Donner Guitars: Are They Worth It?

Music producer Donner was founded in 2012, BJFE a Swedish firm, owns Donner. Before producing high-quality and inexpensive guitars, they invented and manufactured pedals. In the case of Donner, unfortunately, there isn’t much more to investigate. They’re only getting started, but they’re making progress in making music more accessible. Currently, Donner offers services for four … Read more

Best Equalizer Settings: What’s The Perfect Setup?

The human ear can perceive an extensive range of sounds, frequencies, and vibrations, between 20 Hz up to 20,000 Hz. The human voice starts generally at 80 Hz. Generally speaking, all the sound sources such as music, audios of movies and video games, human voices on podcasts, etc., Are optimized by sound or audio engineers, … Read more

What Do Singers Wear In Their Ears? Here’s The Truth

Did you already experience attending a concert? Perhaps, attending by yourself or with your family and other loved ones? Or at least, watch your favorite musicians execute their piece live on television or on Youtube? Well if any of these is yes, I am proud and sure that you, as an individual, are already aware … Read more

Selling Guitar To Guitar Center? How Much Do They Pay?

Since ancient times, humans have enjoyed playing musical instruments as leisure and pastime. The guitar is a popular musical instrument that people of all ages and genders enjoy playing. Playing guitar is a type of conscious escape, a means to create room between a person and their racing thoughts. Guitar playing is also helpful to … Read more

Best Tablets For Musicians: How To Pick The Right One

best tablets for music

Why Does a Musician Need a Tablet? Mobile gadgets like the tablet have transformed traditional music-making methods for musicians, enabling artists to create whenever inspiration may strike, with a few taps of their fingertips. Musicians can leave the studio and work on their projects at home without missing a beat, or even stream live performances … Read more

5 Needle Doctors Alternatives You Need To Know Today

needle doctor alternative

There is a different yet stimulating feeling that takes over your body when you hear a vinyl record. The warm sound and intimate ambience draw a lot of people in getting their vinyl and record players. It goes to say that vinyl has seen both the best of times and the worst of times. Through … Read more

Popular Harmonica Songs: 15 Harmonica Songs To Play

The harmonica is seemingly one of the most underrated musical instruments of all time. When people think about musical instruments they are more than likely to stick to more of a mainstreamed instrument such as a guitar, keyboard, piano, saxophone, or violin. The fact of the matter is, there are many great sounds that the … Read more