On A Budget? Here Are 5 Budget Ukuleles For You

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Are you interested in learning the ukulele? Have you been browsing online for affordable instruments to purchase? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the options? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, we hope to be able to help in the following paragraphs. If you are starting ukulele lessons and are searching for … Read more

Best Ukulele Strap: Top 5 Straps For Ukulele Reviewed

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All ukulele users and performers can use the Ukulele straps for the ukulele to support the body, primarily when a performer used to stand. Performers may also want to play the ukulele instrument with a strap to easily hold the ukulele without stressing the hands and the body. Many ukulele users wonder what could be … Read more

Ukulele Chords: The Best Ukulele Chord Chart For You

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Do you want to learn to play the ukulele the fastest way? There’s no other option in maximizing your time learning to play ukulele but learning it directly from the best chord sites for ukulele. There are tons of chord sites for ukuleles available online, wherein each site contains samples of simple chords (usually the … Read more

Types Of Ukuleles: The Kinds Of Ukulele Explained

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When you think of a musical string instrument that is tiny and guitar-like, then there could only be one; it’s the ukulele! There are four main types of standard ukuleles – Soprano, Concert (or Alto), Tenor, and Baritone, all with different tones, sizes, and volumes. Aside from these common types, more modified and hybrid types … Read more

Ukulele Players: All The Best Ukulele Players You Must Know

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Ukulele History People associate the ukulele with the Hawaiian culture. This of course is where this instrument began its popularity. The ukulele however stems back to the late 18th-century when Portuguese immigrants left their island home to settle in the Hawaiian archipelago, seeking work. The Portugal forerunners or pioneers of the ukulele was led by … Read more

Child Ukulele: How To Pick The Best Ukulele For Your Kid

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Every child has a lot of energy and it is important to satisfy this need for movement with the right activities. For kids, there are many things you can do that will keep them entertained and active. One such activity is music. Music offers children an outlet for their creativity while also developing skills like … Read more

Easy Ukulele Songs: 20 Beginner Ukulele Songs To Play

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The ukulele is a popular string installment that is known for its size and simplicity. This unique Hawaiian-based instrument is loved by many across the world. It is perfect for anyone who is new to music and wants to learn something basic but melodious. Ukuleles come in different sizes, the smallest (and most common) being … Read more

Best Tenor Ukulele: Tenor Ukulele Reviews In 2021

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How can four strings make such a beautiful sound? The tenor ukulele is a unique instrument. It is a remarkable creation, a concert on its own, and a musical instrument that allows you to control passion and expression in the most effective and intuitive way. The ukulele is, in fact, a unique family of instruments, … Read more