One-Armed Drummer: Here’s 3 Famous One-Armed Drummers

One Armed Drummer

The fact that anyone can play music is a beautiful quality. There have been many musicians with various disabilities throughout history. In contrast to the guitar or the piano, the drums are a considerably more physically demanding instrument, requiring the use of all of your limbs to produce the sounds. Furthermore, your back may be … Read more

Are you A Drummer? Here Are 15 Drum Patterns You Gotta Know

Common Drum Lines

Have you recently started playing the drums? Do you want to know better how to start learning to play the drums and conquer the most common drum lines? The drum groove or beat is a rhythmic pattern you play to the music that keeps time. Learning drums requires time, patience, and practice, and first of … Read more

Cheap Drum Kits: 5 Cheap Drum Sets For Adults & Kids

Cheap Drum Sets

Looking for a cheap drum set? Too many options but with a limited budget? As a beginner in the world of drum sets, looking for a cheap yet impressive and beautiful drum set is a little bit overwhelming, with so many options to choose from. You might get confused and just randomly pick whatever pleases … Read more

15 Beginner Drum Songs You Can Learn In 10 Minutes

easy drum songs

In the realm of music, drums are a prevalent instrument that is used in many genres. Most songs even contain a few drum fills here and there. A drum fill is simply a section where the drummer uses their creativity to complement the song’s meter. Drum fills do not necessarily have a set pattern or … Read more

How Much Do Drums Cost: Full Pricing Guide

Many professional drummers are known for the craft of drumming. They have put in years of hard work to become the best drummer possible. Many drum sets have been bought from beginner sets to more advanced drum sets by these musicians. And each of these drum sets costs money. Read on to discover the price … Read more

Movies About Drummers: 15 Movies To Inspire You

Movies are a sort of entertainment that is suitable for all classes and ages. When it comes to movies about drumming or drummers, it is not only entertainment but also a journey of an individual or group that can inspire people as well. Today we will list out 15 of the best and rarest drumming … Read more

Different Types Of Drums: Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered what the different types of drums are? Or have you wondered what type of drum is best for any given musical scenario? Do you want to know what sort of drum is best for rock or pop music, for orchestra music, or for acoustic music? Well, you’ve come to the right … Read more

Best Drum Solo Songs: 20 Songs With Good Drum Solos To Inspire You

best drum solos

What makes a memorable drum solo? Skill. A drummer’s ultimate expression and a showcase of talent and passion. Musical expression is a tricky thing to measure when making a list like this because every genre sets different requirements for drummers to do. One thing is for certain, drum solos, which include breaks and fills are … Read more

Best Girl Drummers: 15 Female Drummers To Inspire You Today

female drummers

If there’s anything that completes every band, every live concert, and every song, it’s the one instrument that sits on the farthest, the most rear part of the stage: the drums. The thing is playing the drums has always been perceived as a masculine activity, and that men suit the drums the best. But how … Read more