Young Dolph Popular Songs: 11 Young Dolph Hits You Need To Listen Too

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Young Dolph was one of the most underrated rappers in 2016. His songs have excellent beats, and his lyrics are very clever. Although Young Dolph died, his music will live on forever.

His music is unique, and he has a lot of different sounds. He is one of the few rappers who can make a club banger and a street anthem. His debut LP, King of the Memphis, was successful, putting him on the map. It featured the singles “Get Paid” and “Preach.” To critical acclaim, the rapper released his second album, Rich Crack Baby, in 2017.

Best Young Dolph Songs

Young Dolph’s best songs

Young Dolph's best songs
Young Dolph’s best songs
  1. Scale
  2. 100 shots
  3. Major ft. Key Glock
  4. RNB by Young Dolph ft Meghan Thee Stallion
  5. By mistake
  6. I’ll ft Key Glock
  7. Believe me
  8. Get Paid
  9. On the River
  10. Money, Power, and respect
  11. Hall of fame


Scale by Young Dolph is a trap song about the hustle and grind of making it in the music industry. The lyrics detail how artists have to hustle to make it big. from working long hours to making connections. Despite the challenges, the song encourages listeners to keep going and not give up on their dreams.

Despite the challenges of breaking into the music industry. Scale by Young Dolph motivates listeners to never give up on their dreams. The lyrics detail the different ways artists have to hustle to make it big. from working long hours to making connections.

Even though it may be difficult, the song encourages people to keep going and not give up. He collaborated with fellow rapper G Herbo to produce this banger.

100 shots

The song “100 Shots” is a reference to the shooting that the rapper survived. The song is about being unafraid and living life to the fullest in the face of violence. The title is also a play on the phrase ‘going off the deep end.” meaning to become irrational or violent.
In the song.

Young Dolph boasts about his wealth and success despite the dangers he’s faced in his life. He brags about being shot nine times and surviving, which has only strengthened him. He also talks about how he’s not afraid to take risks, even though they might be dangerous.

Expert Tip: Despite the serious subject matter, “100 Shots” is a fun and catchy song that will get you moving. It’s the perfect anthem for anyone who wants to feel empowered and invincible.

Major ft. Key Glock

Major ft. Key Glock is a song about making it in the music industry. The lyrics talk about how the duo has worked hard to get where they are and how they’re not going to let anyone stop them from making it to the top. The song is motivational and aspirational and will inspire anyone trying to make it in the music industry.

The song was successful when it was released and is still popular today. It’s one of the duo’s most well-known songs and is platinum-certified, the only single from Major to achieve this. It’s also one of the most popular songs on streaming platforms and peaked at number 47 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song is significant not only for its success but also for its message. It’s a song about hard work and determination, something anyone trying to make it in the music industry can relate to.

RNB by Young Dolph ft Meghan Thee Stallion

RNB is a sensual slow jam that finds both artists reflecting on their luxurious lives. The song is filled with references to high-end designer brands, fancy cars, and private jets. The song was produced by Juicy J.

The song has received positive reviews from critics, who praised the chemistry between the two artists and the song’s catchy hook. It performed moderately well on streaming platforms, debuting in the top 10 on the US Billboard Hot 200.

RNB is a great example of a summer hit, its chilled-out vibe, and luxurious lyrics make it perfect for listening to by the pool or at the beach.

By mistake

Young Dolph loved rapping about opulence and money, and By mistake is one of his most popular songs. The track itself is produced by Zaytoven and features Dolph bragging about his designer clothes, expensive jewelry, and private jets.

This energetic banger is all about Young Dolph celebrating his success and enjoying the finer things in life. The instrumental is catchy and will start any party, while Dolph’s lyrics provide some humorous moments.

Overall, By mistake is a fun track that showcases Young Dolph’s lavish lifestyle. He talks about too much wealth and assets that he doesn’t need.

I’ll ft Key Glock

When Young Dolph and Key Glock work on something, you can expect nothing but heat. The two Memphis natives have been frequent collaborators and their latest track. “I’II” is yet another banger.

Over a gloomy trap beat, Dolph and Glock trade verses about their come up in the streets. Dolph reflects on how far he’s come. The track is a true hip-hop jam, a masterpiece by two of the south’s hottest artists. It cemented Dolph’s legacy as one of the trap kings in Memphis.

Believe me

Young Dolph is a hardworking musician, and Believe me. justifies it. He released the song while in hospital after sustaining gun injuries. Despite being in a life-threatening situation, he wanted his fans to know that he was okay and would continue making music.

