Rap Feature Prices: Your Favourite Artist Feature Prices Revealed

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Are you curious how some of our favorite rappers are getting paid or are you planning on building up your music career and need to hire a rapper to spice up that music of yours? Collaborating with your favorite artist is really a dream come true, but making that music a masterpiece really needs some dedication, passion, and money.

Getting into the rapping industry can be really pricy and difficult, you need to hire this, do that and pay that, and it’s stressful. But there might be some alternatives you might want to reconsider if you have a tight budget.

How to Find Out How Much Rappers Charge For Verses: Feature Prices

Hiring a Famous and Good rapper isn’t just about making that track lit on fire but it includes advertising your name and your music career, so hiring a Famous Rapper is really beneficial since it could get a lot of attention but it could be a really pricy considering he/she might have a tight schedule or other offers.

How to Find Out How Much Rappers Charge For Verses?

How to find out how much Rappers charge for Verses?
How to find out how much Rappers charge for Verses?

Normally you would go to their music company or directly ask their manager. But some artists post their collaboration fee on their social media, or you can message the artist itself in making a deal for collaboration, you can use Instagram, Twitter, or a Business email or other apps that you can communicate.

But an artist could name their price whatever they wanted, it’s up to the employer if they would accept this or not, but some rappers have different pricing ranges depending on the circumstances and situation this could be:

Level Of Influence

The music industry is a very competitive place; anyone can shine, but not most of them have the same fate, some artists just stay on the other side. So as an artist you are willing to collaborate with others that will help you shine. A famous rapper would not collaborate with just anyone; you got to have the talent and influence.

Build your swag and get attention from the crowd, by doing that you are most likely to stay relevant and get a higher percentage of any collaboration.

Expert Tip: Popular Rappers most likely, too, have higher feature fess than other underrated artists.

How to know if they are popular?

You can visit their social media or search for their past events and you can judge based on what you see.



Do you know any well-known rappers? And do you have any ties to them? Why and how may a collaboration fee be less than the actual price? Connection and relationship may play an important role in bargaining since you can use that connection to negotiate a price you want.

And it would be more difficult to say no when you have a relationship with someone. You just have to persuade them why you are worthy of time and money.

How Much Do Rappers Charge For Verses?

Like others, there is no such thing as a set amount of collaborating fees, it’s up to the artist itself to set a price.

Popularity could be one of one, the basis why an artist sets their fees. Newer artists or underrated artists normally price their collaborations between the $3,000 to $5,000 range, while the more popular the artist is, the higher the price range, this could be $25,000 or even higher.

Famous Rapper Aubrey Drake Graham also known as “drake” with the hit song “Nice for What” (2018) charges up to $150k for a verse, while others go for $500 or less.

How long can 1 verse last?

1 verse is typically 16 bars long, consisting of four beats of music in the 4/4 signature, and is repeated three times in a song, which is highly prevalent in the genre. The duration of the verse in minutes is determined by the overall tempo of the song. But it’s really up to the artist to decide because rap verses can also be 8 or 1000 words long.

Do rappers do features for free?

Do rappers do features for free?
Do rappers do features for free?

Anyone would be frustrated if someone didn’t pay for your hard work, since there is no such thing as free nowadays, Effort and time should be paid, yes, some artists does it for free if they can’t buy a song on their own or just simply enjoying their passion.

But they have to get dough because creating a music album isn’t just cheap you have to hire someone to do your music and manage your music, it is a lot of process.

Expert Tip: Some Rappers do feature without a charge, but with a deal, they sometimes trade verses for free and then claim they charge $100K for a feature. Some other rappers trade verses for extravagant homes, cars, and other collectors, stuff with values.

List of Rappers and how much they charge for a verse and feature:

  1. Jay Z, his appearance and collaboration fee has been rumored to be somewhere between 200k to 1.5 Dollars.
  2. Nicki Minaj mentioned in 2018 that she charges 250k for a verse, but according to Nicki’s collaborator David that she charges 500,000 for a verse now.
  3. Lil Baby in 2020 and the quality-controlled music artist publicly spoke on his Twitter about how much he charges for a feature. It says that he charges in 6 figures and not less than 100,000. That money is huge, so if you are planning on getting Lil Baby, you better have that 6 figure.
  4. 2 Chainz Verse in 2013 on BBC Radio 1Xtra. Said that he used to charge $250k for a verse. But throughout the time it should have gone up, since he gained more popularity; but for now, his price is still unknown.
  5. J Cole, on the other hand, doesn’t charge per verse, but charges 2,000 dollars per word.
  6. Lil Terrain 2017 posted a list of features on his Instagram story that back then the rapper would charge 50 dollars for a feature, and for a hook, he charges 40 dollars, and if they wanted the hook and a feature it would be 70.

Do rappers pay to be featured?

Do rappers pay to be featured?
Do rappers pay to be featured?

Yes, partnering with other artists and being a part of an mv and music can greatly enhance your reputation, people will know you and be inquisitive about who you are, and will most likely check out your music. Some other people try to get as many featured as possible so they would get more attention and would stay relevant.

Some Rappers pay their way in to get featured in other artists’ tracks, the reason behind this is that they are advertising themselves with the help of the other artist, so they would likely be a part of a masterpiece. Rappers will do anything to get promoted, and buying a feature could be one of those things.

These are the benefits of being featured:

Establish a new name
Being featured with an artist could gain you a new name and a role because who you are collaborating with can influence how people see you or how people interact with you

Short appearances
Getting featured requires interaction with other artists. A quick or extended presence may be beneficial since you will acquire exposure from the listener, which may lead to future projects and collaborations.

Expand new fandom
With the new name and appearances, don’t be shocked if you suddenly gain new and more followers and subscribers, getting featured means you will get exposed leading people to check out your own song and possibly end up loving it and becoming one of your huge fans.

Earn that dough
Of course, you will get money by collaborating with other artists, they can just not pay you after working with them you have to have to get paid.

How can you buy a big rapper’s collab?

Do you need hype and you want to work with other popular rappers? Here are some tips on how you can get that dream collab done.

1. Reach out

Getting your Favorite Artist’s attention isn’t easy but sometimes their agency responds from their social media, just simply DM them from social media and ask them for a collaboration if you didn’t get a response, it’s probably because he doesn’t have time or your message was lost.

If you want to be formal you can contact their agency that you have a proposal to make.

2. Build a Name

Having just money isn’t going to work, they most likely get collaborations from popular artists, not just anyone, so if you want to get that collab you must build a name first.

3. Create a deal that they cannot refuse

Creating a deal is the most important part, who doesn’t want a great deal? A great deal is what hooks people up, that they would accept it if they think it’s very beneficial.


Finding Feature Rapper cost per verse isn’t that difficult. Dm them, and Contacting their company is the simplest way, but you can find out on your own if you did some research, and there are several things you must know before getting a collaboration, is that money isn’t the only thing that matters.

There are some other things that you should consider before getting that featured Deal.

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