Jamaican Music Instruments: Everything You Need To Know

Jamaica is an island country located in the Caribbean Sea between the USA and South America. It is a country with rich musical traditions and unique Jamaican instruments whose distinct sound is recognizable in genres such as ska, reggae, rocksteady, dub, dancehall, and reggae fusion. These Jamaican instruments can also be heard in non-Jamaican music … Read more

Spanish Music Instrument: The 10 Spanish Musical Instruments To Know

We’ve all heard the sound of a Spanish guitar before, haven’t we? The soft melody emitted by its strings, interpreting world-famous songs such as Wonderwall. It is, without a doubt, one of the best-known Spanish instruments. In addition, these days we seem to love and enjoy Latin music more than ever before. Latin music is … Read more

Is Reverb Safe? Here’s The Truth

If you’re involved in the musical community whether a concert pianist or a classic rock bass player, then you’ve probably heard of Reverb. Reverb is the largest online marketplace that was designed for folks to buy and sell new and used vintage music gear. If you’ve ever considered purchasing or selling on Reverb, then you’re … Read more

Percussion Instruments: The Ultimate Percussion Instrument List

Have you ever heard a beat and wondered which instrument was that? This is a situation many music lovers get themselves into. Most people think that the only instrument is a drum. If they’re thinking of percussion, they’ll probably think of cymbals or gongs. However, many instruments fall under the category of percussion. What is … Read more

Female Karaoke Songs: Top 30 Best Karaoke Songs For Women

Karaoke is a fun activity for people to get together and have a good time. It is just singing along with the original track of the song being played in the background but without being accompanied by actual musicians who play instruments such as guitar, piano, drums, etc. In karaoke bars around the country, it … Read more

Pelican Case Competitors: What Should You Buy?

pelican case alternative

Photographic gears and electronic equipment start at a very costly price tag, but there’s no choice but to avail them especially if you are a professional who needs to invest to make your craft superb. As these gears are meant to be used in a variety of settings depending on the location of your clients, … Read more