Headphone Jack Size: Types Of Headphones Jacks Explained

Headphone Jack Size

Wireless headphones are more common now compared to wired headphones. There, however, remain a group of people that still stick to the latter for a plethora of reasons. Whether more people use wireless headphones nowadays, wired headphones will stay for those who like them more than wireless ones. The jacks or plugs of wired headphones … Read more

Spanish Music Instrument: The 10 Spanish Musical Instruments To Know

We’ve all heard the sound of a Spanish guitar before, haven’t we? The soft melody emitted by its strings, interpreting world-famous songs such as Wonderwall. It is, without a doubt, one of the best-known Spanish instruments. In addition, these days we seem to love and enjoy Latin music more than ever before. Latin music is … Read more

How To Remove Echo In Audacity: A Step By Step Guide

audacity removes echo

First, the Audacity remove echo function in this free and open-source software is one of its many functions that help edit audio files and make them sound better. You can also use Audacity in the following: Removing sound reverb Removing background noise Removing vocals Recording audio Removing wind sound However, even with the use of … Read more

Microphone Thread Size: Everything You Need To Know

microphone stand

Every singer is faced with a question: should I hold the microphone or utilize the microphone stand? Many opt for using the microphone stand allowing the performer to gesture, move, and interact with the music in a less cumbersome way. Yet microphones are not used only for amplifying the voice. Varieties of microphones have been … Read more