Best Travis Scott Songs: 20 Songs Ranked Worst To Best

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Travis Scott has among the best hip-hop songs ranked according to streams on different music platforms worldwide. If you have not heard of the rapper and wonder, “Who is Travis Scott?”, “Which rap songs has he composed and released in his career caught people’s attention and considered best?”

Travis Scott is an American rapper and producer from Houston Texas, born on April 30, 1991, and started his music at an early age. At only 16, he recorded his original mixtape identified as The Graduates, which made his passion for rap evident.

Travis Scott, whose real name is Jacques Berman Webster the second, has created great banger albums, such as Astroworld, Utopia, Rodeo, Birds in the trap, and other hit albums. He is signed and made great deals with among the best record labels in America owned by great rappers such as T.I’s Grand Hustle and Kanye West’s Good Music.

After great research, from checking streams in different music charts such as the Billboard charts in different countries worldwide and from different music platforms such as Spotify, the songs mentioned below are undeniably the top 20 best Travis Scott releases over the years.

Best Travis Scott Songs

1. Highest In The Room

Travis Scott’s Highest in the room is one of his single’s best hit music released on October 4, 2019, that has had his fans worship him of his great talent. Listening to this song, even as a no fan of Travis Scott, will turn you into a fan and arouse your desire to listen to more of his music.

The song briefly touches on his relationship with the mother of his children, the social star Kylie Jenner who talked of their breakup at that time. As the lyrics to this song suggest Travis Scott is creative, as the lyrics are a killer.

The song has gained recognition that it was nominated for three awards which are:

  • Grammy award for Best Melodic Rap Music.
  • MTV Video Music (V.M.A.’s) Award for Great Visual Effects.
  • MTV Video Music Award (V.M.A.’s) for Best Hip-Hop Video.

From the lyrics to the beats of the song and the instruments in the song are amazing, over the top. The song was so good that it was ranked as the best for a couple of weeks on the Billboard chart dated October 19, 2019. The video of the song was also phenomenal and creative.

The song is produced by great producers, namely OZ and Nik D. This song is certainly a banger, loved by Travis Scott fans making it one of the best songs.

2. Goosebumps

This is another Travis Scott banger that features the great rapper Kendrick Lamar. This song was released in 2016 on the Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight album.

Expert Tip: Fans were also mesmerized by this hit that he went on and performed several times in a row at a show where he went on and broke the Guinness world record and outdone some of the greatest rappers of all time Jay-Z.

The great talent of the incredible Kendrick Lamar on the track increased the quality of the song, making it a major hit. This song has both the artists attached to their feelings, talking about love.

At one point before a show performance, Travis Scott confessed that he wrote the song when he was at his lowest and used the song as a form of expression and thought of bringing the great Kendrick Lamar on board. If you have not made a point of listening to this song, you are missing out on a great banger.

3. Sicko Mode

Goodness, the level of perfection and greatness in this song, is on another level. This is another Travis Scott banger that featured artists like the great Drake, Swae Lee, and Big Hawk. It was released in the year 2018 on the Astroworld album. The songs have amazing different beats throughout the song, sugarcoated by the great vocals of Drake.

This track is inspired by the 90’s beats, including sample songs from the ’90s namely “Gimme the loot” by the great Notorious B.I.G who by the way is recognized among the best rappers the world has ever had alongside Tupac Shakur, and “I wanna rock” by Luke.

This song details how hard they work on their music and the more great quality music they are bringing to the world as they are in the excited mode.

4. Butterfly Effect

The Travis Scott hit song was released in 2017 on his album Astroworld. He worked with amazing producers identified as Felix Leonne and Murda Beatz. Travis Scott fans cannot deny the similarities in the beats and theme of the butterfly effect song and that of ‘slippery’ by the three Migos.

In the song, Travis Scott talks about his luxuries. He talks about how much his life has taken a turn for the best in the hills (Hollywood) and how he is in the best place by looking at his past.

Travis Scott’s fans undeniably loved this song, from the video to the beats, and sure, whether you are or not a fan of Travis Scott this song is a quality banger that you will love and enjoy.

