What Do Singers Wear In Their Ears? Here’s The Truth

Did you already experience attending a concert? Perhaps, attending by yourself or with your family and other loved ones? Or at least, watch your favorite musicians execute their piece live on television or on Youtube? Well if any of these is yes, I am proud and sure that you, as an individual, are already aware … Read more

Best Tablets For Musicians: How To Pick The Right One

best tablets for music

Why Does a Musician Need a Tablet? Mobile gadgets like the tablet have transformed traditional music-making methods for musicians, enabling artists to create whenever inspiration may strike, with a few taps of their fingertips. Musicians can leave the studio and work on their projects at home without missing a beat, or even stream live performances … Read more

5 Needle Doctors Alternatives You Need To Know Today

needle doctor alternative

There is a different yet stimulating feeling that takes over your body when you hear a vinyl record. The warm sound and intimate ambience draw a lot of people in getting their vinyl and record players. It goes to say that vinyl has seen both the best of times and the worst of times. Through … Read more

Rap Instagram Captions: 100+ Best Rap Lyrics For Captions

It has come to no surprise that Instagram is now one of the biggest social media platforms to date. It’s used for purposes such as to showcase one’s personal life, kickstart your career, as a business tool for marketing, brand growth, and advertising, or simply just for entertainment. For either of these reasons, people need … Read more

Dolby Cinema vs IMAX: Everything You Need To Know

So, you are off to see a movie at your favorite movie theater. But you notice two formats available for viewing IMAX and Dolby Cinema. So, why are there two formats? Which is better? Both formats provide a premium movie-watching experience, surround sound, and stunning visuals that are very appealing to moviegoers everywhere. Both offer … Read more

Voice Looper: How To Pick The Right One For Your Voice

best vocal looper

Are you a singer who would like to enhance your performances with a vocal looper? Many of the best crooners with solid natural talent are using enhancements to their voices. These performers may want to create vocal loops that play in the background while they sing the melody over the top. Perhaps your vocals are … Read more

Cello Price: How Much Should A Cello Cost In 2022

There are a lot of factors at play that determines the cost of a cello. The construction techniques, the materials used, the quality of sound, and even the fame of the cello maker can all influence the price. So, how much does a cello cost? Well, it depends on what kind of cello you need. … Read more