Song About Time: Popular Songs About Time Listed

There are many songs about time written by great artists in different genres of music. These songs are warming and sometimes nostalgic in nature. They speak about the passing of time regret fun times together and lessons learned about life.

Some also speak about the cycle of life, these songs are impressive and mostly they live an indelible mark in the minds of their listeners. The lyrics are well crafted which mostly makes them difficult to forget.

songs about time

Songs about time range from the 90s to the present age, and these songs have a way of relating to people that’s why they mostly stick with people for a long time. Here are some songs about time:


Only time is a song written by an Irish artist in 2000 called Enya. The song speaks about the uncertainty of time .and how time shapes the behavior of people. It shows how time reveals all truth, conditions changes with time.

It tells how people will be in a relationship but only time will determine if the relationship will prosper or not The song talks about the unpredictability of life situations and how only time can tell.

It repudiates the notion ‘all things last forever” it puts every life’s joy through the test of time to see if it will last forever.

It has a melancholic theme throughout the whole song and a gripping effect on its listeners. The song keeps everyone thinking about the things they hold dear if it is going to sustain through time.

The song became a bestseller and topped the Billboard chart It was also used as the theme song of the September 11 world trade center disaster.


7 years is a song by Danish pop band Lukas Graham the song was released in 2015. The song a total hit was as it resonated with a lot of people who listened to it. The song does not necessarily mention time in its lyrics but the theme of the song conveys the transition of time from childhood to adulthood It contains stories and how life goes so fast from childhood to adulthood.

It talks about when he was seven years old his childhood experience from his mum telling him to get friends, then he gets to eleven years when he engaged in unethical child activities the story goes on up until he is 60 years.

It talks about the lessons he has learned through those times and how quickly the transition was happening. It also talks about his future goals and aspirating. The song is more about life’s journey through time from childhood to adulthood with plenty of lessons and stories to tell.

The song has a nostalgic theme throughout and tells how time runs fast and the nice stories associated with life transition from childhood to adulthood.

3. The Beatles “YESTERDAY”

Yesterday is a popular song by the Beatles a British band. It was released in 1965 as part of their album Help. It was written by Paul McCartney a member of the Beatles.

This song talks about the passing of time and how we can lose something dear to us in a matter of yesterday.

It is a melancholic song that tells about a love story where during yesterday everything is ok, love was easy to come by and he was very happy but he lost his love the next day and he yearns to go back to yesterday to get back to his love but is literary impossible to do that. He longs for yesterday but cannot go back to it.

This song talks about how everything can be ok today but the next day everything goes bad. It tells us about the passing of time and how we can lose something we value in another time. This song is captivating and has a sad theme, it makes you reflect on how everything can be ok yesterday but the next day you can just lose it.


Time after time is based on both past and present relationships. It is more about flashbacks thinking about time with her lover.

This song describes how she is willing to wait for her lover and respond to her lover anytime. It is difficult for her to move forward without her lover. The complicated love somehow keeps her behind time. Even when she fights for love she still stays behind and her lover is always far away.

This song was composed by Cyndi Lauper in 1983 a classic song that went on the top of Billboard’s top 100 it won the American music award and the song got a Grammy nomination.


Waiting for the world to change is a song written in 2006, this song speaks about how the young generation have seen time after time the world being ruled by our leaders but nothing has been done well.

The young generation is powerless to fight back to make improvements. So they keep waiting and waiting hoping time will solve everything. They wait not giving hope that the world will change someday.


Time in a bottle was written by Jim Croce in 1970 the song became a complete hit Jim Croce wrote the song after his wife told him she was pregnant. The song talks about how he will want to save time and make time last forever so that lovely moments will never stop.

This song talks about the beauty of life and how the passing of time becomes the major obstacle to a beautiful life.

He hopes to make all these beauties go on forever and ever if only he could control time.


This is a song written by Christina Perri. A thousand years was written as the major theme song for the popular movie Twilight. The song hit so deeply and resonated with the fans of the movie. It talks about how time has brought her love to her.

It talks of how she has waited through the years for a long time. It talks of the courage she exudes while waiting all this while for her love.

This song is so melodious and has a catchy tune that talks about how waiting for your love even if it takes so long.


This song is written by the culture club released in 1982. It talks about time and it shows how frustrated the artist is with time.

Time is precious they recognize that, but they just see time has nothing to show for all the precious things they need.

They need more from time but they are not getting it.


The changing times is a song by Earth. Wind, and Fire released in 1981 it talks about how time changes every time and how you must adapt to such changes.

It shows as time changes difficulties will occur and you must also strengthen yourself to deal with any difficulties thrown at you as time changes.


Fast is a song by Luke Bryan in 2015 in his album kill the lights. The song talks about how time and moments move too fast making it difficult to hold on to achievement for so long.

The good times move very fast as time is always moving. Even if you try to hold on to the good moments it is just not possible.


