Astro A50 vs A40: Everything You Need To Know

astro a40 vs a50

If you are into casual gaming, wants a user-friendly control design, always sitting on a couch, the wireless Astro A50 Gaming Headsets is the best for you, but if you are pc gamer that plays non-stop and does not want to have any issues with the battery life span, the Astro Gaming A40 is the … Read more

How To Make Your Volume Louder: 5 Ways To Make Speakers Louder

how to make your speakers louder

Knowing how to make your speaker louder can come in handy to achieve a higher volume from your speaker or other audio devices. Generally, most people introduce additional speakers to a room or place the existing speakers in strategic positions to amplify and generate more sound. Additionally, you can make changes in your speaker’s settings … Read more

Headphone Dent: Can A Headset Deform Your Head? Find Out!


Can Headphones Dent Your Head? These days, we are either glued to our screen doing piles of work or attend zoom meetings and have a group call with friends. To make the experience better, we always have our headphones as our companions. I don’t know if it is just me, but wearing headphones affects my … Read more

Tuba And Sousaphone: Everything You Need To Know

tuba vs sousaphone

While both a tuba and sousaphone give a deep base tone to music, they are designed for different uses. They contain the same length of brass tubing and are both played by buzzing lips together inside a metal mouthpiece, but their difference in design comes down to one simple factor. It is difficult to play … Read more

Home Recording Studio Equipment: Everything You Need To Know

home studio

Things you need for a home recording studio and make music with decent sound quality: A computer A microphone A microphone stand Headphones A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) / Audio Interface Combo XLR cables Pop filter Studio Monitors iNTRODUCTION What do I need to record music at home? Some people have the impression that in … Read more

Asain String Instruments: 10 Interesting Instruments From Every Country

chinese string instrument

These strings can be made from either artificial materials such as nylon or plastic or a traditional material such as silk, animal gut, metal, or vegetable fibers. Nearly all Asian string instruments have one thing in common they use vibrating strings and either a soundboard or resonating chamber to amplify the sound they produce. Asian … Read more