5. Antidote

“Antidote” was another hit track by Travis Scott released in 2015 on his album Rodeo with great producers such as WondaGurl and Eastbound on board. In his track Antidote, he pretty much talked about drugs and a lot of partying. The antidote track is a sample from the “All I Need” song by Lee Fields.

Travis Scott fans went crazy on the song and helped the track rise in terms of streams on different music platforms, making it one of the best songs by Travis Scott. “Antidote” is a track with a great mad vibe that you will find exciting if you haven’t listened to the song.

6. Through The Late Night

This Travis Scott track features Kid Cudi, one of the all-time biggest inspirations to Travis Scott, which I can’t imagine how satisfying that could be. This track was the second track they collaborated on with Kid Cudi, released in 2016 on the Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight album.

Expert Tip: This song is all about fun, wild partying throughout the night, and sleeping throughout the day, so if you are looking for a song to excite you then this song right here is what you need. This song’s vibe is what makes it among the best songs released by Travis Scott.

7. Coffee Bean

“Coffee Bean” by Travis Scott is one of his many tracks that have received less attention than it deserves. He released the song in 2018 on his Astroworld album. This track is a great art masterpiece as it was a track made from a mixture of different genres and turned out amazing.

This track is undeniably personal to Travis as in this song, he expresses how he feels and the relationship struggles with his girlfriend and the mother of his two kids at that time. He expresses his vulnerability in the song, where he makes his fears and weaknesses known to the world.

It is a track with a mild effect that you would enjoy listening to if you want to chill.

8. Stargazing

The incredible creative nature and talent of Travis Scott are evident in this track. The song was released in 2018 in his album Astroworld. The track secured a spot in the Billboard Hot 100, which came at the 8th position after its release in 2018.

It reached great heights and was greatly accepted by his fans that the Recording Industry Association of America certified the track platinum.

This track is amazing as he changes beats as he raps as the song begins, and halfway he incorporates auto-tuned “falsetto” and completes the track by switching to how he started, which makes the song one of his best tracks. This song talks about how he has become a better person for himself by abstaining from some of his past ways.

9. Maria, I’m Drunk

This track was released on his album Rodeo in the year 2015. This is another one of the amazing songs by Travis Scott featuring Young Thug and Justin Bieber. Yes, Justin Bieber. With such amazing talents on this song, this song is a quality banger.

The track was a great hit as the millions of fans of the three artists streamed the track on music platforms, especially the Justin Bieber and Travis Scott fans, as this was their first collaboration ever.

The verse from Justin Bieber was unbelievably amazing and took a lot of his fans by surprise as no one knew he could murder a verse like that through rap, given he is a pop singer.

Travis Scott has had some collaborations with Young Thug other than the “Maria I’m drunk track” in tracks such as “Skyfall” and “Pick up the phone” among other tracks.

This song is definitely among the best songs by Travis Scott due to the collaboration by the three great artists to the beats and lyrics of the track. An amazing track if you want to chill and vibe.

10. Wake UP

“Wake Up” is another Travis Scott hitmaker featuring The Weekend’s amazing. The song was released as a rap and RnB track in the year 2019 on the Astroworld album. The fact that it is instrumental in blending the vocals by The Weeknd and Travis makes the song unique and fun to listen to.

The lyrics to this song were inspired by love. Travis Scott got his inspiration from the reality personality Kylie Jenner who was going through a rough patch at the time of the “Wake Up” release, similar to The Weekend who got his inspiration from Bella Hadid. This track is creative and lyrical, making it among the best Travis Scott songs.

11. No Bystanders

This is another hit by Travis Scott, released in 2018 in the Astroworld album. This track features amazing artists such as the talented Juice WRLD and Sheck Wes.

This track gets some of its inspiration from the ’90s and features sample songs such as “Joga” by Bjork, bringing the top talent of Travis Scott and his great love for the 90’s songs since he has gotten inspiration for several of his songs other than the “No Bystanders” track from the ’90s.