Grew up slower was composed by Dylan Schneider released in 2017. The song talks about how time moves fast from childhood to adulthood.

and how we are going to miss all the good times and experiences we had when we were growing, we will even wish we grew up slower, we would love to turn time back but it would be impossible.


STYX band composed too much time on my hands in 1981 in their album paradise theatre. The song is about not caring about time moving fast because there is too much time available. Although he recognizes that time is gradually slipping away but he seems not to care. Fun times always come first.


The Rolling Stones in their 12 x5 in 1964. The narrator talks about how he feels he has a lot of time to wait for the girl she wants.

He knows no matter what the girl will come back to him. He gives the girl the freedom to do anything she wants knowing she coming back to him is inevitable because he believes the time is on his side.


Does anybody see her was written by the Chicago band in their album The Chicago Transit Authority in the year 1969

It talked about how time is passing and everyone seems to be going up and down not even caring about the time or what is going on.

Everyone seems to care about their own issues and nothing else. The song asks if anyone cares about time and it seems no one cares about it.


Times of your life is a great song written by Canadian artist Paul Anka in this song he talks about how time is slipping away every time.

And the good and bad memories are all fading away with time. He says memories are just times that you borrow

As the seasons and memory pass try to gather the good memories and try to remember them before they all get lost as time passes.


Seasons is a song by the Veer Union sung in 2009 The songs talks about how seasons are changing, as the times change it comes with its own challenges. The song says rather than you sitting down doing nothing change the seasons and times to suit yourself.

Turn the page for something new as the season changes, take hold of the time, and make it work for you.


Lost in time is a song written by Celldweller released in 2014. It talks about how he is lost in time and feels he has wandered from the pathway.

But he seems to love the feeling of being lost in time. So he doesn’t want to ask for direction from being lost in time because he believes his life will pass him by. He feels being lost in time will make him live forever and his feelings will never die.


Carly Simon wrote a great masterpiece. Anticipation was nicely written to tell how we cannot predict the days to come.

With love. we can anticipate how we feel it might be and prepare for it but that doesn’t guarantee everything is going to be ok. The main theme talks about the uncertainty of time and how we just cannot predict how our love will turn out to be. Anticipation was written in 1971.


Wasted on the way is a 1982 song by the band Crosby. Stills And Nash in 1982.

The songs talked about the passing of time. The narrator is old now and he thinks about how they have wasted a lot of time before they got old.

It is more about reminiscing the past and wishing they could have done things differently.


The Beatles released Help in 1965 this song won the grammy hall of fame. The song talks about needing help. It talks about how life and time change and how his plea for help intensifies.

When he was young he never needed help but as time progressed and he grew he realized he was in dire need of help.

There are a lot of great songs about time some have a melancholic theme others are uplifting but these songs teach us a lot about life.

What songs have the word time in them?

How essential time can be in anyone’s life is beyond explanation. Time is always incorporated with life, being precious and golden. These reasons are conveyed in different songs, telling the listeners how important time is, its effects and its interaction with people.

Songs consist of a lot of words, thus using the word time in the lyrics is not unusual, especially when the song talks about life.

What songs have the word time in them? Songs with the word time in the title have the word embedded in the lyrics as well. Some examples include “One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston,” “Sign of the Times by Harry Styles,” “One Last Time by Ariana Grande.” However, there are songs that have the word time on the lyrics but not on the title like “Malibu Nights by LANY”.

The word time in songs can be considered overused but it brings deep meaning.

A hand holding a small white clock
A hand holding a small white clock.

Songs of Life

There will always be a time that you long to hear a song. A song on your bright and gloomy days. Regardless of how great your singing, there will always be a song that reminds you of things.

What songs talk about life? There are a lot of songs out there. For some, a specific song can remind them of life. Inspirational songs like “Skyscraper by Demi Lovato”, “Fight Song by Rachel Platten.”

There are songs that remind us not to hurry, take and savor the things life offers like “One Step at a Time by Jordan Sparks. Moreover, there are songs that give hope about life like “Rainbow by South Border”, Songs that help us accept life despite anything like “Let It Be by The Beatles”.

As songs help composers express their thoughts, their sentiments about life, listeners have different interpretations. However, songs never fail to touch people’s hearts.

Is there a song called What Time Is It?

Yes, there is a song called What Time Is It. There are some songs with the title, however, I will emphasize a kid’s song and from the High School Musical 2 songs.

Giving kids the basics of numbers and time of the day, What Time Is It is a kid’s song telling kids about time. The song includes lyrics of the time of the day and the significant or usual thing to do at that specific hour.

Another one is from the High School Musical 2 which highlights the time of finishing the academic year and enjoying summer. It literally says goodbye to school happenings and hello to chilling and relaxing the summer season. It deliberately means vacation.

Songs involving time either means literally telling time or a perfect time to accomplish or do something, with the purpose of informing and educating.

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