15 Bands With Female Singers You Need To Know

Everyone loves a good band, and no matter what type you like there will always be something for everyone. We’re going to talk about rock bands with female singers today, however. How many bands do you know that have a female lead in them?

It has become more common now and has continued to be as popular as ever. But, they are certainly not equal when it comes to the wide variety of talent in the bands. So, who are the best female-led bands? Are they still around? We’ll cover each band to find out!

rock bands with female singers

1. Taylor Momsen – The Pretty Reckless

Her band began in 2009. She knew a rock producer who knew a band that needed a lead singer, and so The Pretty Reckless was born. Though they aren’t one of the more popular ones, they’re still a staple in your rock playlist

Once 2016 came around though, the band took a turn for the better. With the members themselves becoming more mature in their musical aspects, it was a step in the right direction for this band to help them stand out and not be such a typical style of rock.

Right before she stopped acting she was able to play in How The Grinch Stole Christmas as Cindy Lou. She didn’t have a normal childhood growing up. her parents put her to work with Ford when she was only 2 and began acting once she was 3.

2. Lizzy Hale – Halestorm

This band was started by two siblings. Lizzy Hale and Arejay Hale in 1997. This is a modern, “still got the grunge style” kind of band. Some will say that they love this band, others may say that their music is an acquired taste.

They are however a popular band and were even able to become number 17 on Billboard Rock. They have more musical empowerment than an intimidating one like most other bands have. Halestorm has made its mark in the world of rock and will continue moving up.

She has had a variety of guest appearances from celebrities like Machine Gun Kelly, Lindsey Sterling, and also Shinedown. She is also a big believer in helping people with mental health problems and even started a “Raise Your Horn” trend in 2018.

3. Heather Baron-Gracie – Pale Waves

Heather and her band had a goth look to them. They came together in 2014 and have been loved ever since. They began recording with the label. Dirty Hit’s in 2018 for their first EP. Even with them being a newer band to the scene, there are many famous bands that have given props to this band for their talents.

She began her music take-off in 2011 when she first started to put videos on her YouTube channel of her songs. Their most recent album. Who Am I? Which was released on February 12. 2021. and secured itself a spot as number 3 in the UK charts.

4. Sharon Den Adel – Within Temptation

This was a very popular Dutch band in many countries around the world. Beginning in 1996. Sharon and Robert Westerholt had decided to team up and put their musical talents to better use.

One of their more popular things is their single Ice Queen, which helped to open the doors for their future albums, etc. Most would say their music is more whimsical than most other bands, which helps this band stay unique and stay loved.

Sharon actually has a Bachelors’s degree in none other than fashion design. At least she always knows how to look cute. Even with her not even ever having had any sort of actual, formal vocal training her voice played an important part in the band.

5. Ann Wilson – Heart

In 1970. Heart formed and really ended up opening doors for future female bands. The band almost came to a halt when members of the band almost got drafted. To ensure that this didn’t happen and could avoid it. they moved to Canada.

Ann is labeled as one of the very first female singers in a hard rock band. Unfortunately, the band couldn’t seem to keep the members for very long. This meant that the sisters were the only two originals in the band. Even though they were producing amazing music together with songs like Barracuda.

They’re doing something right though as a couple of their songs hit the Billboard Hot 100. Ann has helped to give confidence in women rock singers and showed them that it was possible, this would grow into many female singer lead bands in the years to come.+

6. Hayley Williams – Paramore

Paramore was known by all yet. they weren’t really looked at as being popular socially but were otherwise popular. They weren’t technically an actual band until 2004 and went on to become successful in other countries before catching on in the US. Until 2007 came around and they released Riot!

This became popular in the US and even made it up to 18 on the Billboards Pop Singles list. They seem to be a taste that some can’t take as they have recently started to do more for the younger generations rather than do more of what others may have grown up listening to.

7. Stevie Nicks – Fleetwood Mac

This one is a classic. Stevie Nicks has continued to be loved for many years since they have become a band. With her amazing vocals in the band, it wasn’t hard for them to become famous. They hadn’t been the first band that Stevie had been in though, she had experience with many other bands before joining Fleetwood Mac in 1974.

