Earphone vs Headphone: What Are the Differences?

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Can’t choose between earphone vs headphone? In a nutshell, the main difference between these two audio devices is that earphones are extremely portable but have limited functionality. In contrast, headphones tend to offer more advanced features but at the expense of portability. Here’s a closer look at the differences between earphones and headphones. Related: Size … Read more

Earbuds vs. Earphones: What Are the Differences?

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If you are ready to shop for your next audio device, you may find yourself confused by all of your different options. For example, have you compared earbuds vs. earphones? They look the same, but both have their pros and cons. Here’s a look at the two so that you can make the right choice.  … Read more

Headphones vs. Headsets: What Are the Differences?

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Are you wondering what the difference between headphones and headsets is? Many are confused between these two audio devices. In this article, we will discuss the differences between these types of headphones, from audio quality to noise isolation, helping you decide which is better suited for your personal preference and needs.  Microphone You might have … Read more

On-Ear Headphones vs Over-Ear: Which One Is Better?

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There’s an ongoing debate between audiophiles about which is better: on-ear headphones vs over-ear headphones. While the truth is that everyone will have a different personal preference, there are a few objective criteria that you can consider when making your decision.  Comfort Winner: Over-Ear Over-ear headphones are known for their comfortable fit. Since they cover the entire … Read more

Earbuds vs Headphones: Are Headphones Better Than Earbuds?

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Earbuds vs. headphones, which one is better? As cliche as it sounds, the short answer is “It depends on your needs.” You might have a specific personal preference for fit, portability, audio quality, and sound isolation. You might even prefer Bluetooth connectivity with a charging case for longer battery life. Luckily, here is a comparison … Read more

How to Find AirPods and Other AirPod FAQs

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AirPods are great for listening to music, taking calls, and listening to podcasts, but they sometimes don’t work or get lost. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most common questions people have about their AirPods. How to Find AirPods That Are Missing If you’ve lost your AirPods and they still have charge, the … Read more

Most Durable Bluetooth Headphones: 6 Headphones That Last Long

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Durable headphones are an excellent purchase for those who want to protect their expensive wired or wireless headsets. Although different types of headphones have differing endurance levels, they will not endure indefinitely no matter which model you choose. And, because each product has its own set of features and perks that outweigh other options in … Read more