Juice WRLD Most Popular Songs: Ranked Best To Worst

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In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of many artists in the hip-hop world in an exponential way. Thanks to the mass diffusion of online platforms for listening to music, many artists have been able to find a channel through which to make themselves known and achieve great success.

Today, we’re going to talk about one of those artists. Juice Wrld, who first emerged in 2015 on the Sound Cloud platform and was able to garner the support of thousands of hip-hop lovers until his tragic death in 2019.

Today, we are going to collect fifteen of the best songs released by Juice Wrld to introduce this amazing artist to all those who did not know him. Let’s start!

Best Juice WRLD Songs

1. Lucid dreams

Lucid Dreams is probably the most iconic and representative song for this artist. The theme of broken love and the torment of loneliness is one of the central elements of all of this artist’s lyrics.

Expert Tip: Juice Wrld wrote this song when she was only 21 years old and unlike most singers of the same age, it is remarkable how well and accurately she has always described love and the pain of separation.

It is very easy to empathize with her words as there are no filters in Juice Wrld’s lyrics and the subtle piano riff will transport and involve you fully. If you have never heard a Juice Wrld song before. Lucid Dreams is probably the first or one of the first songs with which to get to know this artist.

2. Legends

Legends is another one of Juice Wrld’s best-known and most listened to songs. Legends were released in 2018 following the death of his friend XXXTentacion, who died in a shooting at the age of 21. Also, this song, as with Lucid Dreams, carries a lot of emotion and in addition to the strong emotions, tells about a great drama: the death of a young artist.

Also in this case, in addition to his great musical talent, the great maturity of Juice Wrld emerges in this song. Despite being only 20 years old, he had a great life experience that led him to mature a great deal on very important issues.

The main theme of the song and the message that Juice WRLD wants to convey in this song is that physical death can never stop the music, which will live on forever along with their memory.

3. Lean Wit Me

Lean Wit Me is not just one of Juice Wrld’s best songs, but a real piece of his life. Lean wit me, in fact, is another song that deals with another great topic and that, also, for this reason, became one of the first most successful songs of this singer.

In this song, Juice speaks in the first person about the death of his girlfriend by overdose. The song relates an imaginary event, however, in his life experience, Juice admitted that he had abused drugs several times and had seen many people die because of this.

The figure of the girlfriend may therefore be a kind of “archetype” representing all the deaths he has had to experience because of drugs.

4. Man Of The Year

In the short life of Juice WRLD demons and successes coexisted until the demons got the better of him. Man Of The Year is a song where Juice talks about his constant daily struggle to get better with himself and solve all his problems. Although Juice says that he is still looking for better days, he is grateful that he was able to overcome some of his problems and achieve several of his goals.

Unlike the other three songs mentioned above, in Man Of The Year, there is not only pain and melancholy, but also an element of positivity and hope that it is possible to overcome any difficulty, no matter how great.

5. Robbery

With the song Robbery, we return to the theme of love, and more specifically to the theme of love that has ended. Juice expresses his inability to continue to love after separating from his previous girlfriend and how it is destroying him.

Juice, throughout the song, tries to win his girlfriend back with expensive watches, designer clothes, and luxury cars but this only leads to a negative result. The song also talks about how trying to stick to one person can lead to drug or alcohol addictions and how it would be better to let go and look forward.

Expert Tip: This is another love song that Juice WRLD is able to engage anyone with, as we have all experienced a break-up and not been ready to let go of the other person because we were too attached to him or her.

6. Armed & Dangerous

Armed & Dangerous is another great song by Juice WRLD about a slightly different topic than the ones we’ve covered so far. In Armed & Dangerous, Juice describes the main elements of a rapper’s life like his own, describing all the destructive elements that make it up.

Large quantities of drugs, weapons, and crime are three fundamental elements that, as Juice himself says, have characterized his life. The theme of excess is something that Juice experienced on his own skin and that led him to his death at the age of 21 in this song he describes it in all its details.

It’s very strange to hear this song after his death since what could be a kind of “role model” (i.e. a lifestyle of excess) led Juice to his death and this should make everyone think.

7. Bandit

This song became famous mainly because it was Juice Wrld’s last song. In this song, the themes sung are Juice’s MDMA addiction, a relationship with a “bad girl” and crime. It is very strange to hear this song today after Juice’s death, since a few months after the release of this song he would have died of an accidental overdose.

Once again, even in this song, the main themes of this artist return, although, as we have said, the fact that this was his last song gives us goosebumps since we know what would happen to him only a few months later.

8. Wishing Well

Wishing Well is another iconic song by this amazing artist in which he talks about the subject of drug addiction. In Wishing Well Juice explains how very often the use of drugs starts out as a game, but when you start to become successful due to the pressure of fame very often recreational use becomes addictive again.

Juice WRLD talks specifically about his Percocet addiction and how it led to the death of many of his friends at the age of 21 such as Lil Peep or XXXTentacion. Once again, listening to these songs after the singer’s death gives a strange feeling that Juice WRLD will also die at only 21 years old from drugs.

9. Come & Go

Come & Go is a collaboration of Juice WRLD with Marshmello, which produced a great musical result. In the song, the world expresses his desire not want to ruin and disappear all the good things he has managed to achieve through his career.