It was such a good matchup that they were able to hit number one in the US Billboards 200 back in 1975. Though they had a member pass away. Peter Green, they have helped give new light to rock music and are still loved to this day as well as watched during their tours. She was able to score herself a spot in the Roch And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1998. then again in 2019 as a solo artist.

8. Debbie Harry – Blondie

A classic more than others, most people would probably know the name of the band more than they would Debbie’s name. However, at one point people were thinking that Debbie was Blondie and that she was a single band and they had to eventually start giving out pins stating that they were a group.

This group began in ’74 where they frequently played in New York. Unlike most other bands who tended nonstick with what they knew and were good at. Blondie liked to experiment with their music and find new ways to change it up. This band is a loved one but they are also on and a lot but has released Pollinator.

9. Janis Joplin – Big Brother and the Holding Company

This band is certainly a popular classic to this day. In 1965. they began changing music when the band formed. Having reached number 60 on the Billboards Top 200 chart, they were also known for their live performances. Their song Cheap Thrills is what got them number one on the Billboards list

She even appeared at Woodstock and has had 5 singles make it to the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Sadly, she only got to release 3 albums before dying in 1970. The following year, however, one of those was released and hit number one on the Hot chart.

10. Joan Jett

Everyone knows who this famous rock band singer is. Joan Jett is most known for her solo album that she released after her all-girl band broke up and went their separate ways, was “Bad Reputation”, as well as ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

She made number one in the Hot Top 100 with that song. People have nicknamed her the ‘Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. She wasn’t just a singer but would also play guitar. They got to be the opening act of many already famous bands like Ramones. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

11. Patti Smith

She has balanced her love of music, singing, and poetry to make her amazing and loved music iconic. She has intertwined her literature in with her songs which is what helped her find her husband. Fred Smith, who also loved poetry.

Sadly, she lost her husband to a heart attack and her brother. These tragedies are what eventually led Smith to move back to New York, which then led her to decide to go back on tour. She later turned to photography to help with her husband’s death.

She still sings, but it’s more at appearances or at churches. She continues writing and just wrote a book in 2019 called. Year of the Monkey.

12. Alice Bag – The Bags

This band was a pretty big deal when they were founded because she was one of the only female Latina musicians around. She made a big impact on people as she sent messages through her music to people who have been abused and also detained immigrants.

Not only has she become an icon in the rock scene, but she has also written a book about her growing up in LA called Violence Girl, From East LA Rage to Hollywood Stage. This shows from the emotion that she puts into her songs and makes the listener almost feel what she is saying.

13. Dolores O’Riordan – The Cranberries

She was the lead singer in a big ’90’s rock band from Limerick. Ireland. She started in early singing career by joining her church choir.

Everyone said that Dolores has a unique voice and loved it.

She put it to good use by releasing her first solo album in 2007 called. “Are You Listening?’. Sadly, she ended up dying in 2018 but had released over 40 million albums worldwide. This is a very big achievement for anyone and is on “The Top Female Artist of All Time” on the Billboards Alternative chart.

14. Siouxsie Sioux – Siouxsie and the Banshees

As a British rock singer, she has certainly made a name for herself as one of the best female rock singers. Her writing talents are nothing less than influential and really hit home with her personal topics of anxiety and abuse. She certainly had more of a darker side, but what else could you expect from a rock band?

She has had a couple of bands before continuing to be a solo artist. She was also named as one of the most influential British singers of that era. She didn’t begin singing solo until. 2004 and released her first solo album in 2007. She was a sought-after talent in the female community someone, that females could look up to and want to be.

15. Pat Benatar

Benatar made a name for herself in the 70s with multiple famous songs such as. “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, and “In The Heat of the Night”. Making her one of the most remembered and best female rock artists.

She is one of the best, as she has a 4-time Grammy Award-winning streak. Music truly brings people together as she would end up marrying her guitarist, Niel Giraldo. She did have an album that would be her best ever and even became number 2 in other countries other than the United States, like France.

It doesn’t matter which generation it is, young or old, female rock singers always have and always will continue to make an impact on the rock scene, not just by being a solo singer, but also by proving that women could do it on their own without a big and a lot of people attached.

These famously fierce females have put a lot of time and effort into helping female singers get to where they are today in the music world. Nothing can stop you if you have a passion for getting what you want in life and reaching your goals. Feel free to leave any comments below if you have any questions.

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