The lyrics are about continuing to hustle and grind despite the odds, which is what Dolph did by releasing Believe me while in the hospital. The track features a strong, upbeat trap beat, with Dolph’s rapid-fire flow standing out over the top. His lyrics are charismatic and motivate the listener to keep going, no matter what life throws their way.

Young Dolph later clarified that the song was unrelated to the injuries he sustained and that he wrote and recorded it before the incident occurred. The song has been praised for its positive message and Dolph’s dedication to his craft.

Get Paid

Get paid was released by Young Dolph in October 2015. Ready Renegade produced the song. Young Dolph celebrates his success as a rapper and entrepreneur in getting paid. He reflects on how far he’s come from his humble beginnings and pays homage to those who have helped him along the way.

The track is full of braggadocio lyrics and lavish references. Despite its celebratory nature, the track has an undertone of seriousness. The rapper emphasizes that securing the bag is the ultimate goal in life. He urges listeners to grind hard and never give up on their dreams.

Two students were dismissed from their barista occupation after they were found listening to a song in the campus coffee shop. Young Dolph paid the students twenty thousand dollars each after their story went viral on social media.

On the River

Wiz Khalifa is a rap legend, and the fact that Young Dolph could get him on a track is pretty amazing. The production on “On the River” is top-notch and features a mellow beat that perfectly suits the song’s vibe. Wiz Khalifa’s verse is noteworthy for its laid-back delivery, which perfectly fits the tone of the track.

Young Dolph’s verse is also strong, with his smooth flow complementing the beat nicely. The lyrics are nothing special but the overall performance of both rappers makes “On the River” an enjoyable listen from start to finish. The track is taken from Young Dolph’s album “Gelato” one of the best releases of 2017.

Expert Tip: If you’re a Wiz Khalifa or Young Dolph fan or enjoy good hip-hop music. “On the River” is worth checking out. This is an iconic collaboration between two of the most respected names in the game.

Money, Power, and respect

The track is produced by Ensayne and features Dolph’s trademark ad-libs. The song talks about the three things Dolph values: money, power, and respect. He raps about his success by staying true to himself and not following trends. This track is a great example of Dolph’s unique style and flow.

He delivers his lyrics with confidence and charisma, making it clear that he’s comfortable in his skin. You can hear the passion in his voice as he raps about the things that matter to him. The production is great, and the whole track has great energy. If you’re a fan of hip-hop or just good music in general, this is worth a listen.

Hall of fame

Young Dolph’s “Hall of Fame” is an ode to his achievements in the rap game. The track finds Dolph bragging about his accomplishments over a triumphant instrumental. He claims to have made more money than any other rapper from Memphis and boasts about his lavish lifestyle, including his collection of luxury cars. He also takes shots at anyone who has ever doubted him, including music critics and haters.

The song was released in 2022 by the management of the rapper. The track still has the feel-good and cocky attitude that the rapper is known for. Dolph’s delivery is assertive and confident, a distinctive drawl that gives him a unique presence in the rap game. You can feel the Memphis in his voice, and “Hall of Fame” is a celebration of Dolph’s life.

When Did Young Dolph Pass Away?

Young Dolph, an American rapper born Adolph Thornton, Jr.
Young Dolph, an American rapper born Adolph Thornton, Jr.

Young Dolph, an American rapper born Adolph Thornton, Jr., was enjoying his fifth year of fame in the rap world when he was fatally shot on November 17, 2021.

The popular rapper was visiting a local cookie shop in Young Dolph’s hometown of Memphis on that day when he was waylaid and shot to death. A coroner’s report shows he was shot several times in his head, torso, and neck. Two men have since been arrested for the shooting.

While his musical legacy centered around depictions of gritty street life, he spent much of his free time in charitable acts. He donated thousands of dollars to Memphis high schools, organized Thanksgiving meal giveaways, and paid for the funeral costs of several residents of his home neighborhood of Castalia Heights.

On the day of his death, Young Dolph was in Memphis to give out free Thanksgiving turkeys and to visit a cancer center. After his death, a street in his home neighborhood was renamed for him.


Young Dolph was among the most successful rappers in the game, and his songs reflect his success. He could rap about his achievements confidently, and his unique delivery set him apart from other artists. If you’re a fan of hip hop or just good music in general, you should check out some of Young Dolph’s best songs.

Although he passed away, his music will continue to live on and inspire people for years.

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