21 Interesting Facts About Bach

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Johann Sebastian Bach’s talent as a composer and storied musical duels cemented his place as one of the great classical musicians, but his personal life delivered several stories worth telling as well, including a brief prison stay. Follow along as we uncover all the interesting facts about Bach.   1. The Bach Family Was a … Read more

20 Beethoven Fun Facts

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From Ludwig van Beethoven’s mysterious birthdate to dedicating his third symphony to Napoleon Bonaparte, Beethoven wasn’t just a musical genius—he was anything but prototypical. Check out these twenty fascinating Beethoven fun facts to get to know the man behind the music.  1. Nobody Knows His Real Birth Date While it’s likely Beethoven was born in … Read more

14 Songs to Get High To

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Have you ever wondered why there is such a strong connection between getting high and listening to great music? Scientists theorize that the active ingredients in marijuana and the rhythm of great music can both activate the brain’s mesolimbic dopamine system. That’s fancy scientist talk for “pleasure center.” Essentially, marijuana makes your brain feel good, music … Read more

Best Clarinet Reeds 2024

Clarinet Reeds

As a clarinet player, a clarinet reed is one of the most important things you need to have with you, aside from your instrument. Clarinet reeds give the clarinet a distinct sound and fit inside the mouthpiece. Without a reed, it will be difficult for you to play your instrument efficiently. Traditionally, clarinet reeds are … Read more

Best Baby Grand Piano Brands: Top 5 Best Baby Grand Pianos In 2024

babygrand piano

A Baby Grand Piano can make or break your overall musical performance. Regardless of your proficiency level, you must go in-depth with the best baby grand pianos out there that certainly fit your home’s criteria and get you the ever-needed confidence to ace any every time you start playing. However, before we delve in deep … Read more

Best Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces 2024

An important component of playing alto saxophone is a mouthpiece since it is the part you blow to produce the warm sax sound. Having the most appropriate alto saxophone mouthpiece helps you create the warm jazzy sound you want to produce when playing the instrument. This article will identify ten of the best alto saxophone … Read more

13 Unique Indian Instruments You Should Know

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The continent of India has a diverse musical history going back to ancient times when music was used as a method of prayer. Since those times, a wide and varied musical tradition spread across the continent. In this article, we’ll discuss several different types of instruments from India and the most important facts about them. … Read more

17 Must-Listen Zelda Songs

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The Legend of Zelda, which started all the way back in 1986, has won the hearts of gamers worldwide not only because of its gameplay but also for its immersive soundtrack that perfectly matches Link’s adventures. As a matter of fact, many Zelda songs have become iconic video game tunes.   Shrine Battle (Tears of … Read more

13 Songs About Dads and Daughters

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Maybe you’re planning your wedding, and you’re not sure what to pick for the father-daughter dance. Or you want to dedicate a song to your daughter. Well, this list of songs about dads and daughters has something for everyone.  Unforgettable by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole In 1991, Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole … Read more

11 Christmas Songs to Get Into the Festive Mood

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They’re one of the first, best signs telling you the Christmas season is here! No, not lights or decorations or even sales – Christmas songs! Although there are plenty of tunes to celebrate the festive season, these top Christmas songs of all time are the best background music to play on YouTube or Spotify while … Read more