11 Songs To Make Love To: A Complete List

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Fresh music is coming! Do you want to make the bedroom more exciting? Making a love-making playlist with a few sensual songs is a terrific way to pump up the heat as you indulge in your wildest dreams.

Several songs on this list will make you feel hot and agitated. Without further ado, here is my list of the greatest songs about falling in love ever!

Love Making Songs

11 Best Love-Making Songs

1. Hotter Than Hell By Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa’s vocal prowess astounds and demonstrates the unpleasant aspect of having sex with someone you don’t find attractive. Despite the somewhat depressing words, the speed is excellent for staying beat.

Even in a relationship that eventually fizzles, having sex with someone you love always feels more intimate. The 2017 song “Hotter than Hell” is about having sex in a poor relationship. Several admirers believe that the song on the album Dua Lipa is one of her best.

2. Pony By Ginuwine

One of the sexiest songs to make out to is this one by Ginuwine, and it takes the cake. The 1996 song “Pony” was used in the Magic Mike films about male strippers. Who doesn’t remember Channing Tatum grooving to the tune of Ginuwine’s hit?

Expert Tip: Whether you like it or not, “Pony” is here to stay. The song has a fantastic speed and will make you sweaty and heated in the bedroom.

3. Pull Up To The Bumper By Grace Jones

When Grace Jones’ 1981 smash single “Pull Up To The Bumper” was published, it was considered controversial. With its disco beat and sexual lyrics, the inclusion of people moaning in the background was too much for others, and several radio stations banned the song.

The song was written for the album Nightclubbing and is particularly suggestive because it refers to prostitution. Embrace 1981 by including Ms. Jones on your playlist of songs that make you fall in love.

4. Sex With Me By Rihanna

It’s beautiful when a woman feels self-assured during sex, especially if she understands exactly what she wants. In her song “Sex with Me,” Rihanna addresses this idea by describing her ability to make people fall in love as sumptuous and one-of-a-kind.

The vocalist lets loose with a vintage R&B sound that is both seductive and sultry and can make even the most conservative woman feel good about herself in this recording from 2016 for the album Anti.

5. Let’s Get It On By Marvin Gaye

Classic! The Marvin Gaye song “Let’s Get it On,” which became a success in 1974, cannot be described in any other way. The music, frequently used in sex scenes in films, is well recognized as being about sex and is the ideal request for someone to join you in bed.

With this outstanding vocal rendition of one of the best singles from the 1970s, let Mr. Gaye astound you. It was written as a tribute to his second wife and the difficulty of finding a partner for an intimate relationship after suffering a breakup.

6. I Want Your Sex By George Michael

Explaining your reasons for wanting to have sex with someone may come out as a little desperate, but George Michael nails it in the song “I Want Your Sex,” which is ideal for our list of the top music for making love.

Whether you want to spice up your sex life or add some fantastic music to your bedroom playlist, “I Want Your Sex,” released in 1987, is undoubtedly a winner.

7. I’ll Make Love To You By Boyz II Men

Boyz 2 Men’s “I’ll Make Love to You” is an excellent classic among the first songs that come to me when I think of romantic music. The song was included in their album II and was more romantic. Sex shouldn’t always be about the physical act, so lighting candles and playing relaxing music is a terrific way to get your lover in the mood.

8. Doin’ It By LL Cool J

The greatest rap songs were written in the 1990s. Dare you to counter. Rap music was noted for its sexually explicit lyrics, and smash smashes like LL Cool J’s “Doin’ It.” Let LL Cool J do what he does best to help you liven things up in the bedroom.

Expert Tip: The song, recorded in 1995 for the album Mr. Smith, recounts one’s first sexual encounter with a lady and includes breathless, in-the-moment groaning. I dare you to have this on your playlist for courtship and experience the pinnacle of 90s rap.

9. Love To Love You, Baby, By Donna Summer

Donna Summer is the queen of seductive. She “whisper-sings” the lyrics of her hit song “Love to Love You Baby” while background noises of people moaning. It’s one of those tunes you can’t get out of your head.

This song is at number four on the list of the finest love-making music and is a definite winner for your bedroom playlist. Crank it up, and have a blast!

10. Sex Talk By Megan Thee Stallion

The 2019 song “Sex Talk” by Megan Thee Stallion, which was recorded for the album Fever, is unafraid to sing about sex and uses various innovative words and images to do it. Rap has never sounded more seductive than when the vocalist spits dirty lyrics in her breathy voice.

This song, ranked number five on the list of the finest love-making music, is unquestionably on your must-have list.

11. Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye

The song “Sexual Healing” is groovier and more subtle, and its hypnotic beat is better developed. The Gaye on this track is more experienced with the therapeutic effects of making love.

The crooner’s final great hit before his tragic passing was also notable for being one last crucial song that would keep steamy evenings going for many generations.


Music has the power to make people feel good. Making love while listening to music can improve the sexual experience. Also, it can deepen the connection and evoke various feelings. Despite the knowledge that it is inappropriate to listen to music while having sex, this practice is frequently used to block out sighs and other in-bed noises.

Playing the movement’s rhythm can make it more adventurous. Combined with sexual interaction, it can increase the physical and psychological benefits. Dopamine is released in response to music.

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