Black Keys On A Piano: A Complete Guide

black keys on piano

The black keys have more intricate names than the white keys of a piano. Sharps (#’s) and flats (b’s) are identified using the black keys. When a note is described as “sharp’ or “flat.” it should be played in the next higher and flat in the lower key. A black key to the right of … Read more

Who Is The Greatest Musician Of All Time? Here’s Our Answer

best musicians of all time

There arguably are hundreds of great musical artists active today, and thousands more who have come and gone over time. However, it takes something truly phenomenal to be defined as the greatest. Considering how long humanity has held the means of recording music at all further complicates the situation. European composers certainly are heavyweights in … Read more

Snowball Mic Settings: Best Blue Snowball Settings For Your Mic

Blue Snowball Mic Settings

Introduction Are you into podcasting, live streaming, or video marketing? Then the Blue Snowball USB condenser microphone might be the one you’re looking for to enhance your digital recording experience. The microphone is compact and delivers studio-quality sound. Its cardioid polar pattern reduces room noise by capturing only the audio at the mic’s front. If … Read more

Garageband Trap Beat: A Complete Guide On How To Make One

how to make a trap beat in garage band

Trap beats are popular in the EDM scene. They are sometimes referred to as “future bass” because of their heavy use of synthesizers and deep bass sounds. Garageband is one of the most popular tools that many artists use to create trap beats. It is also a standard platform that producers will use when they … Read more

DIY Instruments: 10 Unique Homemade Instruments You Can Make

homemade instruments

It’s easier than you think to find a fun. educational activity for kids that blends music with environmental sustainability. If you and your family are looking for musical instruments that you find expensive to buy at stores, then homemade musical instruments are for you! Musical instruments have been around since the dawn of civilization. Early … Read more