Japanese String Instrument: 7 Traditional Instruments You Must Know

japanese stringed instrument

Music plays a key role in Japanese culture. Characterized by having a diverse and flourishing music history, Japanese music has become one of the richest not only across Asia but across the globe. Music also offers an amazing influence on many Japanese subcultures including their media, fashion, economy, and lifestyles. Additionally, traditional Japanese music has … Read more

NYC Jazz Clubs: Everything You Need To Know

Jazz Clubs NYC

The city that never sleeps is bursting with entertainment. Music is a huge part of the scene and venues catering to every music genre can be discovered in all corners of the city. One of the oldest, and most popular, clubs within NYC are the notorious jazz clubs. At any time of the day, or … Read more

How To Rap For Beginners: 11 Things You Have To Know

how to rap

Eminem, Tupac, Dr. Dre, Rakim, Travis Scott, J. Cole, and Kanye West. I am confident that you know who these people are. They are popular in the music industry, specifically in rapping. Rapping is an undeniably challenging talent to develop. You cannot master it overnight. To learn how to rap, you should know the proper … Read more

Baseball Walk-Up Songs: 25 Good Walk Up Songs

best walkout songs

Crowds can be deadly, but there’s no better way to deal with them than the best walk out songs. A good song will get everyone up on their feet and ready to dance or fight at your command. You know that feeling when you just want to show the world what you’re made of? Well … Read more

Yamaha P71 vs P45: Which Is Better For You

yamaha p45 vs p71

Ever thinking of buying a keyboard but overwhelmed by the available options? In this article, we will help you examine 2 keyboard options that are highly recommended for beginners. These are the Yamaha P45 and Yamaha P71 from Yamaha P Series. These two Yamaha keyboards are designed for beginners and have become very famous especially … Read more

How To Plug Guitar Into Computer: A Full Guide

How to connect guitar to computer

Do you find your guitar tunes exciting and worth listening to later after the guitar-playing sessions? You will need to learn how to connect a guitar to the computer. Any computer device will accommodate your guitar and allow you to record your practice and performance sessions. This way, you will have access to your amazing … Read more