The track is a mad quality banger with the talents of the three artists in one song. Travis Scott does what he does best with this track with Juice WRLD and Sheck Wes, making it an explosive track well received by fans from all the three artists, given it’s their first collaboration ever.

12. Pick Up The Phone

This is another banger by Travis Scott released in 2016 and features other amazing artists, namely Quavo aka ‘Huncho’ from the Migos and Young Thug. For Travis Scott, it was released on the album Birds in the Trap sing McKnight.

The three hit artists sing about a girl whom each cares about and is ready to settle for, but the girls won’t pick up the phone whenever they are called, which leaves them devastated.

The beats and flow in this song are amazing, making it the best as it was greatly received by fans who streamed it in large numbers making it among the Travis Scott’s best songs because come on now.

We are talking of having Quavo, Travis, and Thug among the best rappers of the new generation in one song which is huge and phenomenal and surely they didn’t disappoint.

13. Astrothunder

“Astrothunder” is another Travis Scott hit track released on the album Astroworld. It is a short track that has an alien vibe from its sounds and beats, making it interesting to listen to. It was labeled among the best of the album by Travis Scott fans as they found the track interesting, making it one of his best songs.

It is a great song with a mild effect that you may listen to if you need to relax and chill.

14. Skeletons

This is a hit by Travis Scott that features other artists such as Pharrell Williams, The Weeknd, and Tame Impala and was released in 2018 on Travis Scott’s album Astroworld. From the sounds in this track to the effects and the vocals in the track by the three greatly talented artists makes, the track is interesting to listen to.

It impressed their fans as it gained much recognition on social media and music platforms, making it among the best tracks by Travis Scott.

15. T.K.N

Travis Scott is a banger hit released in May 2020, collaborating with the great Spanish singer Rosalia. It has amazing beats and sounds that one can move and dance to throughout the track. This song dives into the Spanish language, where he raps and sings in both Spanish and English, which is interesting.

It was a hit following its release and was hugely embraced by fans worldwide. It is an international collaboration having the song top on several different platforms in different world regions.

16. Skyfall

“Skyfall” is a Travis Scott and Young Thug collaboration track that was a hit as both artists never fail to deliver the best. It was released in the year 2016 on the album Travis La Flame. This song talked about how the rappers from the older generation have slept on their talent and detached themselves from the hip-hop artists of the new generation.

17. The Scotts

It is a Travis Scott and Kid Cudi collaboration released in the year 2020. It was a banger that quickly made its way to the top of music charts in 2020 among the best 100 songs.

Kid Cudi has always inspired Travis Scott, and The Scotts were formed as an honor of their friendship and to assure their fans that more banger collaborations are on the way, so we should brace ourselves for the more that is about to come.

18. Yosemite

It is a 2018 Travis Scott hit that features artists like Gunna and Nav released on the album Astroworld. It talks about the luxurious lives of the rappers and is mostly instrumental, with instruments such as the flute and the guitar featured in the song.

Expert Tip: It is a song that has been considered among the best due to its calm and chill effect. It is good to listen to if you want and need to relax.

19. Love Galore

This is a track collaborated on by the amazing S.Z.A and Travis Scott. It was released in 2017 and received much recognition from fans. The duo are undoubtedly talented and give only the best, labeling the track among the best of the Travis Scott tracks. Both didn’t disappoint as the track topped several music platforms.

20. Bake Sale

Another banger from among the best rappers of the younger generation is “Bake Sale” by Wiz Khalifa and Travis Scott. It was released in 2016, and since the two rappers are among the greatly talented and best artists in the rap industry, fans could not keep calm and hugely supported the song by streaming it in numbers on music platforms.

It is a track that serves as an expression by both rap artists of their love for weed, attracting listeners, and making it among the best tracks by Travis Scott.


Travis Scott is undeniably talented, and there is no doubt that his fans will have more quality music from him as he is driven by passion. I was a fan and am looking forward to the more great collaboration he would make with other music artists, and the idea is simply exciting and thrilling.

So far, fans have enjoyed all the music he has created with the amazing unique sound and video features. I am expecting more creativity from him. which I know he will deliver based on his past released hits.

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