quality that makes her very appealing, and she has a magnetic personality.

This article will discuss the saddest Billie Elish songs ever released.

Saddest Billie Eilish Songs

The 11 Saddest Billie Eilish Songs:

1. Listen Before I Go

The compilation album “listen before I go” is an excellent way to get acquainted with Eilish’s discography and her singular approach to the artistic process. This song, along with the tracks “I Love You” and “Goodbye,” offers a one-of-a-kind sentiment for the occasion of saying goodbye.

The song’s production relies heavily on ambiance, except for some sirens that can be heard at the track’s beginning and end. In addition to that, it includes a soothing piano accompaniment that has jazz overtones. The song’s lyrics are delivered from the perspective of someone on the verge of ending their own life.

Expert Tip: This song is one of Eilish’s saddest ones because of how it was produced, including the music and the lyrics.

2. I Love You

I love that you build on the previous track with a production style that is more traditional. The acoustic guitar is featured in the song and has a minimal background atmosphere related to flying. The song’s lyrics portray the singer’s inability to avoid falling in love with a specific person.

Although “I love you” is written and performed in the style of a ballad, Eilish’s lyrics will surprise you in the best way possible. There is no question that this is one of her more melancholy songs, but at the same time, it is also quite endearing.

3. 6.18.18

Even by Eilish’s high standards, the song “6.18.18” is pretty. Even though the lyrics make it abundantly clear what the theme is “about,” the music itself is still obscure.

This is primarily because it has yet to be made available to the public, despite having been planned for inclusion in Eilish’s first studio album. It is a song that only the most dedicated fans would have been familiar with before the publication of this list.

The song’s lyrics describe Eilish’s anguish over the death of her close friend Xxxtentacion, who was murdered on June 18, 2018 (hence the song’s title). Regardless of how you feel about the rapper or singer who passed away, there is no denying that this is a heartbreaking and eerie tribute.

4. Everybody Dies

Eilish’s somewhat ironically titled sophomore studio album, Happier Than Ever, featured the song “Everybody Dies” as one of the album’s tracks. The meaning and message of the song are simple; the lyrical content focuses on the unavoidable conclusion that all people will eventually pass away.

With this one, you will receive exactly what is depicted on the packaging. Even though the primary theme and sentiment of the song are gloomy, there is some solace to be had in the knowledge that everything is temporary, and Eilish encourages her fans to enjoy life to the fullest while they still have it.

5. When The Party’s Over

The song “when the party’s over” is chock full of contradictions and oxymorons. The music was first performed live a whole year before being made available to the public. Because of this, Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell, who wrote and produced the track, had some concerns about its eventual release.

They were concerned that the studio version of the song would not be able to capture the same level of enchantment as the live performance.

Second, the song’s lyrics convey Eilish’s anguish due to the unavoidable failure of her romantic relationships. However, despite experiencing extreme melancholy, she attempts to conceal this fact and asserts that she takes pleasure in being by herself. To say the least, “when the party’s over” is a depressing song, just like most of her other songs.

6. Idontwannabeyouanymore

Eilish had one of her earliest significant hits with the song “I don’t want to be you anymore,” the fifth single released from her debut EP. Eilish’s impressive vocal work and the obscurity of her lyrical content help the song carve out its own identity, despite its features of various influences, ranging from traditional R&B to contemporary soul music.

The song was written by Eilish at a time when she was suffering from depression, and it describes how she felt like her life had become depersonalized. There is no doubt that the track will resonate with a wide range of listeners, particularly those who have or who continue to struggle with depression.

7. Male Fantasy

“Male Fantasy” is a song written by Eilish after a failed romantic relationship. The song’s lyrics describe the intense conflict of emotions that dominate Eilish’s mind in the aftermath of yet another failed relationship. The phrase “male power fantasy” is alluded to in the title of the song, which makes a reference to what pornography has to offer.

One of Eilish’s most popular songs is titled “Male Fantasy,” Its popularity can be attributed mainly to the fact that the song does not shy away from confronting complex topics, such as the balance of power in romantic relationships.

Expert Tip: The music will not only make your depression worse, but it will also force you to think, which is always a benefit to look on the bright side of.

8. Xanny

The song “Xanny” is Eilish’s self-titled debut album’s third track. The lyrics are critical of how excessive drug use has been romanticized and normalized.

Eilish’s struggle to reconcile her love with someone who cannot help but indulge in drug abuse, which ultimately leads to their death, is one of the final lines in the song’s bridge. This line is the real kicker in this situation.

9. Halley’s Comet

Although “Halley’s Comet” is primarily a romantic love song, “Halley’s Comet” still retains some of the melancholy atmospheres of Billie Eilish’s earlier releases because it is a track by Billie Eilish.

Eilish uses the occurrence of Halley’s Comet as a metaphor for how infrequently she “comes around,” and the lyrics of her song describe the rare appearance of the comet.

10. Hostage

The last song that deserves to be on this list is the eighth and final track that can be found on Eilish’s debut extended play. The song describes a potentially unhealthy relationship dynamic in which one person is caught between genuine love and compulsive possession of the other. The lyrics are profound and heartfelt, and they are undeniably depressing.

11. Ocean Eyes

This earth-shattering debut single brought to our attention an artist who was gifted in numerous ways. It provided the first indication of Eilish’s apparent limitless talent, particularly her distinctive, dexterous vocal range.

It showcased an extraordinary level of emotional maturity for a film that was made when the director was only 14 years old. Whoever thought that the sound of a broken heart could be so beautiful should be shot.

What is Billie Eilish’s most loved song?

“Happier Than Ever (2021)” This song embodies all of Billie Eilish’s anger, regret, tears, and defiance. It’s so unflinchingly accurate and specific that it’s difficult to imagine many other musicians having the guts to release a song like this, especially those whose lives are constantly discussed and written about.

The first half of the song, inspired by a previous failed relationship, is more typical of Billie, and it features one of her most hypnotic melodies: “Do you read my interviews? She queries a devoted ex-lover, “Or do you skip my avenue? You call me again, swerving into your Benz on the way home while drunk, she responds.

She declares, “You absolutely terrified me, but I’m wasting my time because you only pay attention to your fucking friends,” as the song becomes more intense.

Then came complete chaos. After Billie cries out that she has been cut off from the city she calls home, Finneas’ guitar thumps like a jackhammer, signaling the breaking of a dam that had been holding back years of fear and resentment toward a shady ex: lateness, gaslighting, and the need to justify yourself to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

It’s the climax of a song that we’ve all wanted to sing along to loudly for someone but haven’t dared to.


Billie Eilish is quickly becoming one of the hottest young pop stars, and although she’s just getting started in the music business, she already has tons of great songs out there. Since she covers the topics that most teens face daily in her music, it’s no surprise that many teenagers are drawn to her sound.

If you’re looking for new music, I highly recommend listening to Billie Eilish, you won’t be disappointed!

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