Although the collaboration between these two artists may seem strange, the result was particularly appreciated by most fans of both Juice WRLD and Marshmello, making Come & Go one of the rapper’s best-known songs.

10. All Girls Are The Same

The title of the song “All Girls Are The Same” is already very telling as it expresses the main theme of the song. Again, the theme of love gone wrong returns prominently to the center of Juice Wrld’s themes.

All Girls Are The Same was extremely popular with the audience, not only because of the depth of Juice’s words but also because of the musical characteristics of the song.

Expert Tip: The sound of this song reconfirms the great experimentalist characteristic of this great singer who does not limit himself only to the sounds of rap and trap music but inserts synthesizers and hi-hats that make the sound of this track fantastic.

11. Wasted

The themes of love and drugs are once again mixed in the song Wasted. The story told within Wasted is that of a toxic relationship with a girl who is always under the influence of drugs. Juice decides in the song to break up with this girl and in order to get over her, he also throws himself into the world of drugs.

The ending of this song is a little different from most of Juice’s songs in that it does not end with a broken love and the pain of loss. At the end of the song, in fact, the girl returns to Juice and he decides to take care of her because of her severe drug addiction.

12. Righteous

Righteous was the first song to be released posthumously after the death of the singer Juice WRLD. Again, the main themes of Juice’s songs return to drugs and excess.

This song was one of the last songs written by Juice and once again, through this song, we are assured of the fact that Juice continued throughout his life, until the end, to adopt this unhealthy lifestyle.

This song was already partly spoiled to the singer’s fans and Juice, several times, had stated that this song would be the summer hit of 2019.

13. Hate me

On the 7th of October 2018, the song Hate me, another great work by this singer, was released at an equal time. Cigarettes is another song that still speaks at length and in detail about his relationship with addictions.

The theme of drugs and addiction, as we have already mentioned, is something that has characterized his personal life and his love life. Love and drugs mix in a perfect combination that gives life to this song which is definitely one of Juice Wrld’s best.

14. Hide

Love in the song Hide is told by Juice WRLD in a very different and much more positive way than usual. This song, in fact, is not about a lost love that brings pain and regrets, but about a love relationship that is still alive.

The love of Juice’s relationship is described as something perfect that will last forever and is something that goes far beyond just sex. The message Juice wants to convey with this song is that the love for his girlfriend is something that will last forever and that nothing can ever break.

The slow and calm rhythm will generate positivity and hope in all people who hear this song.

15. Empty

Empty is the last song we are going to talk about today. It is one of Juice Wrld’s best songs and has been one of the most appreciated by his fans. In this song, the topic of drug addiction is once again discussed and Juice talks specifically about his whole history and what drugs he had to live with.

The song is divided into two main parts: the first one is more biographical and the second one is a hopeful look at the future of getting out of her addictions. In this song, Juice admits that drug abuse, which often seems to be a boast in the hip-hop world, is actually something negative.

What is Juice WRLD’s most famous song?

Lucid Dreams is the most famous song by Juice WRLD
Lucid Dreams is the most famous song by Juice WRLD

“Lucid Dreams” is the most famous song by Juice WRLD. After originally being posted to SoundCloud in 2017, the single was officially released by Grade A Productions and Interscope Records on May 4, 2018. “Lucid Dreams” debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at 74 and peaked at number 2.

The Recording Industry Association of America gave the track a diamond certification in recognition of over 10 million units sold. It is also one of the most played songs on Spotify, with nearly 2 billion streams.

Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade directed the official music video for the track. The psychedelic video has amassed over 800 million views on YouTube.

Expert Tip: Juice WRLD’s fame and the popularity of “Lucid Dreams” continued to rise after his untimely death in late 2019. A remix recorded in 2018 featuring Lil Uzi Vert remained unreleased until fans paid for it to be leaked in May 2021.

What is Juice WRLD’s Most Emotional Song?

This year, Tone Start gave their review of the 10 saddest Juice WRLD songs ranked in order. At the top of the list at number 1 was the song “Dark Place.”

The article referred to Juice WRLD as a “sad rap” musician, and perhaps this is reflected in the songs that made the list. ” Dark Place” was given the number 1 spot for the artist’s saddest song of his career, and therefore could be considered to be his most emotional song too.

The sadness with which the words deliver shows how much of an emotional person the rapper was. This is displayed in the song’s lyrics from the opening lines: “Lost in a dark place, Trapped in the crawl space. In my mind, I get lost, then I wake up in a coffin.”

The tone it gives is solemn, yet depressing, and would quite easily leave the listener sitting in silence as it plays, feeling the same emotion as the artist would have been.


In today’s article, we have tried to summarise and list the fifteen best songs of Juice WRLD. For big fans of this singer, the list should probably contain many more songs, but we can say that these are probably among the most significant and representative of this singer.

Love, drugs, excess, and death are the four main topics that Juice sings about, and despite the singer’s young age, his most beautiful characteristic is his ability to speak about such important topics with great maturity and poeticism.

Although his life led him to early death and although his lifestyle may not be accepted by many, Juice WRLD remains and will always remain a great artist who gave us great music.

The love of Juice’s relationship is described as something perfect that will last forever and is something that goes far beyond just sex. The message Juice wants to convey with this song is that the love for his girlfriend is something that will last forever and that nothing can ever break.

The slow and calm rhythm will generate positivity and hope in all people who hear this song.

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