Ukulele Chords: The Best Ukulele Chord Chart For You

Do you want to learn to play the ukulele the fastest way? There’s no other option in maximizing your time learning to play ukulele but learning it directly from the best chord sites for ukulele.

There are tons of chord sites for ukuleles available online, wherein each site contains samples of simple chords (usually the most popular ukulele chords) and more complex chords.

best chord sites ukulele

Most Popular Ukulele Chords

The most famous ukulele chords are the easiest to play among all chords. There are actually seven basic ukulele chords that you can start with as a beginner. These are C, G, F, D, Am, Dm, and Em.

A quick tutorial of the basic chords of ukulele.

Ukulele players suggest practicing these basic and most popular ukulele chords to exercise muscle memory and familiarize themselves with the tones of the chords.

Once you master these chords, you’ll be able to play multiple songs easily without any sweat. If you’re planning to write your ukulele song, then learning how to play the most popular ukulele chords is a must.

With the right amount of practice and determination, you’ll be able to expand your musical expertise when it comes to playing the ukulele. Then, you can start playing your favorite Taylor Swift song or sing children’s and Christmas songs to your family and friends with a ukulele accompaniment.

Ukulele chord chart
Ukulele chord chart. (Image credit: “Ukulele chords” by Jonathan Camp on Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)

5 Best Ukulele Chord Sites

Now that you have an idea of the most popular ukulele chords, it is time for you to know how to apply these chords to songs.

Below is a comprehensive list of the best chord websites for a ukulele that helps learn how to read and play ukulele chords, applicable to beginners and advanced. It’s time for you to find and pick the best ukulele learning platforms that suit your needs and preferences to expand your musical prowess.

1. Ukulele Hunt

Ukulele Hunt
Ukulele Hunt Homepage.

If you like your chords to be printed out, you might want to check out Ukulele Hunt. They have available ready-to-print copies of the tabs, chords, and lyrics in PDF format.

Other lovable features from this website are: it gives hassle-free navigation for website visitors as they have the option to look for the chords available categorically, either by genre, difficulty, and even by decade, and second, it features an audio clip button that will serve as your guide on the strumming patterns.

But wait, there’s more! Ukulele Hunt even provides blogs and tutorials that will teach you all about ukuleles, including playing a specific genre, ukulele buying tips, reviews of ukulele brands, etc.

2. UkuGuides

Ukuguide homepage
UkuGuides homepage.

Are you a newbie in playing the ukulele? Then, you must check out UkuGuides. The website is dedicated to providing step-by-step guides and resources in playing the ukulele, how to take care of your ukulele, and all other things you have to know when owning a ukulele.

UkuGuides also features various ukulele song lists (e.g., Christmas ukulele songs, children ukulele songs, etc.) that you can practice on, undoubtedly perfect for beginners and advanced players.

3. UkuTabs

Ukutabs homepage
UkuTabs homepage shows Top 10 Most viewed and latest songs.

Unlike Ukulele Hunt, UkuTabs has a much broader and deeper collection of ukulele songs. The website prides itself on its deep archives of free curated songs with complete chords and tabs. It also contains ukulele chord diagrams which are helpful when chords get very complex.

The website’s homepage always features lists on the “Top 10 Most Viewed Songs Today” and “10 Latest Songs,” which you can play on the ukulele.

One highlighted feature of UkuTabs is the interactive features like hovering over a chord and a chord chart showing up.

4. Ukulele Chords

Do you want some free tools that can help you improve your ukulele playing skills? Then the Ukulele Chords website is a must-visit for you. They developed valuable tools in learning ukuleles such as chord finder, key transposer, and key finder.

Ukulele Chords has an extensive set of chord charts, making it one of the most trusted websites for ukulele chord diagrams.

The homepage even features a beneficial chord search feature where you’ll just input the specific chord and the tuning and tada! The chord diagram chart shows together with other details/information.

5. Chordie & E-Chords

Chordie homepage
The website includes a visually appealing homepage with ukulele music listings organized by genre and difficulty.

If there’s a Wikipedia for song chords, it has to be Chordie and E-Chords! Chordie contains an enormous database of songs, with available chord charts and transposers.

The website has a straightforward and pleasant interface with sorted ukulele song lists depending on genre and difficulty. The website has pretty much a deep songbook with ukulele tabs and chords that you can print.

Just like the Chordie website, E-Chords contain more than a million ukulele songs, perfect if you want to learn to play the ukulele to any piece. The only difference between E-Chords and the Chordie website is that the option for chord transpose is not accessible unless you pay for a membership.

Nevertheless, the website is still helpful as it offers video lessons on playing ukuleles and features key variations for both guitar and ukuleles.

e-chords homepage
On the homepage of e-chords, you can see video instructions on how to play ukuleles right away.

Aside from the above-listed chord sites for ukulele, more ukulele chord websites are available online that are of significant help. You can search for the following chord sites for ukuleles: Ukulele Chordfinder, Ukulele Tricks, Tabs4Ukulele, EzFolk, Richard G’s Ukulele Songbook.

One major standout from this second group of websites is the Ukulele Chordfinder. Ukulele Chordfinder resembles a software-like ukulele tutorial that helps you create chords, for instance, if you’re composing your own song and sound.

Overall, many websites are having significant collections and inventories of songs to play in a ukulele. All mentioned sites will surely help you in finding ukulele chords and learning to play them.

By going through the tutorials and video lessons from the said websites, your ukulele playing skills will undoubtedly improve in a short period. You can actually have the lyrics and chords printed if that is what makes you more comfortable.

Just keep practicing and enjoy every chord you learn. Be a rockstar! If you have any questions about the presented best chord sites of the ukulele, feel free to write them down in the comment section.

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